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June 10, 2011




Let's recap shall we? GLAAD is a successful GLBTQ advocacy organization that has done some great work over the years. They have built up lots of goodwill in the community as a result of that. At one time I was a generous supporter of GLAAD.

October 13,  2009: GLAAD's President writes to the FCC to endorse Net Neutrality  (Bravo!)

January 4, 2010: GLAAD's President writes to the FCC to reverse unequivocal endorsement of Net Neutrality (Boo!) and encouraged the FCC to expand broadband connectivity to every corner of the country.  This letter was written by AT&T' for GLAAD , that outlined a position that AT&T wanted GLAAD to pursue. The Letter was typed, signed and prepared by Jarrett's assistant Jeanne, while he was out of the office - and Jarrett verbally instructed her to sign the letter and mail.

January 15, 2010: GLAAD's President decides that the January 4th Letter was inconsistent with what the organization wanted to do, and asked for the letter to be returned. In the letter of January 15th, he lied. He did know about the letter, and the reporter writing the story says "Barrios seems more worried about protecting his friend" the assistant. I don't come to the same conclusion, as we know there was embarassment over these letters, but the timing and significance remains a mystery.  This whole thing is still very strange.

Now it's a year and a half after the letter snafu, and the fact is there are going to be thousands of employees laid off if this merger is approved.

The Press release stated announcing that GLAAD was supporting AT&T "with the understanding that this merger will increase functionality and speed, thus growing engagement and improving the effectiveness of the online advocacy work that is advancing our movement. GLAAD also stands behind the AFL-CIO and Pride at Work in believing that this merger will increase access to domestic partner benefits, family/medical/bereavement leave, and survivorship benefits for thousands of LGBT employees."


That's why GLAAD supports the takeover, an "increase functionality and speed" of data on a cell phone? Run that by me again? These are wireless phone companies, and less competition and higher prices will advance our movement? You will do your job better? This still makes no sense. How will thousands of LGBT benefit from this merger?

The FCC estimates the merger will not go through until some time in 2012. Why did GLAAD feel the need  to support this move now? I worked in Corporate Finance for a Fortune 100 Company, for a long time, and none of this makes sense. I have performed exhaustive due diligence on large corporations and I'm still scratching my head.

Who wrote that Press Release? The reasons to support GLAAD aren't even factual! ACK!

Is GLAAD Broke? We'll find out soon I'm sure. The last Financials posted on the website are over 18 months old. Academy of Friends was run into the ground. RIP. Will GLAAD be next?

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