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July 19, 2011


"I hope you don't try to slip me your tongue," Rep. Bachmann (R-MN) whispered to Larry the llama at the Iowa State Fair. (Photo: The Des Moines Register/Jason Clayworth)
Columbia, South Carolina: The news media today have been largely concentrating on Rupert Murdoch, and his testimony regarding the hacking scandal (or lack thereof), before a special Parliamentary committee, in London. The questions and hearing was incredibly tame, aside from the pie, considering the raucous nature of the Prime Minister's weekly question time, in the House of Commons.

It was also widely reported that the bi-partisan "gang of six" in the US Senate, are proposing a compromise that would trim $3.7 trillion from the deficit, and increase revenue by $1.0 trillion over the same period. Any bill of this nature has to originate in the House of Representatives, and Democrats are hesitant to embrace it because of entitlement cuts, and Teabaggers continue to refuse to consider any measure that increases revenue.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) spent the night at the South Carolina governor's mansion, after she flew there on her broom. Earlier Monday she had a "press pronouncement" with fellow ignoramus Rep. Steve King (R-IA). They criticized a federal legal settlement with African American farmers, called the Pigford Settlement (named after the plaintiff North Carolina farmer Timothy Pigford), that settled a suit that alleged discrimination by the federal government, in awarding loans and other financial aid. Bachmann and King likened it to "modern-day reparations" for slavery.

The teabagger brain trust also characterized the settlement as a waste of money, and fraud, and they offered no proof of fraud. In my opinion, this public declaration only reinforces the current view that the Presidential candidate is a racist, with these bogus claims.

As long as candidate Bachmann refuses to answer questions from the press, it is impossible to say she held a press conference. Therefore, I will call them 'pronouncements.'

In other Bachmann news, former disaffected staffers leaked to the press that Mrs. B relies on prescription medication to manage a debilitating problem with migraine headaches. Her husband Mary accompanies her far and wide to help manage the problem, which has required hospitalization, and extended periods of time away from Washington, to assist in her recovery.

Candidates Reagan, both Bush 41 and Bush 43, Obama, and Clinton, released medical records during their campaigns. Will Bachmann be held to the same standard?

Bachmann campaign henchmen roughed up respected ABC news journalist Brian Ross. He is ABC news' chief investigative reporter. He asked her if she ever missed a House vote due to migraine headaches. Time magazine reporter Michael Crowley witnessed the tussle, and reported:
"It’s not easy to get to Michele Bachmann. Her appearance at a rally on Tuesday in Aiken, S.C., attended by perhaps 150 people, featured three uniformed police officers and two plainclothes bodyguards. One of those guards spent much of the day preventing reporters from getting too close to the candidate." 
"Ross dashed after Bachmann, repeatedly asking whether she had ever missed a House vote due to a migraine. She ignored him. Ross pursued her into a parking area behind the stage. Her aides grew alarmed. When Ross made a beeline for the white SUV waiting to carry Bachmann away, two Bachmann men pounced on him, grabbing and pushing him multiple times with what looked to me like unusual force. In fact, I have never seen a reporter treated so roughly at a campaign event, especially not a presidential one. Ross was finally able to break away and lob his question at Bachmann one more time, but she continued to ignore him."
How long will this candidate continue to refuse to speak with the press? It's been weeks since she answered a question from the media. She can run, but she can't hide.

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