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July 10, 2011


The racist Iowa Republicans, and their leader Bob Vander Plaats, removed the most blatantly racist section of the "pledge" that Michele Bachmann signed last week.

While the offending passage was deleted online, Mrs. Bachmann's signature is still affixed to the document with the racist passage in tact, and she doesn't care.

The rest of the document is unchanged, and Mrs. Bachmann refused comment. She was leading the clown college alumni workshop called Creationism and the Monkey - if you spank my monkey, I'll spank yours.
Mrs. Bachmann's Clown College yearbook photo, she was at the bottom of her class.

Former New Mexico Governor and Republican candidate for President, Gary Johnson, refused to sign the 'pledge" and released the following statement:

"Government should not be involved in the bedrooms of consenting adults. I have always been a strong advocate of liberty and freedom from unnecessary government intervention into our lives. The freedoms that our forefathers fought for in this country are sacred and must be preserved. The Republican Party cannot be sidetracked into discussing these morally judgmental issues — such a discussion is simply wrongheaded. We need to maintain our position as the party of efficient government management and the watchdogs of the “public’s pocket book”. 
This ‘pledge’ is nothing short of a promise to discriminate against everyone who makes a personal choice that doesn’t fit into a particular definition of ‘virtue’. 
While the Family Leader pledge covers just about every other so-called virtue they can think of, the one that is conspicuously missing is tolerance. In one concise document, they manage to condemn gays, single parents, single individuals, divorcees, Muslims, gays in the military, unmarried couples, women who choose to have abortions, and everyone else who doesn’t fit in a Norman Rockwell painting. 
The Republican Party cannot afford to have a Presidential candidate who condones intolerance, bigotry and the denial of liberty to the citizens of this country. If we nominate such a candidate, we will never capture the White House in 2012. If candidates who sign this pledge somehow think they are scoring some points with some core constituency of the Republican Party, they are doing so at the peril of writing off the vast majority of Americans who want no part of this ‘pledge’ and its offensive language."
Someone in the GOP gets it, but Bachmann is still clueless. Former Republican Senator Rick Santorum signed the document as well. Santorum is barely registering in opinion polls, so most media organizations are ignoring him.
Bottom? Is it Mary or Michele? Mary was the bottom of her mail order degree class.
Jill Lawrence in the Daily Beast hunted down a classic Bachmann video. In her story "The Submissive Michele Bachmann, Lawrence writes:
"In a stunning video, the Tea Party titan says she follows the biblical rule that women should obey their husbands. But, Jill Lawrence asks, isn’t that a problem for a presidential candidate?"
Is it a problem for a presidential candidate? What do you think?


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