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August 31, 2011

To Tell The Truth: Equality California's Roland Palencia Says Family Research Council's Ties To Klu Klux Klan Must Be Exposed

San Francisco, CA: Tony Perkins, the President of the Family Research Council (FRC), has joined the campaign to overturn the California Fair Education Act, which was sponsored by San Francisco's State Senator Mark Leno (D-CA), and signed into law by Governor Brown on July 14th, 2011. . The Fair Education Act mandates that the social studies curriculum includes, within the context of history, LGBT contributions to our society, and the struggle for equality and social justice. It is also required that the contributions of people with disabilities, and the  Asian-Pacific Islander community, be included as well.

Equality California Executive Director Roland Palencia stated:

"California voters have a right to know the truth about those most backing the effort to overturn the FAIR Education Act and that racist and homophobic organizations have no intent to protect families and children but instead hurt them with their bigotry.

Let's be clear: it's the anti-gay, racist rhetoric, dogma and attacks of these organizations that harm children, families and our society, not movements for equality, truth, inclusivity and dignity for all people.

Many fair-minded Californians—especially parents—may not yet know how they feel about the FAIR Education Act. But I don't believe any fair-minded parent would find friends of the KKK a trustworthy protector of their children. It's critical that these groups are exposed for what they really are: fear-mongers who prey on good parents' deep, instinctive desire to protect their children in order to advance a hateful, anti-equality agenda."
The Southern Poverty Law Center, is an organization dedicated to fighting hate, bigotry, and discrimination. They have been devoted to this cause for over 40 years, and they don’t use the word ‘hate’ lightly, and they don’t designate many groups with this moniker. The Family Research Council, The American Family Association, the Klu Klux Klan, and many Neo-Nazi organizations, currently share SPLC’s hate group designation. There are a number of other groups as well, and SPLC has clearly articulated how each of these groups managed to earn this designation.

In October, The Family Research Council is sponsoring their Value Voter’s Summit. Any politician, or candidate for President, who attends this extremist gathering will be making a very clear statement that they support bigotry, intolerance and hate. If a candidate went to speak to the KKK, or the Aryan Nation, they would justifiably be branded a racist and run out of town. Isn’t it reasonable to expect any candidate for President of these United States to reject the politics of hate, racism and bigotry? Any candidate that appears there will be rightly called out for embracing bigotry and intolerance.

This is part of the entry on the SPLC website for FRC. You be the judge. What do you think?

   Family Research Council

Founded:  1983
Location:  Washington, D.C.
Ideology:  Anti-Gay

The Family Research Council (FRC) bills itself as “the leading voice for the family in our nation’s halls of power,” but its real specialty is defaming gays and lesbians. The FRC often makes false claims about the LGBT community based on discredited research and junk science. The intention is to denigrate LGBT people in its battles against same-sex marriage, hate crimes laws, anti-bullying programs and the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

To make the case that the LGBT community is a threat to American society, FRC employs a number of “policy experts” whose “research” has allowed FRC to be extremely active politically in shaping public debate. Its research fellows and leaders often testify before Congress and appear in the mainstream media. It also works at the grassroots level, conducting outreach to pastors in an effort to “transform the culture.”

Via Joe.my.God.  

August 30, 2011

Telling The Truth About Anti Gay Hate Groups In America

Hate in white letters and solid black background.

I was researching anti-gay hate groups, and I came across ablog post written by David Shelton, that really resonated with me. I had great feedback after Tina Dupuy’s excellent guest post about whether sexuality is a choice, so I wrote to David and asked if I could share his blog post with my loyal readers here. I think the message is important, and I think he supports his view in a compelling way. David is a writer, graphic artist, designer, illustrator, film critic, and small business owner in Clarksville, Tennessee. He is the CEO and Art Director of Imagine Media Solutions, Inc. and the publisher of Business Heritage Clarksville

Please check out his blog and websites. 

Treat Hate Groups With The Contempt They Deserve

By David W. Shelton

In order to “balance” discussions on LGBT rights, many media groups will consult with certified hate groups to offer “opposing views.” The reality, though, is that they’re affirming bigoted viewpoints for those on the fringe.

When the Southern Poverty Law Center added new groups to their list of certified hate groups late last year, the “honorees,” including the well-known “family” groups like American Family Association and the Family Research Council, were immediately apoplectic. The “family” groups in question all shared the same argument as they whined their way onto Fox News about their new status. “We were singled out because we’re Christians,” they said. “We are being persecuted,” they declared.

There’s not a lot that can be said for their defense, other than that they are dead wrong. Hate groups are listed as such for some very clear reasons. Yes, there are groups that are listed as being “anti-gay,” but the reality is that simply being opposed to equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people is not enough to be listed as a hate group. Mere belief doesn’t define hate — it’s when belief leads to questionable and immoral acts that defines it.

Interestingly, these are the same groups that insist that sexual orientation doesn’t define a person’s sexuality — only sexual acts themselves. Yet, while they’re denying the reality that sexual orientation is a complete myth, they’re also denying the very clear reality of their own dishonesty and rejection of even basic science in order to elevate their cause by degrading their targets. Clearly, theirs is a world where facts, science, and history just don’t matter.
So what makes the aforementioned AFA and FRC, which are otherwise popular groups within conservative culture, hate groups, and not merely “faith-centered groups” that happen to be “persecuted because they’re Christians?” The short answer is that it centers around truth — or the lack thereof.

