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June 13, 2011



New York, NY: Who will be the next public figure to commit verbal homicide? Week after week a highly paid, highly privileged, professional athlete, or celebrity, or politician, goes to work and utters hateful speech and offends offends millions of people. They apologize, and within a few weeks it's forgotten. If these transgressions weren't committed by athletes and entertainers, and they were marketing managers or an accountant, like you and me, we would be fired immediately. Instead, they pay a paltry fine and that's it. Soon enough, the next political sex scandal erupts, or the price of a barrel of oil, will hit a new high, and the market and economy will sweep the spoiled and self-entitled class, off the front page, but for moment.

Kobe Bryant was fined fractions of 1% (.004%) of his $25.0M salary, Joachim Noah was fined 2/100ths of his $3.1M a year salary, only  Roger McDowell was fined and suspended for 2 weeks by Major League Baseball. Baseball coaches do not make a lot of money, so McDowell received a punishment while for Bryant and Noah it was like giving to the United Way.

When victims of bullying hear the names, and taunts repeated, both children and adults alike, often experience an emotional response, as words bring those feelings of being a kid and being bullied, right back to the surface, which can be painful. That's why many have rejected Tracy's apology.

On November 10, 2009 the NY Daily News had a report about Tracy Morgan's performance at Carnegie Hall the Friday before and said that “minutes after Morgan started his routine, many walked out in disgust. The newspaper reported that Morgan talked trash about homosexuality (saying it's "a choice," which drew gasps), drugs, pornography and what he calls "politricks”.

A large chunk of Morgan's Carnegie Hall audience walked out that night, over a year and a half ago. While the jokes may have been different, the themes were the same. Filled with hateful, misogynistic rants, he offended people that night too. No one asked for an apology.

On May 25th, 2011 the Montreal Gazette published a telephone interview with Morgan, who was promoting his current stand up tour. The reporter observed that he worked a lot, and Morgan said in part, “Whether I'm doing this or driving a truck, I'm going to always be funny. I was born that way. I'm happy with what I'm doing right now."

And then he made this observation. "It's the only place in show business where there is justice. I can be honest, confrontational and me. I say things women might not like, that white people might not like, that black people might not like. Well, fuck that - I'm saying it and it's how I feel and I'm passionate about it. That's why I hate texting: call me up and tell me what you think - don't go hiding behind that LOL bullshit." It's how he feels and he's passionate and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

So will the real Tracy Morgan please stand up. The statement he released through his publicist said: I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”

He apologized for his choice of words (semantics), and he says his  friends know what's in his heart (we don't), but does he? He's says he's not a hateful person, and he makes fun of everyone, and I went too far and I'm sorry it wasn't funny, no matter how you look at it. 

Ohhhhh! The stab and murder a fag routine, or kill your kid, is meant to be funny? “He said repeatedly to the audience, that being gay is a choice! We know that's a lie! Just speculating that if his son said he was gay, that he would stab him, kill him, is enough evidence to show that Tracy Morgan, the actor, comic, and Dad, looks within himself and sees that there's's nothing there. He's vapid, empty, a fraud, and a homophobe who repeatedly commits verbal homicides and attacks easy prey with no obvious concern for anyone he may have victimized.

This human being who lacks sensitivity, empathy and compassion, will not be getting any charitable feelings, or sympathy, for a long time. That nonapology was disingenuous at best, it didn't even come from him, and wasn't in his own words. I wonder what Tracy Morgan could do to be contrite. I know I'm not alone in my view, that I can't support Tracy Morgan being on television right now. Can you?

People are tired of hearing politicians, athletes, celebrities, and religious leaders, use inflammatory language on television attacking the LGBT community. It legitimizes bigotry and tells viewers that homophobia is tolerated and accepted. Reporters constantly ask known hate organizations masquerading as christians, to weigh in on gay issues, and the marriage debate.  Again because reporters allow access to their platform on television, our media is implicitly involved in fostering hate, fomenting lies and falsehoods and legitimize extreme radical viewpoints to treat the GLBTQ community as 2nd class citizens.

Kobe Bryant, Joachim Noah, Roger McDowell, Mel Gibson, Rick Santorum, George Allen, Tracy Morgan, Herman Cain, homophobes all. They've got to walk a mile in our shoes, and find a way to be charitable, and do more than just say sorry and write a check. We'll start with you Tracy. What are you going to do?

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  1. I agree with you in many respects. But, I feel this goes both ways. The current Tony winning musical blasts a religion. But how would it be received if the South Park guys ( whom I love for not being hypocrites )decided to parody Islam? Would the gay community or anyone else revel in it? Methinks not. If Kathy Griffin calls a politicians kid a 'white precious' ( read Fat), if Perez Hilton calls someone a dunce and a c***, if Katt Williams makes fun of a 'special needs child', if Lisa Lampanelli says after a horrible public tragedy "I've effed more n-words then Katrina', then the outrage needs to be the same. Otherwise, it's maing 'exceptions'. Freedom works both ways: want to be 'equal'? Suffer the slings and arrows like everyone else and lighten up.

    NOt defending T Morgan: what he said is stupid and offensive, but so too are so many comedians 'beloved' by the gay community.