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July 30, 2011

Call to Action: Turn the chatter into a ROAR!

In Washington, there is no resolution to the debt ceiling. We have 3 days until financial Armageddon. Speaker John Boehner has no control over the Freshman Class, and Eric Cantor is salivating over the prospect of taking the Speaker’s job. The GOP teabaggers refuse to support any revenue enhancements, and the Boehner Bill that passed the House yesterday, only did so because there was a Constitutional Amendment attached calling for a federal balanced budget.

The switchboard operators in Washington have been deluged with phone calls this week. I called my member of Congress to register my support for a bi-partisan agreement, provided Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, and nutritional programs for families and children, were left in tact. I was assured by the Washington staffer who answered the phone that my representative in the House of Representatives shared my view.

Call, write, email or fax your member of Congress! Tell them to stop the madness now!
House majority leader Nancy Pelosi is my Congresswoman. At one time, the dude who cut my hair also cut Congresswoman Pelosi’s hair. I used to like getting my hair cut on Friday afternoons immediately after work. She had a standing Friday afternoon appointment, and her first stop after landing at SFO on a Friday, was to tend to her well coiffed hair. Because of air travel, sometimes she would be early and sometimes she would be late. There were many times that I was sitting in Michael’s chair, when she arrived with her entourage, ready for a tease and comb out. I’m going to keep my secrets for a book, so stay tuned.

Teabagger Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) owes his wife $115K in child support! His ex-wife alleges that he paid sporadically from 2005-2008, and then stopped paying altogether. Is there a bigger asshole in Congress who doesn’t see fit to pay child support for his own kids? The same guy who wants to cut child nutrition programs? Disgusting.

"Word" has it that Mary Bachmann has been muzzled on the campaign trail. She is not to speak with the press unless the questions have been approved in advance by the campaign, and a staffer must be present. No questions about her counseling practice, or barbarian comments are permitted. The list of forbidden questions for candidate Bachmann are a mile long, and in order to have a sit down interview with her, you are only permitted to ask pre-approved questions, or she will not consent to the interview. Topics related to hot button issues are forbidden for her too. This is a democracy???

Warren Jeffs, the 56 year old leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a religious sect in Arizona and Texas, is charged with 2 counts of sexual assault, for raping two under aged girls and fathering a child with a minor. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison. What I find shocking, aside from the allegations - is the fact that this religious sect has been operating for decades, without any attention from the media or law enforcement. Their radical views support the sexual abuse of children, in the name of religious freedom. This is disgusting and needs to stop.

Dan "It Gets Better" Savage, the telegenic musical theatre buff, and sex-advice columnist continues to create controversy. The Massachusetts Congressional delegation created a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign. Noticeably absent from the video is Senator Scott Brown (R-MA). When the Massachusetts Democratic Party condemned the Senator for not participating, the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee rushed to the Senator’s defense. they cited past statements, and columns of Savage’s, directed toward Republicans.
On the Politico website, writer Ben Smith shared that the NRSCC feels that Savage’s “history of lewd, violent and anti-Christian rhetoric,” was responsible for the Senator not taking part in the video. 

That is so incredibly lame, that I cannot believe it. I hope the good people of Massachusetts call Senator Brown, and tell him that if he has a beef with Dan Savage, he is free to discuss it with him. His silence in not participating in the video, is giving tacit approval to those who bully. Dan Savage started the project, and who is more important here? You’re a US Senator for fuck sake, aren’t you bigger than that? Don’t you want to give hope to kids who are bullied? Be responsible and do the right thing Senator, make a video!

I have stated before that Dan Savage deserves the awards and recognition that he has received for the “It Gets Better” campaign. The unfortunate thing, is that Republicans and right-wingers, are making Dan Savage a political issue. With the Savage column that Ben Smith cited, “Fuck the Republican Party,” and his other statements related to the GOP, he gets in the way and obscures what the campaign is all about. When that happens, he must seriously consider stepping down.
I get it: There are some hot Republicans out there. I've undressed a few of 'em with my own eyes. I've been to the Republican National Convention. Twice.
 And, yes, there's nothing like a good hate/pity/mercy fuck now and then. But self-respecting queers should not be fucking card-carrying Republicans.
Oh, you can attempt to rationalize a same-sex encounter with a card-carrying member of the GOP any which way you want—"Someone has to fuck some sense into Aaron Schock..." —but unless you're taking one for the team, there's simply no excuse. (Taking one for the team = sticking it in/to a high-profile, anti-gay GOP closet case you intend to out.)”
This enmity for all things Republican is judgemental and narrow, and is no different than the myopic view espoused by teabaggers. You start a campaign advocating that “it gets better,” but if you’re a Republican, and gay, you have no self respect. The world isn’t black and white, nor is the LGBT community. I find this judgemental and exacting opinion to be responsible for the fractured elements within our community. 
GLAAD supported the AT&T merger, HRC endorsed President Obama’s re-election before the President announced his campaign, and Savage says basically that Republicans aren’t welcome in the LGBT community. Savage and the largely gay white males who head up these organizations, are so out of touch with the rank and file, and because they head large non-profit organizations, the only way to express our displeasure is with money and in forums like this. And through word of mouth - so start now. Let’s turn our chatter into a roar!

Written and posted by Roy on the blog “Tie-dyed Jive in the (415)”

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