American Family Association's hate monger Bryan Fischer
Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association.

The AFA has a number of different people within its groups which bolster their hate group title. Their star spokesman is a vile radio show host by the name of Bryan Fischer. In the name of “family,” Fischer has made a wide array of revolting statements:
“Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and 6 million dead Jews.” (May 2010)
“I mean, ladies and gentlemen, they are Nazis. Homosexual activists, when it comes to freedom of speech, are Nazis. When it comes to freedom of religion, they are Nazis. There is no room in their world for dissent, there is no room in their world for disagreement, there is no room in their world for criticism. You criticize homosexual behavior, they tag you as a bigot and a homophobe and then they go to work to silence you just like the Roman Catholic Church did in the days of Galileo – it’s no different; it’s the Spanish Inquisition all over again.” (May 2011)
I’ve talked here before about the consequences in Islamic cultures of inbreeding, because of the practice of marrying first cousins. Now you can get away with that for once or twice, but Muslims have been doing this for fourteen hundred years and because this is what Muhammad did, they always will do this, they will always defend it, they will always practice it. And this kind of inbreeding results in an enormous cost in intellectual capacity, intellectual quotient among the Islamic people. It’s just a plain fact. You can’t argue with it, it’s just simply the truth. And you get hammered for saying it, but that’s because the truth has now become hate speech, the truth has now become bigotry.  (May 2011)
Fischer’s statements have sometimes been even too radical for the AFA itself, leading them to attempt to distance themselves from their favorite blowhard. Yet, despite all their attempts to try to soften his ludicrous rhetoric, they keep him on the payroll. I would suspect that the SPLC would consider removing the APA from their list of certified hate groups if they’d get give Fischer the boot. This is unlikely, however, since he’s giving them really big ratings. I’d love to be proven wrong, though.

The Family Research Council is the more widely accepted of the two hate groups, and the most visible. Thanks to the clean cut, boy-next-door image of Tony Perkins, the very vocal leader of the FRC, they get a lot of air time. They’re one of the largest “family” groups in the country, despite their abject dishonesty and outright obsession over the gays.

Peter Sprigg, one of their spokesmen, has a long history of bogus rhetoric. He has declared that he thought all homosexuals should be “exported” and has said that homosexuals are the same as pedophiles. Sprigg also wants gay sex to be outlawed once again:
Matthews pressed him on the question: “Do you think we should outlaw gay behavior?”
“I think that the Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas which  overturned the sodomy laws in this country was wrongly decided,” said Sprigg. “I think there would be a place for criminal sanctions against homosexual behavior.”
“So we should outlaw gay behavior?” asked Matthews again.
Yes,” said Sprigg.

Family Research Council's Hate Monger Tony Perkins
The Family Research Council's chief hate monger Tony Perkins.

Perkins has a long history of spewing falsehoods and lies in the name of his organization. Like Sprigg, he has declared that homosexuals will “more likely molest children than straight men,” an assertion that has been widely rejected and discredited. Recently, the trend has been to cite“research” by right wing fringe groups like the American College of Pediatricians as unbiased scientific research on the issue — as if the ACP is a “leading” group of pediatricians.
“If you look at the American College of Pediatricians, they say the research is overwhelming that homosexuality poses a danger to children,” Perkins said. “So Mark is wrong. He needs to go back and do his own research.”
Mark Potok, Director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project, explained just what the ACP really is, leading MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to offer an on-air smackdown to Perkins’ little citation as the fraud that it is. Potok writes:
In fact, the American College of Pediatricians is a tiny group of doctors who broke away from the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2002 because the latter group supported LGBT parental rights. The American College of Pediatricians, believed to now have about 200 members, explicitly demands, as a condition of membership, that would-be joiners “hold true to the group’s core beliefs … [including] that the traditional family unit, headed by an opposite-sex couple, poses far fewer risk factors in the adoption and raising of children.”
… In other words, the American College of Pediatricians, despite its erudite name, is akin to the fake environmental front groups some energy corporations have set up to make dubious claims about the non-existence of global warming.
There’s more that Perkins failed to mention about the American College of Pediatricians. Until this spring, long-time anti-gay propagandist George Rekers, who has testified against adoptions by same-sex couples, was on the Pediatric Psychosocial Development Committee of the American College of Pediatricians. That ended when it was revealed that Rekers, who also was a founding member of Perkins’ FRC, had just returned from a two-week European vacation with a male prostitute. Rekers insisted that the man had merely been hired to carry his luggage, but the man disagreed. In fact, he told reporters, Rekers had hired him to perform daily nude massages.
All mention of Rekers has since disappeared from the college’s website.
The latest screed from Tony Perkins is a fundraising letter that “exposes” the wildly successful “It Gets Better” project, an effort in which people submit YouTube videos of messages to gay-struggling kids that life gets better beyond the bullying that many kids face in school. “It Gets Better” was started in response to a rash of suicides by gay teens last year. The exposure — as Tony Perkins sees it — is that the “it Gets Better” project is really about getting gay kids to accept themselves as they are, as if that’s a bad thing.

And this is a man frequently used as a “resource” for discussions on gay rights on news channel. No, it’s not limited to Fox News.

Texas Governor Rick Perry's Prayer Rally paid for by American Family Association
Texas Governor Rick Perry's (pictured) prayer rally was paid for by the American Family Association.

