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November 16, 2011

Perverted Crop of Republican Candidates Obsessed With Sex

Newt Gingrich; “Because I am much like Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, I’m such an unconventional political figure."

“Because I am much like Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, I’m such an unconventional political figure that you really need to design a unique campaign that fits the way I operate.” 

So said anti-gay former Congressman Newt Gingrich, the portly wannabe president.

Really? I knew Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and Newt Gingrich is neither Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher. To my knowledge, those two weren’t corrupt and Newt Gingrich is corrupt.

Aside from possessing ego’s bigger than Alaska, most Republican candidates for president and Congress are perverts. They’re obsessed with sex and what Americans do in their bedrooms. Isn’t that kind of sick?

What else do we know about the various declared GOP candidates for President? Why aren’t they catching on with the public? Is this the best they can do?

We take a look at what the current crop of Republican candidates for president believe in, and document their obsession with sex.

November 14, 2011

Commentary: We Keep Looking The Other Way - It's Got To Stop

Public Opinion polls consistently reflect that Americans are unhappy. The Gallup poll reflects that only 13% of Americans approve of the job that Congress is doing, in November of 2011. Gallup says that “the 2011 average is on track to be the lowest annual rating of Congress in Gallup's history.”

The Gallup poll reported today that 79% of the American people think the economy, jobs and unemployment, and dissatisfaction with government are the most important problems facing our country, while state legislatures across the country are passing legislation to make it more difficult to vote, and participate in our democracy.

This is incredibly frustrating, because everyone has an equal say at the ballot box, if you choose to exercise your constitutional right to vote.

I can’t help but draw a parallel between the average voter choosing to not participate in the democratic process, and the systematic cover-up of sexual abuse at Penn State. At this large public university, the adults in charge chose to not get involved, and they looked the other way. It’s more than apparent that there was a cover-up that started at the top, to protect the Nittany Lion brand.

Joe Paterno’s minions thought someone else was going to take care of the problem, and either thought that they couldn’t have an impact on what transpired, or didn’t care enough about the kids or the institution where they were employed, to do anything.

Right now it seems like the American people are doing the same thing with politics. They’ve either given up because they don’t think they can impact our government, or don’t really care about where we are headed.

I can ask or plead with you to try to make a difference, by just participating, and at the end of the day it’s up to you. I’ll keep writing, and imploring you to make calls, write emails, start a blog, or financially back up what you believe in. Whether you call yourself a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or a ne’er do well,  your opinion counts. This next election in 2012 is more important than any we’ve seen in years

We have to stop looking the other way, because our collective future depends on it. Whether it’s a reprehensible crime like the Penn State sexual abuse case, or it’s the do-nothing obstructionist GOP members of Congress behaving badly, the perpetrators should have to pay for their bad or illegal behavior.

Pennsylvania prosecutors and Coach Joe Paterno can’t look the other way and bury their heads in the ground any longer, and that’s a good thing.

Republican members of Congress are terrorizing the economy, and ignoring the plight of the unemployed, as they shirk their responsibility to govern.

The “prosecutors” of our elected representatives are voters like you and me. I’m certain that  Americans will be a little less unhappy, if you join me in telling Congress that we’ve had enough, and put them on notice that we’re going to stop looking the other way.

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November 10, 2011

I'd Like To Spit In Joe Paterno's Face. He's A Pathetic Human Being.

State College, Pennsylvania: Penn State’s Board of trustees fired Coach Joe Paterno last night. Students reacted to news of the firing by storming State College, and behaving like imbeciles. They overturned a news van, and tore down light poles.

It makes me wonder if the students know the facts of this case?

The Secret Is Out - Rick Perry's A Stupid Ass! Oops!

Governor Rick ‘Shoot ‘em’ up Perry put his sterling intellect, and communication skills on full display last night, in his futile attempt to convince Americans that he’s got what it takes to be be President of the United States. The Republican candidates gathered in Rochester Michigan to discuss their economic policies. Perry emphatically told the GOP crowd that when he goes to Washington, that he will abolish “three agencies of government.” He would abolish the Education Department, the Commerce Department, and the the the the the...................

