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June 15, 2011


Revises History Again and Again and Again

New York, NY: The New York State Senate is on the verge of passing a historic Marriage Equality Act. It is the most exciting development, to date, in our fight for equality. In response, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, of the Archdiocese of New York, wrote a blog post today, insinuating that a state that changes marriage laws is like a communist dictator, and cites government regimes in China and North Korea.

The Archbishop also claims “Our country’s founding principles speak of rights given by God, not invented by government.” I've never seen a doument called “founding principles” and thought the US Constitution was the basis of the rule of law? If this learned Archbishop knew anything about our history, he would know that the founding fathers were primarily comprised of deists, who enshrined our secular government in the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, in order to ensure that the citizens of our country would be free from religious persecution. The same laws ensure that government doesn't interfere with religion.

Aside from him typically citing a child's right to be brought up by a mom and dad, he says that expressing these beliefs should not be viewed as “discrimination against homosexual people.” I'm sorry but a church, and a church leader, who seeks to deny a group of people equal rights, where these rights are enjoyed by some people but not all, is pure discrimination. How else could you characterize that?

If the Catholic Church wants to continue to revise history, and view it with a jaundiced eye, that is their prerogative. They have done that for years with many controversies, from the support they gave the Nazi's in World Ward II, to the Priest sexual abuse scandal. How can a Catholic in good conscience support a church that is led by a group of men who bend the truth, and lie, so readily?

I called out the Archbishop on his blog, and was happy to see that the Archdiocese of New York has visited my blog. They are welcome here any time and might learn something.

Some of the choice comments directed at the Archbishop are:

Salvatore S. : "It is so disappointing that a man that has the power to make such great change and to sway people to do what is right instead uses his pulpit to push for the continuation of bigotry, discrimination and fear."

Robert Rios: "your arguments repeating the tired rhetoric that God gives us rights, not government, make you a wonderful candidate for the first ridiculous Republican debate."

Chuck Small: "With all due respect, Archbishop, “the true meaning of marriage” has been debated and supported in wildly different ways by both church and state through the centuries. While I support the Church’s right to determine for itself the sacramental definition, I’m opposed to any one faith or one denomination attempting to impose a religious definition on a civil institution. Dismissing as a “chic cause” the desire to have my lifelong commitment to my partner to be treated equally as that of my brother or my neighbors is beneath you as a leader of the People of God, Archbishop."

Kristy L. : "As a fellow Christian, I cannot support the way you have chosen to frame this issue, particularly in the current state of our national politics. There are plenty of people using rhetoric with xenophobic overtones, and this comparison to China and North Korea harmonizes a little too nicely with the panicked voices crying “Let’s take our country back!” Losing cultural dominance is not the same as losing freedom. Giving legal recognition to gay couples is nothing like driving Christians into hiding or monitoring them in state-controlled churches. I can’t imagine what leads you to express your fears this way in such a public forum."
 Mary: "This is among the most inane things I’ve ever read. Your understanding of the American political situation, of American political history, and world affairs is embarassing to the centuries of great Catholic thinkers that have come before you. Finally, before you can lay claim to the ability to influence political affairs, pay taxes. That gives you a voice."

Lisa F: "Thank you, Archbishop Dolan, for your courage and your leadership.Someday, hopefully before it is too late, all these detractors will see that they are putting their eternal souls at risk. I pray that this “enlightened” civilization that accepts same sex marriage will see how clouded and darkened their discernment has become. This is the effect of sin which separates us from the light of God. Freedom is not the ability to do whatever we want, but the ability to choose only what you should."
We must call out religious leaders who lie and distort the truth!

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