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August 19, 2011

Call to Action: Friday August 19th Update On Boycott

The Christian Values Network dba CGBG Loses More Retail Partners

Thank you so much for the words of support, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I'm committed to calling out bullies, and intolerant religious organizations, and clueless politicians, for as long as it takes. Thanks to the following individuals for shedding light on this story and the boycott campaign. You are all amazing!

Bay Area Reporter

Bay Area Reporter: SF blogger plans Target boycott

In the Bay Area Reporter, Tony LeTigre wrote,

Early in August Steele received a message from Target spokeswoman Jessica Carlson in response to his complaints, assuring him the company was looking "very seriously" into the matter. Shortly thereafter, according to Steele, Target was removed from the CVN list – only to reappear a few days later.
Steele also received several threatening messages, including an anonymous one telling him to "Die, faggot."
Frustrated by the company's non-responsiveness, and inspired by Crowther's example, Steele launched a boycott of Target and other CVN-participating stores. The boycott will include Labor Day picket lines, messages and calls to stores, and protests at stores that refuse the call.

Reached by phone, Carlson told the B.A.R. she could offer no comment regarding Target's stance on gay rights issues or its connection with CVN, then emailed a statement that read in part:

"Target believes in equality and does not discriminate. Through our affiliate program, Target partners with a variety of organizations that support a wide range of groups – including veterans, senior citizens, college students and religious organizations – through discounts and donations."

The first Target store in San Francisco began construction at the Metreon in May, with Mayor Ed Lee on hand to mark the groundbreaking. At the end of June the Planning Commission green-lit a second Target to take over the long-vacant Mervyn's site at Geary and Masonic, with a projected opening date of spring 2013.

After the groundbreaking at the Metreon, Lee told the B.A.R. in late May that he has requested a meeting with company officials to ask them about the political giving controversy.
At the meeting, Lee said, Target executives apologized for the donations in question and explained that they had completely overhauled their protocols for giving to avoid any similar incident in the future.

"I have spoken with Target to repeat and reinforce our concerns," Lee told the B.A.R. Tuesday. "We will be meeting again in the next few weeks to understand Target's commitment to San Francisco in general and specifically to the LGBT community."

The city's two gay supervisors, Scott Wiener and David Campos, met with Target officials several times earlier this year. Former Supervisor Bevan Dufty also met with store officials before he left office in January.

"The message we sent is that if Target is coming to San Francisco, we want to know what Target is going to do for the LGBT community," Campos told the B.A.R. "We haven't heard anything since then, which is a little disappointing. You want to reserve judgment and give people time to make amends, but you would think they would be a little more pro-active."

One Bloggers Fight Against The Christian Values Network – TARGET, Death Threat and Blogger Snubs….Oh My!

The CVN is obviouly not happy about this and has fired salvo’s back including a press release titled: CGBG corrects the record with ‘The 5 Mistruths by the Activists;’ Asks Retailers to Remain Neutral (which is basically a piece of spin and bullshit)in which they blame “activist gay bullys,  but there’s been another darker side of  retaliations  happening including the threats of f lawsuits to the one independent blogger out there who has been working on this story and who has been hands on with CVN affiliated retailers getting them to drop out of the network.
But one of the most troublesome parts of this story to me is that Tie-dyed Jive has reached out to other LGBT bloggers about the boycott campaign, to counteract the CVN/CGBG threats and intimidation and his emails and press releases have fallen on deaf ears and I have to say I am shocked, dismayed, and more that a bit disgusted at my fellow bloggers for not picking up this story and being so self serving..  I won’t name names but you know who you are.  Here we have a true LGBT activist and blogger reaching out for help and some of you have turned a deaf ear and ignored him.  It is totally unacceptable and you should be ashamed.
I on the other hand will do all that i can to stand beside Roy Steele and Tie-dyed Jive to support him and do all that  I can to expose the CVN/CGBC and help spread the word to boycott the companies that are staying on thier network list and thus supporting hate groups until they remove themselves from the network list.

coming back full circle

Roy Steele and his campaign against the Christian Values Network, er, CGBG (Christian Give Back Group) is bringing things full circle, kind of.
Back in late 2006/2007 when he was working for WMCA radio in New York, Kevin McCullough, who is now an advisor for CGBG and host of a morning show that airs on something called FamilyNet, wrote a column on Townhall which he took excerpts of an article, focused on comments by Roberta Sklar, and created a work of fiction that defied imagination