November 9, 2011

The 5 Most Popular Posts of October 2011

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Election Results 2011: LGBT Candidates

  • Supervisor Bevan Dufty is in 7th place in a 16 candidate race for San Francisco Mayor. It’s a ranked choice election, so while his chances are very slim, he’s still in the race.

  • Mayor Annise Parker was re-elected without a runoff election, giving her nearly 51% of the vote in a general election where she faced  5 opponents.  Parker, an out lesbian, was first elected in 2009 and will be able to run for one more 2-year term in 2013.

November 8, 2011

New York Times: Paterno Must Resign

This Hits Too Close To Home And Makes Me Sick
Happy Valley, Pennsylvania: The New York Times is reporting that Joe Paterno is being forced to resign, amid the Penn State sex assault and child abuse scandal.

I realize that some people didn’t like my headline, asking when JoePa was going to do the perp walk, and I make no apologies for it. Paterno was told about this horrendous crime in 2002, and while he told the Athletic Director in accordance with the law, he never followed up to see if it was reported to the police. He also neglected to inform law enforcement, because he knew it would have an negative impact on his program.

The Most Powerful Gays: As Ranked By Twitter Followers

The Powerful Gays Based On Twiter Followers

Laurence Watts, a freelance journalist, and founder of the advocacy group Servicemembers United’s Campaign for Military Partners, published a list at The Huffington Post  that he called “The Most Powerful LGBT People on Twitter.”
Fortunately there is way we can compile a list of influential LGBT people that transcends national boundaries: we can use Twitter. Unlike a panel of judges, it’s democratic and allows easy comparison between individuals. While not a measure of wealth, it’s certainly a measure of voice, and while certain LGBT celebrities don’t have Twitter accounts, it could be argued they are less influential because of it.
Here then is a list I’ve compiled of whom I believe to be the world’s 30 most powerful LGBT people, ranked by their number of Twitter followers at the time of writing.
Laurence left some people off of his list, so I added to his list and then re-sorted the spread sheet. Some of the obvious omissions (obvious to me) included Kara Swisher, Ross Matthews. Christian Siriano, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Louie Spence. I also added some of our straight allies that are honorary gays(from Eddie Izzard to Joan Rivers and Kylie Minogue etc). This list is totally subjective, and the additions I made to Laurence’s list were my opinion, and I scrambled to find one more person to make it a list of 50 - but failed to think of one more.

If you can think of a glaring omission of someone I left out, who has a twitter account and a huge following, please let me know in the comments!

If you have a blog and want to use the graphics, feel free. Just give proper credit s.v.p.

Here is Laurence’s original List.

Laurence’s List 

Laurence Watt's List Of Power Gays

Roy's List

This is my list, with my subjective additions and the total number of followers as of November 6, 2011.
  1. Lady GaGa United States 15,478,402
  2. Ellen DeGeneres United States 8,090,539 
  3. Ricky Martin United States 4,321,521 
  4. Chelsea Handler United States 4,153,498 
  5. Perez Hilton United States 4,069,951 
  6. Stephen Fry United Kingdom 3,346,205
  7. Lindsay Lohan United States 2,643,426
  8. Kevin Spacey United States 2,158,774
  9. Eddie Izzard United Kingdom 2,107,340
  10. Neil Patrick Harris United States 2,047,774
  11. Rachel Maddow United States 1,963,033
  12. Anderson Cooper United States 1,758,672 
  13. Alan Carr United Kingdom 1,422,914
  14. Jessie J. United Kingdom 1,389,703
  15. Gavin Newsom United States 1,297,438 
  16. Adam Lambert United States 1,241,768
  17. Suze Orman United States 1,214,313
  18. Kathy Griffin United States 1,151,815
  19. Chris Colfer United States1,098,398
  20. Derren Brown United Kingdom 922,614 
  21. Kylie Minogue United Kingdom 882,357 
  22. Karl Lagerfeld France 788,238
  23. Kara Swisher United States 787,963
  24. Joan Rivers United States 691,455 
  25. Gok Wan United Kingdom 543,406
  26. Andy Cohen United States 526,491 
  27. Scott Mills United Kingdom 512,116 
  28. Matt Lucas United Kingdom 459,126
  29. Louie Spence United Kingdom 455,870
  30. Kristin Chenoweth United States 436,416
  31. Cher United States 413,738
  32. Jane Lynch United States 400,331
  33. Zachary Quinto United States 389,313
  34. Michael Kors United States 364,236
  35. Ross Matthews United States 287,571
  36. Rosie O’Donnell United States 281,277
  37. George Michael United Kingdom 273,326
  38. Christian Siriano United States 261,320
  39. Joe McElderry United Kingdom 258,850
  40. George Takei United States 234,581
  41. Billie Joe Armstrong United States 197,151
  42. Antony Cotton United Kingdom 159,859
  43. Boy George United Kingdom 152,855 
  44. Margaret Cho United States 150,183
  45. Christian Louboutin France 147,848
  46. Donna Brazile United States 144,191
  47. Lance Bass United States 137,195
  48. Nate Berkus United States 124,499
  49. Don Lemon United States 117,267
The Most Powerful Gays Ranked By Number Of Twitter Followers

