August 3, 2011

Call to Action: Boycott Day 2 - Christian Values Shopping Network Promotes Hate

San Francisco, CA: Yesterday I called for a boycott of organizations affiliated with the Christian Values Network (CVN), a web portal that donates a portion of sales, to the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family. The Family Research Council and Focus on the Family are allegedly "Christian" groups, with a vitriolic anti-gay agenda.

I was using twitter to spread my message, and the response was largely supportive. I did receive a couple of inappropriate tweets, from "anonymous" twitter users. A few companies have been totally unaware of their relationship with CVN, and I heard directly from 3 corporate offices who are working on extricating themselves from CVN.

SF Weekly, a local newspaper, wrote about the boycott. Gay blogs and press have surprisingly been silent about this issue, which is incomprehensible to me.

The best way to help is to spread this story. Whether you use facebook, twitter or email, it all helps. Corporations must be held responsible for their behavior. Anything you could do to help, is appreciated!  Stay tuned!
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