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August 3, 2011

Call to Action: Sam's Club Came Through for the LGBT Community!

San Francisco, CA - I have been contacting stores to speak with company representatives about their affiliation with the Christian Values Network. I contacted the corporate offices at Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas. After navigating the touch tone labyrinth of the retailing behemoth, I reached a human being named Natalie. I told her about the story I was writing, as well as the boycott, and asked for a "quote" from a corporate spokesperson. She asked me if I had visited their website, because I could contact the company through the website, after I filled out a form. I told her that I would prefer to speak with a human, and she said that was not possible. I asked her if I could have her email address, or an email address of someone within Walmart, and she said no I could not, and referred me back to the form on their website.

I'll bet that a form on their website is how they became associated with CVN. They are the ONLY retailer that I have spoken with, to place such a huge firewall, between the media/public and the corporation. That attitude discourages dialogue and communication. I've worked for 2 very large retail organizations, in the corporate office, and as a financial analyst, I was well aware of how important customer relations were to our business. To be told to fill out a form, and for someone to refuse to give their email address, reflects a disinterest in customers, and it's just plain stupid and a bad corporate practice.

Shame on you Walmart and Sam's Club. You deserve to be in the corporate Hall of Shame, and you are now in mine!

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