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August 11, 2011

Expedia: Where you book matters! Bravo Expedia! Support Expedia and Hotels.com!

I have to applaud Expedia. If I could give them a standing ovation, I would do so wholeheartedly. I initially tried to contact Expedia, and Hotels.com, regarding their affiliation with the un-Christian Values Network by phone. I left a message and was never called back. I then decided to pursue a different route to get in touch with them. I took to Facebook, in order to get their attention. I also used another route that I had hoped would have an impact, and I'm happy to report that I was successful.

I had received promotional material from Expedia, touting their LGBT travel portal, as I have been a customer for years, so I was aware of their commitment to LGBT equality. They are continuing to uphold their commitment, and they deserve our support and recognition.

Yesterday Expedia posted on their Facebook Wall, that they severed ties with the Christian Values Network, and hundreds of people weighed in with their comments. Yesterday afternoon there were more than 500 comments, and the expressions of support were running about 3 to 1. Some of the comments are uplifting, some are appalling, and others are just plain stupid and ignorant. My favorite comment was by Celia J. Lyon who said "What's immoral about love?" Yes indeed, what is immoral about love?

Expedia is one of the very few corporate entities to publicly make a statement that they stand for equality, and will not support intolerance. For that I have to ask everyone to support Expedia wherever, and whenever, we can. I am providing a link to Expedia's LGBT travel site [Click here] so you can bookmark the site! If you could, search for Expedia's page on Facebook and "Like" their page, and help police their page for the bigotry and hate that some ignorant individuals are posting. 

It's easy to show the love for a company like Expedia, when they show the love to us. Thanks again Expedia - you are showing corporate America how it should be done.

I am not looking to hurt individual companies, or their bottom line, unless they knowingly continue their relationship with CVN, after being informed of the relationship. The un-Christian Values Network is a loose affiliate of online stores, where most of the retail organizations involved have no idea that they are financially supporting these anti-gay groups. I became aware of a marketing company called Linkshare, that has some sort of connection to CVN, and was responsible for Apple, Sam's Club, Macy's, and Delta Airlines connection to CVN. I have emailed Scott Allen at Linkshare numerous times, and left 4 phone messages, and he refuses to speak with me or answer emails. 

I have been on the receiving end of some threatening phone calls, in addition to the call that I made public. I have deliberately not been posting daily updates about the un-Christian Values Network, as I don't want to wave my success in their face. Their threats of legal action have no merit whatsoever, and don't scare me at all, as the 1st Amendment of our Constitution protects my right to speak out about any issue.

Many of the alleged "leaders" of CVN are in the public eye, sterling characters like Michael Lohan and Stephen Baldwin, and failed Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Like Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council, they have made it a mission to use lies, and slander, to defame the LGBT community. They cower and hide behind scripture, and maintain that the Bible gives them license to spread lies and hate, in the name of Christianity. Sounds like the devil's work to me.

Luckily the majority of Americans see through their bullshit and sideshows. While these alleged religious leaders collect millions of tax free dollars to advance their political agenda, our small community manages to outsmart, outwit, and overcome the many roadblocks these devilish creatures put in our way.

In the words of Karen Carpenter "We've Only Just Begun!"

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