The SPLC has been very thorough in their work to properly list hate groups. While there are several organizations that are categorized as “anti-gay,” they are not certified as a hate group — it takes clear actions for this to happen.

For example, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is listed as anti-gay — but not a hate group. Their actions have been very much geared toward preventing marriage equality for gay people. Their work has been rather pathetic, really — including a very poorly-attended bus tour. While their actions have indeed been anti-gay, they don’t frequently resort to lies to get their message across.

Unfortunately, NOM is very quickly stepping into the same excrement that led the FRC and AFA to becoming listed as hate groups, declaring that allowing same-sex marriage will result in “normalizing pedophilia.”

The American Family Association and Family Research Council hate group logos.
This isn’t the real problem. Fringe groups have been given far too much of a voice in media to provide some sense of “balance” in discussions where the debate over equality has largely been settled. Yes, highly religious people have been very opposed to any form of equality, but their objections are rarely based on facts over doctrine. Since the US legal system is not based on the Bible or any religion, then their doctrines just don’t apply.

The reality, though, is that there is a growing understanding of LGBT issues within some Christian circles, making the religious discussion far from a one-sided issue. With the Episcopal, some Presbyterian and Lutheran churches, and large factions of the Methodist church all squarely on the side of equality, there’ are plenty of people who are convinced that granting full equality to LGBT people  is not only the right thing to do, it’s the Christian thing to do.

It’s time for those of us in the media to stop giving a voice to the extremists just because it apparently adds some twisted type of “balance” to the discussion. There’s nothing balanced about any of these hate groups. They revolve around lies, deception, dishonesty, and utter contempt for their LGBT neighbors. To be fair, gays aren’t their only target — just their most frequent ones.

Nothing is advanced by giving them a platform. No, wait. Yes there is — people who share their twisted, vile views are given confirmation and affirmation that their views are okay. They’re given affirmation that it’s okay to tell people that gays want to molest children, that it’s just fine to tell homosexuals that they’re evil, Nazis, or that they’re the very reason that the country is going to hell.

No, these people need to be shamed. This kind of rhetoric doesn’t deserve any platform but to be shown for what it is: hate. Pure hate. They deserve the same place in society as the snake-handlers and those who insist that women should be left barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. Really, shame is sometimes too good for these monsters, but as it is, they don’t get exposed enough.

That needs to change.

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August 28, 2011

Oops! They Did It Again! Christian Family Groups Say Avoid Walmart and Target For Supporting Gay Agenda

The same groups have their hand out, and want affiliate commissions from the stores they tell their members to avoid.

I wrote Lies, Lies and More Lies on August 25th, 2010 about the propaganda and misinformation that the Family Research Council (FRC) has been disseminating about Walmart, to keep Christian shoppers out of Walmart Stores. FRC honestly believes that Walmart's new domestic partner is the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and that because of that Walmart is pandering to "radical homosexual activists."

Over the last month, this radical activist has received threatening phone calls, I've been told I'm going to die, I'm better off dead, I heard one die faggot, and was called fag, homo, a kitty cat, a female dog, satan, a pansy, a girl, and a few choice epithets that I'm not comfortable writing on a PG rated blog. The harassment is annoying more than anything, and I didn't hear anything I haven't heard before. At least the emails were entertaining, because there wasn't a human being screaming in the name of God at me.

Christian behavior like that emboldens me. When I hear Perkins and Donahue reading their scripts that have been carefully prepared for their phony radio show and podcast, where they claim they're victims of religious persecution, It is laughable and pure comedy gold. They claim George Soros is behind this campaign that me, my cell phone, and my computer have single handedly been waging for the last month. If you're listening George - I like your BIG.......wallet! They claim activists are bullying giant corporations, and as much as I would like to own that, it simply isn't true. But I have to thank them for flattering me, and acknowledging how effective I've been.

Everyone knows when you hear about a Christian Organization with 'Family' in it's name, that they are trying to play God. They want religion in every school, they want religion in the halls of our government,  they want to be the sole authority to dictate to women what they can and can't do with their bodies, and they say with moral certainty that if any local, county, state or federal government passes a law that prohibits discrimination, ensures equality in the work place, or enacts punitive sanctions for hate crimes - that the moral fiber of our nation  _________(fill in the blank), country is crumbling, and government can't do that, because the Bible says you can't do that, and those people should be ____________fill in the blank! They are talking about me, and you, and my sisters, and my niece, and in reality they are talking about anyone who doesn't agree with their "biblical view.'

If you look at the Heritage Foundation's (another bigot group) list of policy experts on families, under the letter F - you will see pages of groups headed by con artists selling lies. From the Family Action Council, Family First, the Family Foundation, Family Institute, the Family Policy Council, the Family Policy Institute, the Family Policy Network, Family Research Council,  Focus on the Family, and on and on and on.

