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July 12, 2011

3 Cheers For Princeton University's Swim Team. They Rock!

2 Swimmers from Princeton University's Swim Team Sing in the Get Well Video

I love to laugh, and find that laughing releases tension and negative emotions, within myself. I don't know if there is scientific evidence to support this observation, and don' t really care, it's not the point. The Princeton University Men's Swimming and Diving Team knows about humor, as evidenced by this youtube video, using Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" as the vehicle for laughter. It's not a gay swim team, and this video isn't promoting a social or political point of view. It's just a bunch of guys who are comfortable in their own skin, who want to make you laugh. These guys are funny. A comment on the unicornbooty website explained the video.
Just so you know this video was made for one of the swimmers who fell ill enough to go into the hospital for a 6 week stay, just before the end of season championship meet. It was their get well video for him!!! He's doing better, thanks for asking, and they beat Harvard, in the closest finish ever for an IVY Chamionship, 5.5 points.
We have one of the best programs in swimming in the US at Princeton, thanks for the promotion!!! Shane Brooks, PUCSDT '90

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