What do you think?

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Occupy San Francisco: More Queer Misadventures And A-HA Moments

My Travels With Occupy San Francisco - Part 2 of 2 [Part 1 of 2 here]
San Francisco, California: When I think of protest movements, my mind immediately settles in the 1960’s. Historically, I know that during the middle of the 1950’s and early 1960’s, Dr. Martin Luther King led the Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycott, and founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, that gave rise to the non-violent civil rights protest marches that culminated in the historic March on Washington, and the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. I know there were massive protests in the late 1960’s against the Vietnam War.

My very little experience with protest movements started when I went with a bunch of good friends, to Washington in the 1990’s, to march for LGBT civil rights. While there were hundreds of thousands of people participating, it was a largely somber weekend. The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, that was spread across the national mall, had panels that celebrated the very short life, of many of our friends. We cried about the friends we loved and lost, and shed more tears for lots of people we didn’t even know. The Quilt reminded us of the insidious virus that still haunted every corner of our community, and it reflected the unspoken fear that every gay man with a pulse, harbored deep within his soul.

I wanted to join the few protests against the Iraq War, but would often find out about them too late, when I’d see the protest on the evening news. 

When the Occupy Wall Street movement started in New York, I cheered, though I couldn’t really figure out what their goals or demands were. As time went on, their message wasn’t any more clear. Every time a reporter interviewed someone and asked why they were there - I would hear a different answer. People talked about corruption on Wall Street and the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and the lack of jobs resulting in long-term unemployment, and the extreme dissatisfaction with Republicans in Congress and the gridlock that our political system created in Washington, D.C. I’d think to myself - I agree with all of them, and I’d still ask myself why are they occupying a park in lower Manhattan?

Hearing the disparate grievances that were cited by the press, and the differing views of the protesters camped out in Zucotti Park, was confusing to me. As a result, my initial thought, was that these people don’t stand a chance, with so many different interests and points of view.

About two weeks ago, while I was watching television, I saw the horror taking place just a few miles away, on that Tuesday night, when the Oakland Police Department unleashed a torrent of violence, against unarmed members of the occupy Oakland movement.

Seeing the young Iraq War veteran attacked and seriously injured, and watching his friends go back to rescue him, to take him out of harms way, as the Oakland police continued their aggression, was sickening. That unnecessary act of police violence motivated me to add my voice, and do whatever I could, to support and join my local occupy movement.

The OccupySF march to Union Square on October 29th was eye opening for me. I like to think that I’m reasonably smart, though I didn’t have my a-ha moment until I nearly reached Union Square that day. While participating in the march, I realized that the Occupy movement was completely organic, representing each and every view of the gathered participants, where every individual’s voice was acknowledged and heard. That was brilliant on every level, and created a true sense of community. That’s why the burrito lady offered people a bite, and I was happy to say no thank you, while others happily took her up on her offer. That’s why most eye contact was met with a great big smile, because you were sharing an experience as well as a connection.

When that strange lady came up to me, and she spoke loudly in my ear, and said that I looked happy wearing a smile in Union Square that Autumn day, my first impulse was to recoil and be horrified, that an uninvited strange lady came up and whispered in my ear, but I didn’t do that.