This is why Family groups are no longer shopping at Target. According to Alex Mason of the Family Policy Network, he claims:
"Now news reports show Target intends to remain “neutral” on the marriage amendment. But pro-family shoppers shouldn’t flock to Target just yet. Target has long been pro-homosexual with their company donations, workplace policies, and public statements. Just because they’re skittish about taking a position on the state’s marriage amendment (which is dangerously weak, anyway) doesn’t mean they’ve had a change of heart about the sinfulness of homosexuality. Their continued support of various pro-homosexual policies suggests otherwise.
"Target wants you to think they’re staying neutral on a state marriage amendment. But on the issue of homosexuality itself, they are anything but neutral."
The sick and demonizing commentary goes on - like the Energizer Bunny. These groups have been spewing the same rhetoric for years. Our society has become so numb to most of this hateful rhetoric, that these clowns are given a platform on TV every week, continuing to  promote a little bit of crazy. Do media organizations put white supremacists on to debate African Americans? Do they give a platform to the KKK? Nazi's? Aryan Nation? Why are they putting these lying imbeciles on television to debate intelligent members of society? News organizations have become complicit in promoting fake stories and lies, and don't you think it's time that we pressure them to stop?

Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call your newspaper, or television station, your Mayor, or your priest. Send an email if you're more comfortable. You will be surprised how effective you can be. I should know - 91 stores down and still counting.

August 27, 2011

On Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Eskimos and Snow

And Harry Harrison, Dan Ingram, Cousin Brucie and George Michael

A note about the boycott. I’m an east coast dude living on the left coast. With Hurricane Irene barreling north, it’s difficult to think of anything but my friends and family 3,000 miles away. I have plenty of time to respond to the Family Research Council and their duplicitous behavior. Will Kohler has written an excellent blog post on his blog Back2stonewall.com, about FRC and the Catholic League. Nelson penned a great post about FRC and the Catholic League’s hypocrisy, on his blog ngforequality.com. Please check it out!

With the non-stop news coverage of Hurricane Irene, my thoughts are consumed with images of possible flooding, hurricane force winds, and possible power outages, in my home states of New York and New Jersey. On CNN  last night, Anderson Cooper spent hours in Battery Park, speaking with meteorologists and engineers. Anderson spoke about the reality that the Northeast hasn’t had to confront weather of this nature in almost a hundred years. The meteorologists said gale force winds could last for 24 hours, with a 24 hour cycle of tides creating storm surges never seen in our lifetime. Wow.

The east coast experienced their first earthquake this week, and many people will be experiencing their first hurricane.

The Red Cross and other relief organizations advocate being prepared in the event of an disaster striking your home or community. Having a three day supply of drinking water is imperative, as well as having a 3 day supply of food. Flashlights, batteries, a battery operated radio, first aid kit, and a multi-purpose tool should be a part of this kit too. If you have to evacuate your home quickly, you should have copies of you and your families personal papers and documents in one place, to take with you. Things like identification, proof of address, a deed or lease to your home, your passport, birth certificate and insurance policies should be a part of your kit.

With a little preparation, you will be able to ride through the storm with the knowledge that you’re prepared. As someone who has lived in California for a long time, I know the difference between being prepared and being clueless about natural disasters. I’ve experienced some pretty big earthquakes prepared and unprepared. It is definitely more beneficial to be prepared!

This weather anomaly got me thinking about the wild weather of my youth. We didn’t really have much wild weather. There was flooding in the area once a blue moon, but that didn’t have any affect on us when I was a kid. The weather event that excited us all, was the inevitable winter snow storm. While a snow storm would result in the unenviable task of shoveling the driveway, that was small change and well worth it, in exchange for a day off from learning. Storms that dropped an inch or more of snow on the ground, would pretty much ensure that we had a “snow day,” because school was cancelled for the day.

If I heard snow was headed our way, I would try to wake up as early as possible, to hear the town’s fire siren go off at 7:00am. If there was one short siren, that meant no school that day. If I missed the siren, I’d have to listen to 1500-AM WKER, when they announced the school closings. My radio was always tuned to 77-AM WABC, and finding WKER on the dial, our only local radio station, was a chore – especially in the dark. The announcer would read the list of towns quickly, so I’d be ready with my transistor radio next to me in bed. The ear piece would be attached, which consisted of a long white wire that acted as an antenna, with a small plastic cone that you could slip in your ear, for easy listening! It also ensured that I clearly heard which schools were closed, so that I could wake everyone up with the news that schools were closed.

I can still hear the jingle “77 W A B C.” The transistor radio was a pre-cursor to the walkman. The most popular radio station, WABC, played top 40 hits. When there was a snow day I could put the ear piece in my ear and listen all day, and sing to my heart’s content. The DJ’s Dan Ingram, Cousin Brucie, Harry Harrison and George Michael, had classic radio voices, and the rapt attention of every kid in the tri-state area.

A really good snow storm meant that my trusty “flexible flyer” could be dragged out of the back recesses of the garage, for a day of sledding on the hill adjacent to our house. It guaranteed that a day of fun was in store, with snowball fights, and a snow man. If it was an especially significant storm, and the town’s snow plows did their job properly, the mountains of snow on the side of the road would be turned into our very own igloo. That’s where my brother and sister and I would wonder with awe, how the Eskimo’s lit a fire, kept warm, and slept, fished and lived, on the frozen tundra amid mountains of snow.

Hurricane Irene isn’t going to bring sledding, snow ball fights, or hours of Cousin Brucie on 77-AM WABC, and that sucks. I’m picturing Manhattan newlyweds facing their first challenge as betrothed partners, who wonder whether to stay in the city or flee inland, away from the storm. I can hear families in Freehold, and throughout the area, pondering the Saturday night cooped up indoors together, hoping for a conflict free evening, while praying that the beaches and shore stay in tact, with no one displaced due to flooding or a disaster. I’m worried about the Garden State grannies who are afraid and nervous, and in need of a phone call or visit, just to know that those they love, near and far, are safe and sound.

