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August 18, 2011

Bachmann Brief: Michele & Mary Bachmann Campaign Staffer Has Ties to Uganda

Outreach Staffer Was Charged With Terrorism

Waterloo,Iowa: The Christian Congresswoman and GOP candidate for President, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) , who is barnstorming through Iowa campaigning, while she and her husband Mary refuse to answer questions from the press, employs a Pastor - who is her Religious Outreach Organizer. The staffer, Peter E. Waldron, was arrested in Uganda in 2006, for charges related to terrorism. According to Senior Editor of The Atlantic, Garance Franke-Ruta,
"Peter E. Waldron spent 37 days in the Luriza Prison outside Kampala, where he says he was tortured, after being arrested along with six Congolese and Ugandan nationals for the weapons, which were described variously in news reports as having been found in his bedroom or a closet in his home. The charges, which could have led to life in prison, were dropped in March 2006 after a pressure campaign by Waldron's friends and colleagues and what Waldron says was the intervention of the Bush administration. He was released and deported from the east African nation, along with the Congolese. On Saturday, Waldron told The Atlantic in Ames that he was a staffer for Bachmann and responsible for her faith-based organizing both in Iowa and South Carolina. But he also declined repeatedly to give his name."
Stay tuned, this will get mighty interesting. Michele better tell her husband Mary to stop measuring for new White House drapes. Is Waldron connected to anyone, or anything else in Uganda? That’s the REAL question here.

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