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August 20, 2011

Rutgers Graduate Student: "No To The Dress" It's An Illegal Action

Somers Point, NJ: Near Atlantic City, New Jersey, friends from near and wide convened down the shore, because Alix with an "i" Gertner had an appointment at Here Comes The Bride, a little wedding boutique in the small town of Somers Point, sitting in the shadow of the casinos.

Her mother baked muffins, her friend brought bon bons from Bonwit Teller, and someone else had bottles of Veuve Clicquot. There were 6 all together, who had planned on joining Alix with an "i" at Here Comes The Bride, to watch her try on wedding dresses, because she and her partner were going to get married in New York.

After arriving at the boutique, and getting all excited, the owner of the store asked her to fill out the form for alterations. There was a line where it said "Groom." Alix with an "i" crossed out "Groom" and wrote "partner." The shop owner said  "it's illegal, it's an illegal action," and she wouldn't sell her a dress.

The Rutgers graduate school student was crushed. Her mother was crushed, though the mother didn't know if she was more crushed that her daughter wasn't marrying a lawyer or a Doctor, or that she and her partner weren't keeping kosher.

A Philadelphia newspaper columnist wrote:

"THIS IS ONE of those stories that make me want to say "I'm sorry" to gay people for the nonsense they endure from some heterosexuals who give the rest of us straight people a bad name.
So please, Alix Genter, accept my heartfelt apology that you were denied the chance to purchase the wedding gown of your dreams from Here Comes the Bride. The manager of the salon, in Somers Point, N.J., said she didn't want to be associated with your pending "illegal action."
Yep, that's actually how she referred to your wedding, next July, to your longtime partner."
Where have the manners, and civility, and tolerance gone? Since this occured, Here Comes The Bride had 391 new reviews on Yelp. And they were all one star reviews. You will have a beautiful wedding Alix with an "i". Mazel Tov!

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