I’m certain that if you live in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, whether the storm is big or small, there is one thing you can bank on – your friends and neighbors in the great neighborhoods, cities, and towns, that comprise the tri-state area, will be there to help in the morning, because that’s the way they do it, with an outstretched hand.

While Irene makes her way north, my thoughts and prayers are focused on my family and friends, living in the path of the storm. When the hurricane subsides, and I know my family and friends are OK, thoughts of Eskimo’s, their igloos, warm fires, and frigid nights, will once again decorate distant memories, and those merry days of delight.

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August 25, 2011


1. FRC claims that Netflix is discriminating against them, because of their religious beliefs, and views about gay marriage.

FACT: No one has "bullied" anyone. This boycott and action has nothing to do with the bible, gay marriage, religion, or LGBT rights. It never even gets mentioned. This boycott campaign is based on anti-gay and anti-women organizations receiving financial support from good corporate citizens. It is based on a known hate group receiving financial support from good corporate citizens. This is about being a good neighbor, a good person, and being a good friend. This is about empathy, tolerance, and understanding.
2. CGBG is a for profit corporation facilitating the funding of anti-gay groups, anti-women groups and a hate group. Those values are not Christian values, or American values.
3. I don't care what anyone's marriage views are because marriage equality has nothing to do with tolerance. This is about empathy, tolerance, and understanding.
4. Your religious beliefs are your own, and do not affect corporate funding for anti gay, anti-women and a known hate group. We will not fund anti-gay, anti-women, or a hate group.

5. I respect your religious freedom and yet you are asking me to ignore other people's right to free speech. You want a company to be silent when remaining neutral is akin to expressing approval for anti-gay, anti-women, and a hate group when reasonable Americans totally reject anti-gay, anti-women and a hate group.

This is about empathy, tolerance, and understanding. Stop lying to people! Stop bringing up religion and gay marriage, as they are not a part of this discussion.

To Tell The Truth. Do Right Wing Extremists Know How?

The brilliant reporter Michelle Goldberg, wrote about the Faith and Family Values, Inc. businesses, in the Daily Beast/Newsweek entitled “Christian Group’s New Gay War.” In it she reflects the hunger for funds that extreme right wing organizations have for funding right now. It appears that they will go to any lengths, to earn a dollar.

The Faith and Family Values Network, Inc.  (FFVN) has formed a number of limited liability corporations within FFVN. To much fanfare, and little notice, FFVN issued a press release last week which alleged that the Christian Values Network changed it’s name to CGBG. In most jurisdictions you just have to file a “dba” or a doing business as form, if the corporate entity has already been established. Essentially FFVN lied in their press release. There was no “name change.” CGBG was formed in 2008, and CVN was not dissolved. I was born at night, but not last night.

The way they have set up their affiliate marketing arrangement has nothing to do with a “name” like CGBG or CVN, UBuy2Give, or TJGN. As long as you have the Connection Plus toolbar installed in your web browser, you’re good to go. If the URL is cgbg.frc.org, or cvn.frc.org, or tjgn.frc.org - FFVN will be credited the commission, they will take their 50% share, they will have the ability to track your every move online, they can follow up on your order, and they will be able to answer any questions you might have. Pretty brilliant isn’t it. Except for them being able to track your every move online. You can’t really trust this company because they deceive and lie.

That said, as long as Linkshare is able to stock their network with organizations that have products that people want to buy, FFVN and FRC et al. believe that their funding problems will be over. What they haven’t considered is the fact that some retail companies may have higher prices for an item purchased through the toolbar, because of the added commission expense. Amazon and other large Internet retailers don’t participate, so while you will probably find lower prices for whatever you want to buy at other stores, you will be limited to the narrow list of companies willing to be associated with these extremist anti-gay and anti-women groups. There is no tax deduction for a purchase, because FFVN is a legitimate for profit business who takes 50% of any commission.

In the FFVN press release dated 8/16/11, it stated they were  “correcting the record on a growing misinformation campaign to bully retailers.”  They have yet to produce any evidence of misinformation or bullying. When the Newsweek reporter asked them questions about the threatening phone messages I received, they refused to comment.

Mr. Jed Trosper, the disgraced former COO of Gunn Allen, who is now CEO of CGBG, said "These activists are bullying corporations into making hasty decisions based on the first piece of information, regardless of the information's veracity," Did they offer any proof to back up this statement? No they did not. “By retailers remaining neutral on political and religious – rather than rejecting a sizeable customer based because of their religious views – retailers would provide the same opportunities to all potential customers.” Retailers should remain neutral and have no political or religious views? That seems reasonable - except YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN NEUTRALITY OR A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, and a beneficiary of any future purchases made through this network, called for a boycott of Walmart - the largest retail organization in the world, because they partnered with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The NLGCC works to promote economic growth and the prosperity of their members. Mr. Perkins called for a boycott, and said “Why must they pander to homosexual acivists? The “National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce,” Walmart’s new “domestic partner,” favors abolishing the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. How can Walmart keep its reputation as a “family-friendly” store and company if it continues to use consumer dollars to fund radical social activism?

