January 25, 2013

Hillary Clinton Exits Stage Right A Star

Hillary Clinton testifying before Congress

In The Washington Post, Suzi Parker wrote about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s combative testimony in Congress, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The article is entitled “In her Capitol Hill Swan Song, Hillary Clinton shines,” and shine she did.
Remember how Hillary Rodham Clinton’s critics said she faked her December stomach illness, which included a concussion and a subsequent blood clot, because she was scared to face scrutiny from Congress?
As the kids say, whatevs. Hillary conquered Capitol Hill on Wednesday. She looked anything but frightened as she spent six hours testifying and answering questions about Benghazi in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
It was Hillary’s final major appearance as secretary of state before she vanishes into private life for the first time since the 1970s. Wearing an emerald green jacket and geek girl glasses, Hillary engrossed her fans, who love her when she talks tough (and lawyerly).
It was, at its core, terrific political theater.
For Hillary, the testimony was a triumphant capstone on her term as the chief U.S. diplomat. If Hillary had not dealt with the Benghazi affair before she left office, she could have been viewed as a failure and a weakling. Instead, she came blazing onto Capitol Hill intrue Hillary style, concluding the Libya drama on her terms and exiting the Washington stage to regroup for her next adventure – a new book, global speeches or a presidential run.

Run Hillary! Run!

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