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July 27, 2011

The Truth Fairy Says........Bill O'Reilly Lies Like A Rug & Lies with a Straight Face (Pun Intended)

New York, NY: The pseudo conservative narcissist, Bill O’Reilly, went on a rant last night and said that it was impossible that the Norwegian terror suspect, Anders Behring Breivik, was a Christian. He said “Breivik is not a Christian. That’s impossible. No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder. He might have called himself a Christian on the ‘net, but he was not a man of that faith.” The O’Reilly factor could find “no evidence, none” anywhere, that Breivik was a member of a church. So he wasn’t a Christian.

He argued that there were two reasons why media outlets chose to characterize Breivik as a Christian. The first reason he cited was that the liberal media wants people to connect the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh, Muslim extremists, and Christian extremists together. O’Reilly thinks that the only terrorist extremists associated with religion, are Muslim jihadists. He said the left “wants you to believe that Christian extremists are a threat.” He said this was “dishonest and insane.”

His second point was that mainstream media organizations don’t like Christians very much, because “we are too judgemental.” He thinks that the media seeks different ways to diminish Christianity, because Christians oppose abortion, gay marriage, and legalized drugs, issues the “secular left causes” disagree with.

“Sometimes I think the world is going mad. This Breivik guy is a loon. A mass murderer who apparently acted out of rank hatred........another loser who caused tremendous horror by murdering innocent people. It’s just another pathetic legacy stemming back to Cain.”

Where do I begin to point out the lies that this man is perpetrating. While I would hate to raise the hackles of O’Reilly acolytes, who worship in his Fox News church, and accept his rhetoric as the gospel, I think I can handle this with enough evidence to debunk his misguided commentary.

As a Christian, and a strong believer in the First Amendment to the Constitution, O’Reilly can think and say whatever he wants. Is O’Reilly a bad guy? I don’t know him personally, so I couldn’t say. His political commentary, hateful invectives, and rants, don’t do much to help the political discourse. It hurts more than helps. Just last week a reasonable Bill O’Reilly called out Republicans for their misguided inaction on raising the debt ceiling. That was the good side of Bill O'Reilly. This rant personifies the baaaad Bill O'Reilly.

The Norwegian Christian terror suspect left a manifesto that said he was an anti-muslim crusader for Christendom. He said that societies that are politically correct are imposing multi-culturalism on white Christians. As Reverend Barry Lynn said in the Washington Post today,
“So long as there are differing interpretations of Christian Scripture there can be “Christian terrorism.” Anders Behring Breivik justified his views and actions through a lens of what is in my mind painful misunderstanding of biblical texts and a “Christian” worldview to which very few Christians subscribe.”
 I notice that Bill O’Reilly says bringing up Breivik’s Christian beliefs is a scheme by the evil liberal media to vilify the faith generally. This is nonsense. Breivik says he is a Christian; he wrote a “manifesto” in which he attempts to link Christianity to opposition to Muslim immigration. Yet he failed miserably to understand the faith he claimed to champion.”
If anyone ascribes to O’Reilly’s pattern of thought, I have to ask if the Catholic priests who have sexually abused over 10,667 victims in the United States alone, are Christians. The abuse scandal has destroyed people’s lives completely. The Catholic Church tried to cover up the scandal. I don’t think that’s very Christian of them - but they will look you in the face and say they are Christians.

In September of 2010 a Boise Idaho police officer, Stephen Young, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting infants! I would contend that only murder is more heinous. He will be eligible for parole in 12 ½ years, and this criminal behavior went on for 30 years! In the state of Idaho, there is a law called “Clergy Privilege” which allows Mormon lay bishops, and Mormon stake holders, to hear confessions of illegal and criminal behavior, without any penalties for not notifying the authorities. Young had confessed his crimes to the Church, and was ex-communicated. The Church never advised the police.

How Christian is that Mr. O’Reilly? The Church knew what he did, and did nothing but ex-communicate him. I would say those who covered up for the cop CAN’T be Christians, when they behave that way. What say you oh wise man?

In Uganda, there is a bill being considered by Parliament that will prescribe the death penalty for anyone the government thinks is gay. Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa is the leader of the movement, and he has spent a lot of time in the United States. His mentor, and sponsor, is Rick Warren. There is a group of conservative fundamentalist preachers, who are all based in the US, who have assisted religious organizations in Uganda, in their campaign to “kill the gays.” These US citizens -  Scott Lively, Lou Engle, and Carl Ellis Jenkins, have spent time in Uganda promoting the bill, and participated in anti-gay rallies in Uganda. Lively even bragged about it, and said he "dropped a nuclear bomb on the gay agenda in Uganda." Are these American ministers Christian extremists? Should we be afraid, because these American men of the cloth, are ignoring the facts and evidence that sexuality is an immutable trait?

sexuality can be chosen. Stop the lies Bill O’Reilly, and call these American Christian extremists promoting hate and violence, exactly what they are. Most Muslims, Christians, and Jews, are good people. Stop spreading lies and hate about Muslims. Mr. O'Reilly please call on Christians to repudiate Christian behavior that is  inconsistent with being a Christian!

The truth fairy says YOU LIE, and you lie with a straight face! Like you said last night - that's DISHONEST and INSANE!

Written and Posted by Roy on the blog "Tie-dyed Jive in the 415"

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