Your FFVN, CGBG, CVN, TJGN, grifter’s network exists to fund radical social activism. You will take anyone’s consumer dollars, and you are even willing to let Walmart into your Network, even after Mr. Perkins spread lies and misinformation about Walmart for years. But does Walmart want you? You might want to check with Linkshare.

In your press release you said that the Family Research Council is not a hate group per the standards of designation of the United States government. I checked with the United States government, and you didn’t even hit the rim with your shot. The US government does not have a standard definition or designation for domestic religious or political organizations. The Southern Poverty Law Center does have standards, and FRC is a hate group.

Dan Savage started a non-profit organization called “It Gets Better” in response to the epidemic of suicides taking place among young people in our country. In the LGBT community, a large percentage of our population experiences depression. Many of us have been victims of verbal and physical bullying. We have valuable insight that we can share with kids going through their own hell, because we’ve been there and we know that as you mature, life gets better. That’s true whether you are gay or straight - and there are no restrictions on who could submit a video message.

Dan Savage took action, and It Gets Better has been a smashing success.

What did Mr. Perkins think about this nationwide campaign to reduce suicides among our youth? He has tried to raise funds on the backs of at-risk youth who he thinks is "immoral."

He wrote "if you’ve not yet heard this true story, get ready to be shocked." After President and Mrs Obama made videos for the campaign, Perkins referred to LGBT people as "immoral, disgusting, and perverse," who were attempting to recruit kids “into the lifestyle” by making videos. Perkins wrote: 

 "The videos are titled “It Gets Better.” They are aimed at persuading kids that although they’ll face struggles and perhaps bullying for “coming out” as homosexual (or transgendered or some other perversion), life will get better......
Can you imagine George Washington, Ronald Reagan, or any other president telling school children that it’s okay to be immoral and that they’ll eventually feel better about it?

It’s disgusting. And it’s part of a concerted effort to persuade kids that homosexuality is okay and actually to recruit them into that “lifestyle.”

Mr. Perkins wrote in the Washington Post that LGBT kids kill themselves because they know they are “abnormal.” Who’s abnormal here?

As a reasonably intelligent adult I can read between the lines. Mr. Perkins is suggesting that because these kids are disgusting and immoral in his eyes, why is anyone bothering? Mr. Perkins thinks that being LGBT is immoral, and yet he cannot understand why his organization is considered a hate group.

You can have your letter writing campaigns to Walgreens, Netflix, and Petco and you are going to lose. I've spoken to them personally and they have made commitments to tolerance. FRC is going to lose, and Linkshare is going to lose. Many of these retail organizations wanted out permanently, and when they figure out that Linkshare put them back into a marketing arrangement that they rejected, I doubt they will be happy with Linkshare.

These lies, and hateful comments that Mr. Perkins utters are what keeps me going. I will not rest until your company is fully exposed and shut down. It’s deceptive, and It’s a big shell game - and no one wants to play.

August 24, 2011

Christian Group’s New Gay War

The Faith and Family Network, Inc.’s War With Me

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Undoubtedly there are many new people visiting my blog, because of Michelle Goldberg’s awesome article Christian Group’s New Gay War in Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

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Here is a great article by Tony LeTigre from San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter,  that will give you a little more background.

And if you want to hear the threatening drag queen message - it’s right here.

Take care and fight for what you believe in!

"For The First Time I Did Something For You People"

The company logos of retail stores supporting anti-gay groups, Target, Lenovo, Home Depot, HSN, Puma, Sears.

This is a true story. I promised the Executive Assistant that I would not use any names, or identifying information if I wrote about our conversations.

The Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing with No Phone Manners

I was having a conversation with a Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at a large retail corporation, regarding the boycott of his retail stores and products. After exchanging pleasantries, I explained that I was calling about an affiliate marketing relationship that his company had, and that I objected to it because they supported anti-gay organizations - and he pointedly said: “My company does not have a position on gay marriage.”

I was taken aback because I never mentioned gay marriage, and I told him so. "I'm not calling about gay marriage sir." He was the kind of guy you called sir.

He asked, “isn’t that what everyone’s talking about?”

I replied that it wasn’t what everyone in California talks about because that right was taken away over 2 years ago.

He seemed in a hurry and said, “what’s your complaint? What is this boycott nonsense? We welcome everyone in our stores and want everyone to have a great shopping experience, whether here or online. We don’t discriminate against anyone, and celebrate diversity every year.”

He was aggressive, and it was obvious he didn’t want to spend time speaking with me about this. I really wanted to ask how a company celebrates diversity every year. A Cake? Champagne? A parade of countries like the Olympics?

I reminded him that I was calling about an affiliate marketing relationship that funneled a percentage of sales to anti-gay groups.

He suddenly became silent. After a minute I said hello, in a tone that was asking if he was still on the phone.

“I’m here. I’m just trying to figure out why anyone would support anti-gay anything. That’s like supporting anti-people clubs, or I don’t like you so go away pre-school club. My wife and I have been married for over 40 years, and I’m old-fashioned. I don’t understand all of this gay nonsense all the time, but I do understand when people are mean-spirited, and that’s what this sounds like. This company does not support discrimination or anything mean-spirited. My wife and I feel the same way.”

