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August 29, 2014

Review: LeAnn Rimes Musical Love Letter To Her Gay Fans

This is the cover art for LeAnn Rimes latest music album, and it features her hanging onto a sign in the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles, and she is wearing a corset and stockings and she is screaming at the top of her lungs.

Dance Like You Don’t Give A...Greatest Hits Remixes

By Roy Steele

As much as I dislike “gay” stereotypes, there is one “gay” stereotype that I wholeheartedly subscribe to and embrace, and that’s the fact that like many other gay men, I love dance music (including electronic dance music, house, heavy house, tribal house, trance, dance pop, hip-hop, etc).

Now that I’ve confessed that I’m a dance music devotee, I will also tell you that I’m an unabashed and fearless dancer, who has elbowed and shoved and pushed my way onto crowded dance floors here in the United States, and on at least 4 or 5  continents around the world, much to the chagrin of those who stood in my way!

Have I told you how much I Iove dance music?


August 25, 2014

The Bible Is Gay Marriage Neutral. Please get it right.

An outline of a map of the mainland United States, with this text superimposed, the Human Rights Campaign launches Project One America, a gay equality campaign, in the deep south.

By Roy Steele

I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) last week and heard a terrific story, “Gay-Rights Movement Tackles Cultural Battle In The Deep South,” about the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and their fairly new cultural campaign to effect change in the deep south, called Project One America.

NPR’s National Correspondent Debbie Elliott was in Magnolia, Mississippi, and she interviewed openly gay City Alderman Mercedes Ricks.

August 23, 2014

SFPD Releases Video Footage In Gay Bashing Murder Probe

Bryan Higgins aka "Feather Lynn" memorial sign that was put up in my Duboce Triangle neighborhood.

San Francisco, California: Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying a “person of interest” in the Bryan “Feather” Higgins homicide investigation.

A picture of the person of interest that the SFPD would like to speak with.

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) released video footage on Thursday, of a “person of interest” that they would like to speak with, in connection with the murderous gay bashing that claimed 31 year old Bryan “Feather” Higgins life.

The dashcam video is from a taxicab at the intersection of Church Street and Duboce Avenue.

[More photos and video can be found by clicking Read More]

August 20, 2014

Anyone With Half A Brain Knows “Ex-Gay” Ministries Are Doomed

A screenshot of the "Huffington Post" HUFFPO Gay Voices story that's entitled 'Anyone With A Brain' Realizes Gay People Shouldn't Be Treated Equally, 'Ex-Gay' Activist Claims, by Curtis M. Wong.

By Roy Steele

Every day we see a variation of this headline, “So and So” says that gay people shouldn’t get “special rights,” or “extra rights.” Sometimes a real brainiac will say “if gay people get rights, they’re taking away my rights, and that’s not right.” Of course the brainiac usually can’t articulate what rights are being “stolen,” but the media still reports that the comment was made.

When a state embraced marriage equality, no one’s rights were taken away. When a city passed a non-discrimination ordinance, no one’s rights were taken away. When a Fortune 500 corporation implemented a non-discrimination policy in their hiring practices, no one’s rights were infringed upon. When a school district adopted anti-bullying measures, no one’s civil rights were abridged.


Police Don’t Protect Us - They Protect Government From Us

Hundreds of Howard University students in Washington, DC pose for the camera with their arms up in surrender, for the hashtag don't shoot campaign.


By Rick Falvinge

A lot of this week in civil liberties has been about the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, USA. Police troops fired tear gas on a television crew. This mirrors the ongoing web censorship efforts.

The governments around the world are reacting the exact same way today as they did when the printing press arrived 500 years ago. There isn’t really anything new under the sun.

Then, as now, they were used to telling people what was true and what wasn’t, telling whatever story that fit whatever it was they wanted to do.

“Cannabis is dangerous. Tobacco is not harmful at all. Oh, and there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”


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