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August 28, 2011

Oops! They Did It Again! Christian Family Groups Say Avoid Walmart and Target For Supporting Gay Agenda

The same groups have their hand out, and want affiliate commissions from the stores they tell their members to avoid.

I wrote Lies, Lies and More Lies on August 25th, 2010 about the propaganda and misinformation that the Family Research Council (FRC) has been disseminating about Walmart, to keep Christian shoppers out of Walmart Stores. FRC honestly believes that Walmart's new domestic partner is the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and that because of that Walmart is pandering to "radical homosexual activists."

Over the last month, this radical activist has received threatening phone calls, I've been told I'm going to die, I'm better off dead, I heard one die faggot, and was called fag, homo, a kitty cat, a female dog, satan, a pansy, a girl, and a few choice epithets that I'm not comfortable writing on a PG rated blog. The harassment is annoying more than anything, and I didn't hear anything I haven't heard before. At least the emails were entertaining, because there wasn't a human being screaming in the name of God at me.

Christian behavior like that emboldens me. When I hear Perkins and Donahue reading their scripts that have been carefully prepared for their phony radio show and podcast, where they claim they're victims of religious persecution, It is laughable and pure comedy gold. They claim George Soros is behind this campaign that me, my cell phone, and my computer have single handedly been waging for the last month. If you're listening George - I like your BIG.......wallet! They claim activists are bullying giant corporations, and as much as I would like to own that, it simply isn't true. But I have to thank them for flattering me, and acknowledging how effective I've been.

Everyone knows when you hear about a Christian Organization with 'Family' in it's name, that they are trying to play God. They want religion in every school, they want religion in the halls of our government,  they want to be the sole authority to dictate to women what they can and can't do with their bodies, and they say with moral certainty that if any local, county, state or federal government passes a law that prohibits discrimination, ensures equality in the work place, or enacts punitive sanctions for hate crimes - that the moral fiber of our nation  _________(fill in the blank), country is crumbling, and government can't do that, because the Bible says you can't do that, and those people should be ____________fill in the blank! They are talking about me, and you, and my sisters, and my niece, and in reality they are talking about anyone who doesn't agree with their "biblical view.'

If you look at the Heritage Foundation's (another bigot group) list of policy experts on families, under the letter F - you will see pages of groups headed by con artists selling lies. From the Family Action Council, Family First, the Family Foundation, Family Institute, the Family Policy Council, the Family Policy Institute, the Family Policy Network, Family Research Council,  Focus on the Family, and on and on and on.

This is why Family groups are no longer shopping at Target. According to Alex Mason of the Family Policy Network, he claims:
"Now news reports show Target intends to remain “neutral” on the marriage amendment. But pro-family shoppers shouldn’t flock to Target just yet. Target has long been pro-homosexual with their company donations, workplace policies, and public statements. Just because they’re skittish about taking a position on the state’s marriage amendment (which is dangerously weak, anyway) doesn’t mean they’ve had a change of heart about the sinfulness of homosexuality. Their continued support of various pro-homosexual policies suggests otherwise.
"Target wants you to think they’re staying neutral on a state marriage amendment. But on the issue of homosexuality itself, they are anything but neutral."
The sick and demonizing commentary goes on - like the Energizer Bunny. These groups have been spewing the same rhetoric for years. Our society has become so numb to most of this hateful rhetoric, that these clowns are given a platform on TV every week, continuing to  promote a little bit of crazy. Do media organizations put white supremacists on to debate African Americans? Do they give a platform to the KKK? Nazi's? Aryan Nation? Why are they putting these lying imbeciles on television to debate intelligent members of society? News organizations have become complicit in promoting fake stories and lies, and don't you think it's time that we pressure them to stop?

Don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call your newspaper, or television station, your Mayor, or your priest. Send an email if you're more comfortable. You will be surprised how effective you can be. I should know - 91 stores down and still counting.

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