Then he was completely silent. Again. Just as I was going to say hello, to check if he was still on the line, he started to be aggressive. He yelled “I tell my managers constantly that they have to know about these marketing relationships, they have to know the audience, is the relationship beneficial, I wanna see monthly P and L’s. I wanna know what kind of outfit it is. We have a tangled web with these affiliates and it takes a detective to figure it out. I'm not a detective and I don’t like it. Email your information to my assistant, and follow up with me in a week. I don’t like the sound of this outfit.”

And he hung up on me. I called back and spoke with his assistant, and she said that he was upset, and made apologies for her boss. I sent him an email and did as I was told because I didn’t want to get yelled at.

If Steve Jobs Says Stay Away From An Outfit - You Don’t Wear It

I called a week later, and when he answered the phone he called me by my last name. “Steele I was glad to figure out we were in good company. We weren’t the only one to look like a jackass, and my company will not participate in that marketing group anymore. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Why are we businessmen always in Steve Jobs shadow? If he says stay away from this outfit, you stay away. Smartest guy in retail." I could hear him start to smile over the phone.

"I mentioned it to my wife and she told me we’re going to my niece’s wedding in 2 months. She’s marrying a lady, and they’re good people, even though it’s my wife’s family. For the first time, I can tell her I did something for you people, and I’m happy to do it," he said as slammed his receiver down again.

Thank you, sir, I muttered. I’m not entirely sure what I said because the “you people” comment was still ringing in my ears, as he hung up on me again!

So if you’re reading this sir, my people thank your people! I appreciate you doing the right thing and supporting all the people.

straight talk in a queer world.              jiveinthe415.com
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August 23, 2011

Wicked: Let Me Tell You The Truth About Stephen Baldwin

Anti-gay campaigner and Christian Values Network spokesman Stephen Baldwin.

By Roy Steele

Stephen Baldwin is virulently anti-gay. He’s a Christian right-wing extremist and Republican party firebrand, who trades on his famous last name in order to garner attention in the media.

While he achieved limited success as an actor in the 1990’s, he continues to live in the shadows of his more successful older brothers.

We take an in-depth look at the wanna-be actor’s life, his career, his incendiary religious and political beliefs, and document why he’s an embarrassment to his family.

Stephen Baldwin actively opposes me and this blog, and I won’t stop fighting for equality and gay rights. I refuse to back down from my position. But will he?

August 22, 2011

The Truth About Christian Values and their Network

HATE Is Not A Family Value

When I decided I wanted to blog, I was going to call this blog “Hate is not a family value.”  The origins of the slogan goes back to the days of Jerry Falwell, the Traditional Values Coalition, and the election of Ronald Reagan as our President.

A lot of my focus is on politics, and the people and organizations selling hate to the American public. Our culture has become so immune to hate, and hate speech. Ironically the biggest perpetrators of hate are extremist religious organizations, right wing political commentators, politicians, and the Catholic Church. It makes me wonder how often the individuals who wallow in this unpopular ideological  wasteland look in the mirror at themselves.

I think this is particularly prescient, because Delta Airlines is a part of CGBG, or the Christian Values Network again. In the little noticed press release that CGBG issued last week, Christian Values Network or CGBG listed “5 mistruths by the Activists.”  Let’s look at Number 4.

#4: The name of the business retailers are working with is "Christian Values Network." Truth: The Christian Values Network was renamed CGBG in March 2011 to reflect a broadening of the group's mission and partner network, which includes more than 170,000 charities representing a range of religious, non-religious, educational and other groups. CGBG is not a religious organization and does not have any religious content on its site. In fact, CGBG has received outstanding performance ratings from consolidators who represent these retailers.

The Truth about Christian Values Network

If anyone pays attention to the Christian Values Network, or CGBG, and their bullshit (it is bullshit), and did a proper investigation, what you would find is that CGBG, CVN, TFFVN, FFVN, TJGN,  are all Limited Liability Corporations set up by the Faith And Family Values Network, Inc., located in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

The Faith and Family Values Network, Inc. can claim that the Christian Values Network changed it’s name to CGBG in March 2011, when in reality CGBG was registered as an LLC with the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office in 2008. The Faith and Family Values Network is basically playing a shell game. If the Christian Values Network takes a hit, and stores leave, they will claim that they changed their name, and that people like me are mistaken, and that they are not a religious organization, and that bloggers like me better stop or they will sue me for not being factual.
FACT: The Faith and Family Values Network, Inc. is the umbrellla that CVN, CBGB, TJGN, FFVN, and many others, all live under. You can be a grifter,  change your spots, and you can change the moniker, but it is all one and the same.
One retail organization that I spoke with said the biggest problem they had with CVN was how deceptive their marketing appears to be.

What’s my beef with The Family Values Network, Christian Values Network, CGBG, et al.? By supporting groups like Promise Keepers, The Family Research Council, Summit Ministries, Liberty Counsel, and groups of that ilk, they are supporting and promoting anti-gay organizations.

Thank You Kevin McCullough!

In the Denver Post newspaper article that appeared last week, Kevin McCullough made a number of comments and was credited as the CVN/CBGB spokesman. His involvement with CVN/CBGB is a blessing in disguise. I have to extend my thanks and appreciation to Mr. McCullough, because the lengthy record he has for spreading lies, misinformation, and hate related to the LGBT community, women, President Obama, Halloween, and the video game industry (just to name a few), has helped this boycott and call to action more than anything Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, or Focus on the Family has uttered in the past.