I smiled back and said, “I know --- It’s fucking ridiculous bro.”

I felt a little stupid and silly, that I called her bro. So I reached out and gave the strange lady a hug, and she hugged me back, before saying goodbye.

I was getting pushed toward the center of the crowd, and turned around to walk toward the back, to be able to leave with little effort, as I was getting tired of the pushing and the crowds.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, that completely caught me by surprise. There stood Dick Cheney, with bottles of water, that cheap plastic mask, and a “where’ve you been?”

“I was marching with my compadres,” I said loudly above the din. He handed me a bottle of water, mentioned he thought I’d wait when he ran for a bathroom, and left me in his wake. That’s  when I realized that Dick meant nothing by his earlier comments or, quick exit, and that made my day complete. So I reminded him to believe in himself, and that others will follow suit, whether he’s chilling with his fiancĂ©e, pursuing a job, or selling fruit.

I was tired, and said goodbye, to the man in the Cheney mask. I headed home still part of a movement, and I’ll certainly march with them again. A plea for social justice, a more equitable distribution of wealth, and eliminating poverty, is on my list of demands - if you’re curious to know.

I hoped you liked my true story, that I told in my own silly way. My point is that the movement’s still around us, it’s gathering steam, with plenty of room to grow. The people are warm and welcoming, where you’ll find other people just like you if you just look around.

Our country and the ideals we hold dear - are in peril - if we keep the status quo. We need to have an open dialogue with our friends, family, and neighbors - because regardless of your political stripe, we all want the same thing. A prosperous future, with equal opportunity for you and for me. That’s what the occupy movement is about - so go check it out.

I’m really glad that I did.

November 7, 2011

Are All Men, Women, And Children Created Equal? Not in Michigan!


Lansing, Michigan: That’s the text of Michigan Senate Bill 137 that was passed by the Republican controlled state Senate last week. That’s the language crafted by the Michigan American Family Association, the state offshoot of the American Family Association - that is a known “hate group” as determined by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I’m not a lawyer, but I have to question whether this law is Constitutional. Aside from providing a clear path to falsely justify bullying and hate speech, it gives preference to any religious based speech, suggesting that any speech or belief that has roots in the Bible, the Koran, or the Talmud is more valid than any other speech.

It’s shocking that a tea-party conservative like Senator Rick Price, with the full consent of the American Family Association, would enact a law in the state with the largest Muslim population in the country, that equates Christian and Muslim values.

Teabaggers continually decry Muslim values, and try to instill a misplaced fear of all things related to Islam. It makes me wonder if they fully considered the text above.

Rather than protect Michigan students from harassment and bullying, in a safe and secure environment, the legislature has elevated all religious based beliefs, and speech, in violation of the Constitution, and the values we have long held dear - that all men, women, and children in our nation are created equal. Unless you live in the state of Michigan.

Squirmin' Herman's Whopper Of A Fourth Strike - Is He Finally Out?

The parade of women who were victimized by Herman Cain while he was the chief lobbyist for the National Restaurant Association, continued today. Ms. Sharon Bialek, a registered Republican and teabagger from Chicago, accused her fellow teabagger and GOP Presidential candidate, of making unwelcome sexual advances in his car during a job interview in 1997.

Rather than address the allegations directly, the Cain campaign continued to attack the credibility of the victim, and the alleged victim’s attorney, Gloria Allred. When Squirmin’ Herman was asked to respond to the latest allegations, he replied:

“This is the official last time. If I get another request I’m simply not going to do the interview because we are going to stay on message.”

The message that Squirmin’ Herman is communicating to the American people is so arrogant that it defies description, and I can’t help but wonder if he’s a narcissist. According to dictionary.com, a narcissist is a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish.

What is especially sad and shocking after hearing Ms. Bialek’s account of their meeting, is that Squirmin’ Herman's behavior reflects a male chauvinist sexist pig who feels entitled to make uninvited sexual advances toward a woman, because that’s his provenance as a straight male. He says he never sexually harassed a woman because that’s what he believes, and that's how he thinks.

In an email to his supporters, he put his arrogance on full display. He wrote:

Consider: I held various executive positions in corporate America for several decades. I had thousands of employees working for me. I can't even begin to recall how many conversations I had with people during that time, how many directives I gave, how much friendly banter might have taken place.

