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May 25, 2015

Remember The Brave LGBT Members Of The Armed Forces

It's Memorial Day, and the graphic has a patriotic red and blue theme, with an American flag and a rainbow flag flying, and the inscription says "Let's remember the brave LGBT members of the Armed Forces who lost their lives fighting to defend our liberty and freedom.

by Roy Steele

We resolve not to let their sacrifice be in vain, but to rise up in their stead and continue the fight for equality, liberty, and justice for all.

Memorial Day is our remembrance day, when we honor and remember the brave members of the Armed Services who lost their lives while serving their country.

May 23, 2015

TV Talk: Morally Bankrupt Huckabee Rushes To Duggar's Defense

Mike 'Holy Horny' Huckabee and reality television star Josh Duggar of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" with the text "two faced" above Huckabee's head, and "Hello my name is Morally Bankrupt" below the image. size= 650px by 650px

by Roy Steele

The Duggar’s are counting on “praying away” the child predator problems, just like they counsel people to “pray away the gay,” which has been found to be soul destroying and totally ineffective.

Right-wing extremists and so-called social conservatives never fail to disappoint. Those pack of wolves falsely claim that gay and transgender people should be stripped of their civil rights, because we’re child predators. It’s been revealed that one of the stars of a wholesome Christian family reality television program, got away with being an actual child predator.

In Touch magazine reports that reality television star Josh Duggar, of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” molested several young girls when he was a teenager.

May 22, 2015

Gay Marriage: What Does The Bible Really Say

What is marriage? What does the Bible really say about marriage?  Image size=650px by 650px A photograph of a white wedding cake, and text that asks "what is marriage?"

Is religious freedom and bigotry synonymous?

I wrote an article for “Medium” entitled “What does the Bible really say about marriage.”
Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) excitedly told a crowd of evangelical Christians that “There is a liberal fascism that is going after believing Christians who follow the biblical tenets on marriage.” 
The “liberal fascists” in this case is the gay community, and Senator Cruz and his supporters are the “believing Christians” who are under attack. 
Excuse me while I look for my sympathy, and fetch my violin. 
Poor Senator Cruz was feeling victimized.

May 20, 2015

Election 2016: Anti-Gay Carly Fiorina Will Go Nowhere Fast

A photograph of anti-gay bigot and candidate for the Republican nomination for President, Carly Fiorina.

Candidate Profile: Where does Carly Fiorina stand on gay rights?

By Roy Steele

Republican Carly Fiorina, is 60 years old and a breast cancer survivor, was an executive at AT&T for nearly 20 years, before she was hired as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP) in 1999. Her tenure at HP from 1999 to 2005 was controversial, and the Board of Directors forced her to resign.

Fiorina was the 2010 Republican nominee for US Senate in California.  During a campaign that was characterized as “disastrous,”  Fiorina disagreed  with Federal Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional.  Proposition 8 was the ballot proposition banning gay marriage, and on the campaign trail she said that the California voters had spoken, and that the courts should respect what the voters want.

May 16, 2015

TV Talk: Louis, Lily, Ru & Jane Are At The Top Of Their Game

Jane Fonda as Grace Hanson and Lily Tomlin as Frankie Bergstein in the Netflix original series "Grace and Frankie." The graphic contains the quote "If anybody is going to sit on Ryan Gosling's face, it's gonna be me," which is taken from the series.

Louie, RuPaul’s Drag Race, & Grace and Frankie, Personify The New ‘Golden Age’ Of Television

by Roy Steele

A complete stranger sent me an email, and asked if I was the "gayest" person I knew. I know that the email was meant to insult me, and I disappointed the sender because I thought it was funny. I think I’m a complex person with varied interests that stretch far beyond my sexuality. Being gay is a large part of who I am, though I don’t think my sexuality defines me.

Regular readers of this blog might think that I’m a gay man, who is gay gay gay, because I live in a very gay city, and heartily endorse frequenting gay businesses, and have a geopolitical view of the world that some might view as militant and inflexible and in your face. While some of that is true, largely the opposite is true.

May 15, 2015

The Big Gay Hate Machine Is Searching For Our Next Victim

This graphic asks "Why is Reagan silent about Aids? What is really going on at the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Drug Administration, and the Vatican?" Which are questions that gay activists posed in the 1980's during the height of the AIDS pandemic.

We have laws in this country that are meant to protect gay people from anti-gay discrimination, and when those laws are broken there are consequences.

by Roy Steele

When the butcher, or the baker, or the candlestick maker, consciously decide to deny their goods or services to gay people, under the guise of “religious freedom,” they are breaking the law, regardless of how they choose to justify their discriminatory action.

I think it’ funny how “conservatives” don’t want undocumented immigrants to be given legal status, because they allegedly “broke the law,” but it’s ok to break the law when discriminating against the gay community.

This double standard from the right, and in the right-wing media, goes on and on, and they don’t seem to be accountable to anyone.

I’m going to take the unusual step of answering and refuting an opinion piece that was written by Dr. Susan Berry, and published on the website The headline is provocative and inflammatory, and it’s entitled “Who will be the next victim of the big gay hate machine?”


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