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July 6, 2011

WTF? Michele Bachmann's Major Intellectual Incompetency

A photo montage of Rep. Michele Bachmann with an emphasis on her eyes.
Rep. Michele 'Crazy Eyes' Bachmann (R-MN)

New Jersey: I grew up in New Jersey and I try very hard to keep up with the news in my hometown, and the state, as well as any news about the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Google news keeps me up to date, and I continue to use it because it's easy and thorough, in its approach, and the breadth of results a search provides.

I was reading a blog post at, a blog that covers the political scene in New Jersey. The title of the post was “The New Hampshire Debate – Michele Bachmann Takes a Major Step Forward” penned by Alan Steinberg, a Professor of Political Science at Monmouth University.

I’m going to share some of Professor Steinberg's delusional opinion piece. [bold emphasis my own]

During the past few days, Michele Bachman has achieved major political milestones.

I believe the 2012 GOP presidential nomination will in the end be decided in a contest between Romney and Bachmann – with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida being the Republican vice presidential nominee of either candidate.

Michele Bachmann’s political “winning streak” began Saturday, June 11 with her interview by Stephen Moore in the Wall Street Journal. In this article, she established herself as a person of major intellectual competency and issue awareness.

Many politicians preach family values. Michele Bachmann practices what she preaches.

I don’t know yet which of the two leading Republicans I will support for the nomination, Mitt Romney or Michele Bachmann. I like them both. It is wrong for people to disparage the Republican presidential primary field when you have two excellent candidates like these. I can support either of these two potential nominees with enthusiasm.

I expect a number of scathing liberal slanderous comments regarding Michele Bachmann to be posted underneath this column. From her point of view, the more the merrier. She handles these attacks much better than Sarah Palin. Michele Bachmann is the most underrated Republican in the nation.

I really have a problem when people ignore salient facts about a political candidate, particularly when that candidate is running for President. I also think it's grossly irresponsible of a University Professor to characterize comments contrary to his point of view, as liberal slander.

Slander is defined as “the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.”

When I read Professor Steinberg's love letter, I didn't feel that anything Michele Bachmann has done in her life could be considered a major political milestone. Has anyone ever heard that Bachmann possesses “major intellectual competency and issue awareness?” Professor Steinberg failed to support his statement in any way. Bachmann's short political career doesn't support this assertion either, and when I read that “liberal slanderous comments” would be welcome, I felt I had to join the club.

A fan art creation depicting Rep. Michele Bachmann as a demon.
Bachmann as a demon.

I wrote to the professor that "any profile of Michele Bachmann that glosses over her theocratic views, her role in spreading hate in the name of religion, her knack for rewriting American history, her ties to white supremacists, her lack of accomplishments, and the fact that she has authored no substantive legislation in the state legislature of Minnesota, or Congress, aside from the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act, cannot be taken seriously and is a puff piece."

"I would be honored for you to refer to my comments as a scathing liberal and slanderous. I can back up every statement I make about Mrs. Bachmann. In the name of religion, she continually commits verbal homicides - and fails to exhibit Christian values in any way. For an educated man, I'm surprised by your column. If you turned your column in as an essay in school, you would receive a failing grade."

Professor Steinberg replied.

Haightmale, your comment is the quintessence of hate mail. Your comment is pure and simple McCarthyism of the Left and a vile piece of distortion. You refer to Michele Bachmann's embrace of the fact that at various times the Declaration of Independence refers to the Almighty, and you then engage in filthy sophistry by claiming that this proves that she believes in theocracy. You play the old 1950s "anti-communist smear" game of guilt by association by discussing an Oral Roberts professor that Michele Bachmann once worked with and insinuating that this makes her tolerant of white supremacists.

You don't even make a prima facie showing that Michele knew anything about this professor's alleged background. As I said in my column, I haven't decided whether to support Mitt Romney or Michele Bachmann - I like them both. When I read comments like yours - which are perfect examples of McCarthyism of the Left - I feel obliged to defend Michele, regardless of whether I support her or Mitt.

McCarthyism of the Left? Are you kidding me? If you criticize or disagree with Michele Bachmann, you are a liberal witch hunter. Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy famously used the United States Senate to hunt for communists and communist sympathizers. We know how that turned out, and none of it was good. The Professor is entitled to think what I write is a “vile piece of distortion,” and I prefer to respond to Professor Steinberg with the words of Michele Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann said that President Obama is anti-American because of the people he associated with. Mrs. Bachmann calls our government the “gangster government” with an “imperial Presidency,” and this is so laughable that on my best day I couldn't make this shit up.

“Not all cultures are equal, not all values are equal” she says. You see, if you have Christian right-wing tea-bagger values, your views count. If your views are different, they don't count.

Bachmann loves to cite the Declaration of Independence, which states “all men are created equal.” I embrace that statement wholeheartedly, and whether you are a man or a woman, gay or straight, Christian or an atheist, rich or poor, we are all equal, and worthy, of the same rights and liberties enjoyed by the majority. If I could change the name of this blog to "vile piece of distortion," I would, but the name is already taken. You can check out the truly vile piece of distortion here, as it's Mrs. Bachmann’s website

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