I also had to make tough decisions during these years. I turned around a poorly performing region for Burger King, then turned around a struggling Godfather's Pizza organization. At some point during a career like this, someone will not like things you do, or how you do it. Someone will complain.

That is just the nature of things if you've ever done much in your life.

That is total and unequivocal bullshit. Is he characterizing reaching for a woman’s genitals as “friendly banter?” That’s disgusting. He refers to his work turning around Burger King and a pizza chain, while all of these women were accosted by Cain while he was employed by the National Restaurant Association.

The National Restaurant Association has had to pay legal settlements to some of his sexual harassment victims, and that’s a fact. 

How Squirmin’ Herman chooses to characterize his bad behavior is immaterial at this juncture. While he has scheduled a Tuesday press conference at 5:00pm EST to say something, the only acceptable statement that I’m interested in hearing right now would be his withdrawal from the race.

A presidential campaign should be dominated by discussing issues that are important to our democracy, and we’ll only get beyond these distractions, if Squirmin’ Herman goes home.

Burger King should consider rehiring him - considering that his brain’s completely controlled by his whopper.

Penn State: When Is Joe Paterno Doing The Perp Walk?

When I saw this story about a Penn State assistant coach first reported last week, I was disgusted. The more I hear about it, the more sick it makes me. The press calls it the “Penn State Sexual Abuse” scandal. When an adult forces themselves on a ten year old boy or girl that’s RAPE.

Legendary Penn State Coach Joe Paterno was allegedly told about this in 2002. If he didn’t report it to the authorites, then he’s an accessory to the RAPE of a child. Why is Joe Paterno above the law?

Rene Portland, the former homophobic women’s basketball coach, was fired in 2007 after running a basketball program at Penn State for over 20 years that secretly forbid any lesbians on the team, and discriminated against players who were perceived to be gay.

There’s a problem at Penn State that goes beyond this heinous scandal - and the public must demand that the University provide the answers.

Herman Cain Is An Ethical Wasteland And Not A Serious Candidate

Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich sang a duet on Saturday night in Texas. They were the only 2 candidates who accepted the invitation to appear at the Texas Patriots Political Action Committee’s $150.00 a person candidate forum. The Texas teabaggers love fest was remarkable for how unremarkable this gathering was.

The traveling press corps was allowed access to the two fringe Presidential candidates after the event was over. When a reporter asked Herman Cain about the sexual harassment allegations, Cain’s response was to ask his “chief of staff” to send the reporter a “journalistic code of ethics.” Cain suddenly knows about ethics in journalism - but doesn’t know a damn thing about ethics in business?

It’s time for the game playing and obfuscation to be over. Herman Cain is going to be dogged by these allegations until he bows out. He clearly has no idea what ethical responsibilities a man in business should possess, and he’s clueless that we expect better of a candidate for President. His arrogant attitude and haughty response to any questions related to these allegations isn’t working.

This male chauvinist sexist pig has to pay the piper, and own up to his transgressions, so that  voters can make up their mind. As it stands now - Herman Cain isn’t doing anyone any favors as he stonewalls the press - but he's giving the electorate 100 reasons not to take him seriously as a candidate.

November 5, 2011

Michigan Senator: We Must Protect Religious Freedoms Before Bullying

Lansing, MichiganLast Wednesday Kevin Epling knew the day was finally arriving after years of hard work, and dedication, to get an effective anti-bullying law passed by the state legislature. The bill was called “Matt’s Safe School Law” in honor of Kevin’s son Matt, who took his own life shortly after finishing the eighth grade in 2002.

The Republican legislature had been dragging their heels for years, and it didn’t seem as though they were interested in passing a comprehensive anti-bullying law. After the Republican governor asked for a bill - Senator Rick Jones drafted one.  After some arm twisting from the Michigan American Family Association, they took the teeth out of the bill, and passed a law that allowed bullying. The bill says that if you bully and you justify your violence by saying the bible said you could, that you can bully anyone wherever and whenever you want

In the Washington Post Elizabeth Flock reports:

Just days after a cellphone video emerged showing a gay 15-year-old in Ohio being assaulted by another student, the Michigan Senate passed new anti-bullying legislation, but some say it actually encourages bullying to take place.

