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July 22, 2011

Bachmann Brief: Does Bachmann have blood on her hands?

Minneapolis, MN: In the Wikipedia entry for Minnesota, it says “Minnesota is known for its relatively liberal social and political orientation, and has a high rate of civic participation and voter turnout.”

Much of the chatter in Minnesota politics lately centers on Michele Marie Bachmann. Her political views would be best described as extremist, not liberal in any shape or form. If Bachmann were elected President, she would abolish the EPA, the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Energy. The Congress-worstwoman says that we need to wean people off of Social Security and Medicare. She doesn’t believe in protecting endangered species, and thinks that drilling for oil should be allowed wherever oil companies want to drill. She has said that carbon dioxide is a harmless gas, called climate change a hoax, and refers to hate crimes legislation as unconstitutional because it violates freedom of speech.

The  Anoka High School graduate with a predilection for television cameras, and revising history, ignoring facts, and disregarding science, has created an entire career based on misinformation and obscuring facts. With rhetoric imbued with hate, she has spent the last 11 years instilling fear and bigotry into ignorant minds of constituents, residents in her state, and ordinary Americans. She opines that the homosexual army that is spread across our nation, is recruiting and indoctrinating the children of America into a “lifestyle” she describes as bondage.

Anoka-Hennepin School District and Bachmann's district.
Yesterday the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, filed a lawsuit in a Minnesota Federal Court, alleging that the Anoka-Hennepin School District, the largest school district in Minnesota, that sits primarily in Michele Bachmann’s Congressional district, does not protect students who are perceived to be LGBT from bullying. There have been 7 suicides in the school district in less than 2 years.

The Justice Department and Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights are investigating the school district, that currently has a policy that directs school personnel and teachers to take a neutral stance in matters relating to sexual orientation. Teachers contend that the policy acts as a muzzle, and does not permit them to police the bullying, or act as an advocate for the kids being bullied, within the schools.

Is there a correlation between Bachmann’s shrill beliefs, and the 7 student suicides, in the school district that sits in her Congressional district? Does Michele Bachmann have blood on her hands?

One thing is certain, a policy that dictates neutrality and silence in the face of oppression, is supporting the views of the oppressor. History has reflected that time and time again. Schools must be a safe haven for all kids, regardless of who they are, or who they might be perceived to be.

A brave hero in the fight for equality Kyle Rooker.
A 14 year old student Kyle Rooker was urinated on by students, and teachers failed to intervene. That is heinous, despicable behavior that no child should ever have to endure. I have to admit when I heard that it made me cry.

Imagine if you are a kid watching the news, and for 11 years, your Minneapolis news station has been reporting what Michele Bachmann thinks and believes, about those people with a "sinful nature" who have “chosen the gay lifestyle.” This kid is being teased, harassed, and beat up because other kids think the kid is gay. The kid doesn’t know how to broach the subject with a parent or teacher, and the parent has no idea that their child is questioning who they are, and what their sexuality might be. It is a lonely and depressing space to inhabit, and the bullying and prospect of possibly letting your parents down, because of who you are, becomes too much to handle. The slurs and hateful rhetoric is coming at you in school, and it’s coming at you on the evening news.

Kids don’t know where to turn, and in the face of helpless sorrow, they sometimes will turn to drugs, or alcohol, hurting themselves, or worse. This has to stop. We must be responsible to our kids.

You might ask why I care - as a white gay male with no children, living in Bohemia on the west coast. Because I have first hand experience with this issue.  I didn’t have parents who loved unconditionally. I didn’t have parents who were supportive when I came out. When I brought home a report card with all A’s and a B+, I didn’t hear well done, I heard you have to do better. When I told my parents I felt different than the other kids, when I was 11 years old, this statement was met with “no you don’t, you don’t feel that way.” I'm not sharing this because I'm looking for sympathy, I'm over it. I'm sharing this because I have experienced the consequences.

In my opinion, children are a blessing. A parent serves their children best when they tell their kids that they love them, and that the love they have will be there always, no matter what. Love should never have conditions, and an open and honest dialogue, is an integral part of a healthy relationship. If you want to see your child filled with resentment, and strife, that results in years of therapy and unhappiness, put conditions on your love and support. If they tell you how they feel about something, don’t tell them that how they feel is wrong, ask them why they feel that way, and listen with empathy, compassion, and understanding.
If you hear a neighbor, a sibling, or another kid, make hateful slurs about someone just because they are different, call them out on it. Tell them it offends you, and hold them accountable. Kids mimic their parents behavior, and we owe it to our children to be the best that we can be.

7 kids in the Anoka-Hennepin School District have taken their own lives, because a school district refuses to do the right thing, and that is 7 lives too many. Is it a surprise that the school district is in Bachmann’s district? Not to me. Michele Bachmann needs to shut her mouth, and go back to Stillwater to live in obscurity, because her actions and deeds hurt people deeply. In some cases, those words and deeds kill.

Written and Posted by Roy on the blog "Tie-dyed Jive in the (415)"

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