In that column he also claimed that me, Jeremy Hooper of GoodAsYou , Bing McGhandi (Happy Jihad House Of Pancakes) and several other bloggers, were slandering him. There was a reason for that which I will let Mr. McCullough explain himself:

“Radical homosexual activists have also attempted to slander my voice for speaking so openly (and here, here, here, and here) about the comparisons of homosexual behavior to other sexual deviancy such as adultery, the use of pornography, incest, and pedophilia. All are sexual actions, all are chosen to be engaged in by the adult parties involved.”
 SF Weekly

SF Weekly: Gay Blogger Calls for Boycott of Retail Stores Supporting Christian Values Network

At SF Weekly Erin Sherbert wrote:

It wasn't enough that Apple pulled its iTunes store from the Christian Values Network, which is decidedly antigay. A San Francisco blogger is now asking people everywhere to boycott those retailers that are still enrolled in the Christian shopping web portal -- including Target, Petco, and Hewlett-Packard.
Because homosexuals like to shop, too!
Roy Steele has started organizing his nationwide boycott, pointing out that retailers enrolled in theChristian Values Network donate a portion of their sales on the site to Christian-based organizations, including Focus on the Family -- which has been labeled as a "hate group."

"As a gay Christian man, it offends me that these retail stores are donating money to organizations that promote hatred toward the LGBT community," Steele said on his website.
The Denver Post

The Denver Post: Gay-rights activists, faith-based nonprofits waging online culture war

The Denver Post is reporting that "A culture war is being waged online — gay-rights activists vs. Focus on the Family and other faith-based nonprofits — for the hearts, minds and money of hundreds of big retailers."

Reporter Electa Draper wrote:

"The activists had a free hand with no challenge to their dishonest message for about five weeks," McCullough told The Denver Post. "They're preventing us from doing good things for charities when people purchase diapers, tires, reading glasses and (so on). People of faith buy a lot of stuff. They love to give to charity. We don't pick where the stipends go to. The consumer does that.", the only retailer of many contacted by The Post that responded, enables customers to support a diverse array of causes and groups, spokeswoman Jessica Carlson said Wednesday. "We don't discriminate," Carlson said. "We partner with many different organizations across a broad spectrum."
"CGBG officials also have been fighting back against the activists' representations. Spokesman Kevin McCullough said neither the federal government nor the Southern Poverty Law Center lists Focus on the Family as a hate group. However, the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council is "vigorously defending itself this year" from hate-group designation by the law center, CGBG said in a statement released Tuesday.
"The activists had a free hand with no challenge to their dishonest message for about five weeks," McCullough told The Denver Post. "They're preventing us from doing good things for charities when people purchase diapers, tires, reading glasses and (so on). People of faith buy a lot of stuff. They love to give to charity. We don't pick where the stipends go to. The consumer does that.", in collaboration with and San Francisco-based activist Roy Steele's blog "Tie-Dyed Jive in the (415)," has also petitioned companies such as The Gap Inc., Expedia and many others with what CGBG calls "a bullying campaign fueled by false information."
In many cases, McCullough said, midlevel company managers made hasty decisions to drop CGBG without vetting the activists' claims.
"This bullying campaign just started, and yes, we do want to shut you down," Steele responded by writing online Monday. "Your hate and vitriol is politically motivated."

LGBTQ Nation

Gay activist calls for boycott of retailers supporting Christian Values Network

 Tim Trent wrote:

Through the blog “Tie-dyed Jive in the (415)” Steele is coordinating efforts to call, email, fax and write the retail stores. He is also coordinating Labor Day picket lines and protests for brick and mortar locations of retail organizations that do not remove themselves from the CVN network.
“The LGBT community, and the American people, are tired of the hate filled rhetoric that groups like FRC, and Focus on the Family, continue to preach in the name of Christianity,” Steele noted.
The boycott begins immediately, and follows a successful campaign by Bellingham, Wash., student Ben Crowther, to convince Apple to sever ties with CVN.
In addition, Microsoft, Macy’s Wells Fargo, Delta Airlines, and BBC America have ended their relationship with CVN after they became aware of the relationship between the web portal and the hate groups.
 “It is time for the other retailers to do the same,” said Steele.

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