Chief among its critics is Sen. Gretchen Whitmer (D), who in a searing floor speech said that the new “Matt’s Safe School Law,” named after a Michigan teen who committed suicide after an anti-gay hazing attack, is meaningless.

Whitmer cites a special exception in the law for bullies who have “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.” The law also does not address bullying against students based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

So if you’re into fag bashing, and want to attack any fag you want, you can do it. The kid doesn’t even have to be a fag, you can just say you thought that he was., and assault whoever you want. I read a comment online that said a kid’s Dad was going to get him a pocket bible, to keep in his back pack, because it would keep him out of trouble.

In the Detroit Free Press Lori Higgins reported:.

"This bill may not be perfect but we tried our best, and have the whole community to worry about, not just the homosexuals, but it certainly gets us on the road to making sure that local communities pay attention to this problem and we'll have this good Christian policy in place," said the bill's sponsor, Republican state Sen. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge.

Let’s pray for the kids going to school in Michigan, as well as the ignorant and hate filled Republicans who don’t care one bit about their cowardly and flippant bill. It’s like they just gave the finger to everyone across Michigan, and throughout the country who works on this issue.

The state of Michigan and their legislature really has made a joke out this serious problem, and I’m trying to think of a quick and effective way to shame them into amending the bill. If we could get thousands of people to call these legislators at their offices, homes, and wherever they could be found, but we would have to mobilize thousands to call. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Thanks For The Memories Mr. Rooney!

Everybody calls me Rooney, just like they did in the Army.

New York, New York --- I swear it feels like it was just last week that Andy Rooney said goodbye to his loyal and faithful Sixty Minutes audience, and signed off on his last broadcast, though it was actually 4 weeks ago. CBS News announced that Andy Rooney, 92, died in a New York hospital last night, after complications from a surgical procedure.
Andy Rooney, the “60 Minutes” commentator known to generations for his wry, humorous and contentious television essays – a unique genre he is credited with inventing – died Friday night in a hospital in New York City of complications following minor surgery. He was 92, and had homes in New York City, Rensselaerville, N.Y. and Rowayton, Conn. 
“It’s a sad day at ‘60 Minutes’ and for everybody here at CBS News,” said Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News and the executive producer of “60 Minutes.” “It’s hard to imagine not having Andy around. He loved his life and he lived it on his own terms. We will miss him very much.”
I always thought of Andy as our nation’s best loved curmudgeon. My parents and grandparents watched Sixty Minutes every Sunday night at 7:00pm, and I still watch it today.

When Andy said goodbye last month I felt nostalgic, because he’s been yelling and making people think about “things” that could be absurd, or mundane, or the next big idea, or none of those things at all, for what seemed forever, and I knew that I’d miss his irreplaceable sarcasm and wit, each Sunday night.

I met Andy Rooney and his wife through a mutual acquaintance 15 years ago, and we went out for dinner. He didn’t suffer fools gladly, was very direct when he spoke, seemed fearless, and was great company because he was an expert storyteller with a sharp wit.

When we met and were saying goodbye, he said “the only reason I enjoyed meeting you is because you call me Mr. Rooney, and I like that because I don’t hear it very often.” And when he said that, for some reason we both broke out into hysterical laughter, and shared a fun and memorable moment. I leaned over to give him a hug, and then embraced his wife, and she whispered that he doesn’t like anyone but he liked me. We both turned to speak to Andy, but he was already out the door and halfway down the block. I’ll never forget that night.

Thanks for all those years of laughs, and TV memories Mr. Rooney. Rest in peace Andy.

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November 4, 2011

Cain's Campaign Taking A Nosedive - 3rd Victim Claiming Misconduct

Evidence of Payouts To Settle Two Sexual Misconduct Claims

I know that we sometimes lament the very long Presidential primary season, and individual state debates, and the endless parade of candidates, who we’re stuck listening to on the news night after night, for nearly 2 years of campaigning. I think now’s a good time to remind ourselves of why the process is long and drawn out.

