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August 16, 2011

The LGBT Community Will Not Be Bullied By False Prophets

A white background with the corporate logos for Lenovo, Target, Dell, FTD, Home Depot, Sears, Staples, QVC and Puma. These companies currently support the Christian Values Network and anti-gay bigotry.
These logos currently represent some of the companies enrolled in the Christian Values Network affiliate marketing scheme as of August 16, 2011.  

The LGBT Community, Our Friends, Family and Our Allies Will Not Be Bullied By False Prophets

by Roy Steele

Washington, D.C. --- After I called for boycotting the Christian Values Network, the people behind the organization changed their name to CGBG (Charity Give Back Group), and released a press release to national media outlets asking the public and retail companies to feel sorry for them. They say their donations are down, and they need some money!

That sinful corporation is falsely claiming they are Christian and accuse me of being a politically connected and powerful activist who can bully giant corporate entities to do what I want. I'm one person and they're huge corporations. I wish I were that persuasive and powerful. Most consumers and corporations are just learning about this phony religious shopping network when I call them.

Here is some of the propaganda that CBGB has included in their latest press release. “At a time when charitable giving is down, a small group of activists wants to shut down options for people to help others based on their religious views,” said Jed Trosper, CEO of CGBG. “Retailers are being manipulated by a bullying campaign fueled by false information. We urge them to review the facts and remain neutral on these issues by maintaining or reestablishing their relationships with all potential customers, regardless of the customers’ beliefs.”

Aside from misrepresenting the truth, they seem totally unaware that my “bullying” campaign is just getting started. I will openly admit that I want to shut them down. Their hate and vitriol are politically motivated. Trosper asks retailers to “review the facts,” and that is exactly what I ask these retail organizations to do when I phone them.

Many retail stores that have looked at the facts have chosen to sever ties with their anti-gay agenda, and I'm not giving up anytime soon.

If you want to talk about facts Mr. Trosper - we have to abandon Scripture - and examine facts that we both can prove. I don’t think you would recognize a fact if it were staring at you in the face. You are using lies, misinformation, and innuendo, to spread your hateful propaganda. I say bring it on man - you’ve taken on the wrong person.

My official response to the press release and folks at the Charity Give Back Group is as follows:

When someone shops online and makes a purchase via the Christian Values Network (aka CGBG), a percentage of the sale goes to anti-gay groups around the country. While I consider organizations like the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, and Summit Ministries as hate groups that FAIL to embrace Christian values, how the Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes these groups, is immaterial to the cause in my opinion. It is a fact that these extremist Christian cabals lie and incite hatred directed toward the LGBT community. They spread misinformation, and cite bogus studies, to justify their animus and diminish who we are and who we love, and that is wholly unacceptable.

The point of my boycott campaign is to eliminate a revenue stream and negatively impact the income of anti-LGBT organizations.

No one is being bullied. I admit that I like the image of me as a well-dressed, modern day Norma Rae, out eradicating bullying, and putting an end to homophobia as we know it. I’d love to play the superhero role, out beating up the bullies who have been attacking people in cities, towns and schools around the country, just because they are perceived to be different, or look and act differently. Let me at them!

In the theocratic country that only exists in your minds - you want legions of followers who fear you and fear God, to join your fight to eliminate the homosexual lobby and homosexual behavior wherever it may exist. Keep dreaming.

In the real world that I live in, we accept everyone for who they are and that personifies Christ, love, and tolerance. I don’t know why the Christian Values Network (CBGB) is so shocked that retailers do not support or share the same narrow homophobic views of many organizations that you finance. I hasten to add that in your case, a company name change isn’t going to change anything.

Religious leaders and politicians have been hiding behind Scripture to justify their homophobia and unfound fears, and to support their hateful lies, for far too long. That’s hate and intolerance no matter how you slice it. No one is entitled to a free pass to bully and condemn a group of people just because they were born with an immutable trait. That is hateful behavior that has no place in our modern society.

The Christian Values Network is aiding and abetting bigotry, and helping these organizations collect tax-free donations to spread anti-gay propaganda about our neighbors, our co-workers, our family members, and our friends.

Call me what you will, and threaten me with whatever makes you feel good, and keep harassing me with your daily threatening phone calls and death threats. You don’t scare me. The bottom line is that I’m committed to calling irresponsible and homophobic companies and bigots like you out.

It would be smart for you to contemplate Matthew 12:37 that says ‘For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.’

If corporate entities like Target, Sprint, and Petco, want the LGBT dollar, they must support our community and do better. Consumers have choices in this country, and I’m confident that the LGBT community, and our allies, will continue to stand together and rise up against intolerance, hate and divisive rhetoric.

Politicians like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, together with alleged religious leaders like Tony Perkins and Focus On the Family founder Dr. James Dobson, and the companies that are still affiliated with your CGBG organization, are all promoting hate and intolerance.

This issue tears families apart, promotes bullying in schools, and costs brilliant young people their lives. It’s time to stop the nonsense, and I hope that the LGBT community and the American people will stand with me, to stop the hate mongers from doing more damage to the psyche of our nation.

I’m happy to tell you that today there are fifty retail stores that are no longer a part of your Charity Give Back Group affiliate marketing scheme. These companies have opted out of funding you and your haters.

  1. Abe’s of Maine
  2. Aeropostale
  3. American Greetings
  4. AT&T (Bell South)
  5. Avis Rent A Car
  6. Barney’s New York
  7. Best Buy
  8. BJ’s Wholesale Club
  9. Budget Rent-A-Car
  10. Budget Truck Rental
  11. Cherry Moon Farms
  12. Christopher & Banks
  13. Closet Organizer Source
  14. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  16. ESPRIT
  17. Everyday Outfitters
  18. Expedia
  19. Factory Outlet Store
  20. Gordons Jewelers
  21. Groupon
  23. HP Home
  24. Magellan’s
  25. Modells
  28. NHL
  29. Park Plaza Hotels
  30. PC Connection
  31. Petscriptions
  32. Priceline
  33. Proflowers
  34. Radio Shack
  35. Radisson Hotels
  36. Red Envelope
  37. Resume Zapper
  38. Sam’s Club
  39. Sandal’s Resorts
  40. Sesame Street
  41. Shari’s Berries
  43. Spa Look
  44. Sports Authority
  47. Tracy Porter
  48. Travelocity
  49. Walgreen’s
  50. Westin Hotels

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