As the poster boy for hate, McCullough provides more documented vitriolic material than any other single commentator. Thanks Kevin! Please please please keep it going! Mr. McCullough claims he is a best-selling author. I have reviewed years of sales figures and best seller lists, and have yet to find Mr. McCullough on one list. His latest literary masterpiece currently ranks #385,982 on amazon, and #114,503 on Barnes & Noble. Check out some of his material!

In "Stop Being Panzies" (he hasn’t figured out how to use spell check yet) he wrote:

“We are going into a season of all out war with a leftist enemy who will do all they can to ridicule sound ideas, genuinely helpful policies, and principles that have stood the test of time. We have no room to be bullied, victimized, and isolated because we want people to go easy on us. When the Piers Morgans of the world fire warning shots, bazooka a hole in the hull of their craft. And when unabashed evil seeks to lie to advance its point, insist upon accountability."
In a column entitled “Obama: America’s first Gay President?” McCullough wrote:

“Obama has blindsided black clergy across America with the con-game that they should not worry about his views on homosexuality.
In pledging to overturn DOMA Obama seeks to remove state’s rights, violate the principles of federalism, violate a major tenant of all traditional religious systems observed in America, and subject children to a quite non-healthy home-life. Studies of which have confirmed would have a detrimental effect on said children’s scholastic, emotional, intellectual and physical health.

In doing so Obama displays a reckless commitment to play games with the future sexual formation of families and puts himself so firmly planted in the camp of anti-biblical views of truth, sex, and family that we have never seen its comparison in all years previous.
In a column about the video game Mass Effect, he fanned the flames of controversy about a game in which he had never played. He was exposed by countless blogs, after the Republican mouthpiece Fox News  picked up his story and ran with it. He wrote:
“It's called "Mass Effect" and it allows its players - universally male no doubt - to engage in the most realistic sex acts ever conceived. One can custom design the shape, form, bodies, race, hair style, breast size of the images they wish to "engage" and then watch in crystal clear, LCD, 54 inch screen, HD clarity as the video game "persons" hump in every form, format, multiple, gender-oriented possibility they can think of.
The objections to such filth should be simple to understand.”

“Starting with the disgusting idea that one can "create" their own versions of what people look like, removing warts, moles, and bald spots while enhancing - shall we say - the extended features of the game's characters tends to objectify women, sex, and human relationships. Right? We can all agree on this?”

“And because of the digital chip age in which we live - "Mass Effect" can be customized to sodomize whatever, whoever, however, the game player wishes.”

“With it's "over the net" capabilities virtual orgasmic rape is just the push of a button away”.

What Kevin McCullough wrote were exposed as all lies!

McCullough’s piece on Halloween made some of the retailer’s I spoke to particularly angry, as they profit from selling Halloween costumes. His piece entitled “Halloween Trend: Trading Fairy Wands for Fishnets” said:

Because adults refuse to grow up - our children are becoming streetwalkers - at least for Halloween.

Sorry but I don't get it. Why does it necessarily follow that adults wishing to enjoy Halloween means little girls sent out to trick or treat dressed like streetwalkers?

Seriously, just because I choose to go to the local pub's Halloween party dressed like Capt. Jack Sparrow, or Capt. Jack Harkness for that matter, am I then required to dress my 12 or 13 year-old daughter like a crack-whore?”
His views on “homosexual activists” like myself are welll documented. Choice tidbits like this:
Radical Homosexual activists have attempted to slander my voice for speaking so openly about the comparisons of homosexual behavior to other sexual deviancy such as adultery, the use of pornography, incest, and pedophilia. All are sexual actions, all are chosen to be engaged in by the adult parties involved.”

Kevin McCullough, Corporate Pariah

Kevin McCullough, the Christian Values Network, CGBG, TJGN, Faith and Family Values Network spokesman has written this sterling prose. He believes what he writes, and this is what I cite when contacting companies associated with this organization.

Whatever companies fall under the Faith and Family Values Network, Inc. umbrella, you can call your Network whatever you’d like - but the message remains the same.

This week I will examine the other pieces to the puzzle that The Faith and Family Values Network, Inc. doesn’t want you to know about, as this is just the tip of the iceberg. Tomorrow we will look at Stephen Baldwin, and his involvement in this group.

What does Georgette Klinger, and a failed brokerage firm tied to a ponzi scheme have to do with all of this? Stay tuned and you will find out!

Proposal for Trosper and Higgins

I also want to make a proposal to Mr. Trosper and Mr. Higgins - who are the individuals who head up this Faith and Family Values Inc. Corporate entity. While Trosper was quoted extensively in the press release issued last week, these two men have been largely silent.

If you were to shed yourselves of McCullough and Baldwin and Governor Huckabee, and stopped financially supporting political groups like the Family Research Council, and Focus on the Family, and added HIV related charities, plus Soulforce, Faith in America, It Gets Better and the Like Me organizations to your mix of charities, you would get more support and reach a wider audience than you ever dreamed of.

You are business men who worked for Barry Diller. Ahem! You were happy to take the LGBT dollar when you worked at HSN. I personally know of many LGBT employees who made valuable and important contributions to Victoria’s Secret when you were executives at the venerable retailer. Do you want to embrace a business model that works? Or do you want to continue to support extremists promoting hate. The choice is yours. I’d be happy to have a reasonable discussion with you. 

Feel free to get in touch with me, as long as the message is devoid of death threats, prank calls, and lies. The choice is yours gentlemen. 

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