We don’t have any formal procedure or process to properly “vet,” or check out, the candidates who are running for President. The caucuses, primaries and convention plays a large role in the vetting process, but the bulk of the investigative journalism and background checks are performed by the press.

When Politico did their homework, and discovered Cain’s gaggle of scorned women, they were doing their job. Reporters are supposed to find out that sort of information. Just ask John Edwards, Gary Hart, or South Carolina’s former two timing Governor Sanford, or Louisiana’s David Vitter (R-LA). As long as men remain pigs - they’re going to let their penis be their guide to any port in a storm.

One of Cain’s alleged victims broke her silence through her attorney today. She related that:

“She made a complaint in good faith about a series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances from the CEO,” said Joel Bennett, the attorney, at a news conference outside his Washington, D.C. law office.

Reading a statement he said he wrote jointly with his client, Bennett noted that she resolved the complaints through a financial settlement with the National Restaurant Association. He declined to say for how much, but POLITICO has reported it was approximately $45,000.

Bennett indicated that the woman, now a federal employee, enjoys her current post and doesn’t want to publicly recount her experience with Cain.

Herman Cain’s canoodling is the number one story this week in politics. Politico.com has been out front on this story, and offered Cain an opportunity to address the allegations before they published their story. He opted to say he didn’t sexually harass anyone, chose to say he was a persecuted politician, and denied the allegations and chose not to grant Politico an interview.That was a big mistake, because he lost an opportunity to manage the spin on this whole mess.

Herman Cain flatly denies the most serious allegation facing him – that he made an unwanted sexual advance toward a female employee at a work event – but POLITICO has learned new details making clear there were urgent discussions of the woman’s accusations at top levels of the National Restaurant Association within hours of when the incident was alleged to have occurred.

The new details—which come from multiple sources independently familiar with the incident at a hotel during a restaurant association event in the late 1990s—put the woman’s account even more sharply at odds with Cain’s emphatic insistence in news media interviews this week that nothing inappropriate happened between the two.
Herman Cain will not be nominated with skeletons like this in his closet. While he was riding high in the polls., someone gave him bad advice to duck and cover. He could stick the race out until the Iowa caucuses, but would risk a dismal performance which would damage any future prospects doing any job. So he should seriously consider doing some smart damage control, go on the late night shows, and make sure that his campaign has no debts and withdraw immediately from the race.

MSNBC’s powerwall says this about Cain:

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has been trying to shut down the unsavory story line that he sexually harassed at least two female co-workers while heading the National Restaurant Association from 1993 to 1996, by proclaiming that he was “falsely accused” and suggesting that he's the victim of a witch hunt, a liberal—or perhaps Republican—conspiracy, or some other kind of evil voodoo.

What he has not done is make any evident attempt to consistently telegraph trustworthy, innocent, presidential or future-well-paid-pundit as cameras scrutinize his every glance and gesture.

A small north Alabama town newspaper called the Anniston Star, played host to Herman Cain juggernaut just a week ago, and they don’t get many Presidential candidates in their vicinity.

So, to recap, since Cain became an Anniston rarity — a visiting presidential candidate — he and his handlers have been on 24-hour-a-day survival mode. He’s told everyone with a microphone that he sexually harassed no one. Critics say his story has changed: Was there a settlement? Was there an agreement? Which woman received how much money? Was it hush money or a year’s salary? Thinking like a football coach, he’s gone on the offensive, claiming an operative in the camp of GOP rival Rick Perry has embarked on a smear campaign designed to knock the Georgia businessman down a notch or two in the polls.

Herman Cain isn’t perfect. Surprise! We can say with a great deal of certainty that Herman Cain isn’t perfect and he will not be the Republican nominee for President.

I never thought that Herman Cain would be the GOP choice, because I remember watching him in an interview answer a foreign policy question that made him sound like an arrogant know-it all, when he just looked stupid. Do you remember this great answer of his, that the whole world spoke about?

I’m ready for the ‘gotcha’ questions and they’re already starting to come. And when they ask me who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan I’m going to say, 'You know, I don’t know. Do you know?'

Well Herman, you just might have some time on your hands. Have a nice trip to Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan. You’re going to need to get away.

See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

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