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August 25, 2011

To Tell The Truth. Do Right Wing Extremists Know How?

The brilliant reporter Michelle Goldberg, wrote about the Faith and Family Values, Inc. businesses, in the Daily Beast/Newsweek entitled “Christian Group’s New Gay War.” In it she reflects the hunger for funds that extreme right wing organizations have for funding right now. It appears that they will go to any lengths, to earn a dollar.

The Faith and Family Values Network, Inc.  (FFVN) has formed a number of limited liability corporations within FFVN. To much fanfare, and little notice, FFVN issued a press release last week which alleged that the Christian Values Network changed it’s name to CGBG. In most jurisdictions you just have to file a “dba” or a doing business as form, if the corporate entity has already been established. Essentially FFVN lied in their press release. There was no “name change.” CGBG was formed in 2008, and CVN was not dissolved. I was born at night, but not last night.

The way they have set up their affiliate marketing arrangement has nothing to do with a “name” like CGBG or CVN, UBuy2Give, or TJGN. As long as you have the Connection Plus toolbar installed in your web browser, you’re good to go. If the URL is, or, or - FFVN will be credited the commission, they will take their 50% share, they will have the ability to track your every move online, they can follow up on your order, and they will be able to answer any questions you might have. Pretty brilliant isn’t it. Except for them being able to track your every move online. You can’t really trust this company because they deceive and lie.

That said, as long as Linkshare is able to stock their network with organizations that have products that people want to buy, FFVN and FRC et al. believe that their funding problems will be over. What they haven’t considered is the fact that some retail companies may have higher prices for an item purchased through the toolbar, because of the added commission expense. Amazon and other large Internet retailers don’t participate, so while you will probably find lower prices for whatever you want to buy at other stores, you will be limited to the narrow list of companies willing to be associated with these extremist anti-gay and anti-women groups. There is no tax deduction for a purchase, because FFVN is a legitimate for profit business who takes 50% of any commission.

In the FFVN press release dated 8/16/11, it stated they were  “correcting the record on a growing misinformation campaign to bully retailers.”  They have yet to produce any evidence of misinformation or bullying. When the Newsweek reporter asked them questions about the threatening phone messages I received, they refused to comment.

Mr. Jed Trosper, the disgraced former COO of Gunn Allen, who is now CEO of CGBG, said "These activists are bullying corporations into making hasty decisions based on the first piece of information, regardless of the information's veracity," Did they offer any proof to back up this statement? No they did not. “By retailers remaining neutral on political and religious – rather than rejecting a sizeable customer based because of their religious views – retailers would provide the same opportunities to all potential customers.” Retailers should remain neutral and have no political or religious views? That seems reasonable - except YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN NEUTRALITY OR A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, and a beneficiary of any future purchases made through this network, called for a boycott of Walmart - the largest retail organization in the world, because they partnered with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The NLGCC works to promote economic growth and the prosperity of their members. Mr. Perkins called for a boycott, and said “Why must they pander to homosexual acivists? The “National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce,” Walmart’s new “domestic partner,” favors abolishing the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. How can Walmart keep its reputation as a “family-friendly” store and company if it continues to use consumer dollars to fund radical social activism?

Your FFVN, CGBG, CVN, TJGN, grifter’s network exists to fund radical social activism. You will take anyone’s consumer dollars, and you are even willing to let Walmart into your Network, even after Mr. Perkins spread lies and misinformation about Walmart for years. But does Walmart want you? You might want to check with Linkshare.

In your press release you said that the Family Research Council is not a hate group per the standards of designation of the United States government. I checked with the United States government, and you didn’t even hit the rim with your shot. The US government does not have a standard definition or designation for domestic religious or political organizations. The Southern Poverty Law Center does have standards, and FRC is a hate group.

Dan Savage started a non-profit organization called “It Gets Better” in response to the epidemic of suicides taking place among young people in our country. In the LGBT community, a large percentage of our population experiences depression. Many of us have been victims of verbal and physical bullying. We have valuable insight that we can share with kids going through their own hell, because we’ve been there and we know that as you mature, life gets better. That’s true whether you are gay or straight - and there are no restrictions on who could submit a video message.

Dan Savage took action, and It Gets Better has been a smashing success.

What did Mr. Perkins think about this nationwide campaign to reduce suicides among our youth? He has tried to raise funds on the backs of at-risk youth who he thinks is "immoral."

He wrote "if you’ve not yet heard this true story, get ready to be shocked." After President and Mrs Obama made videos for the campaign, Perkins referred to LGBT people as "immoral, disgusting, and perverse," who were attempting to recruit kids “into the lifestyle” by making videos. Perkins wrote: 

 "The videos are titled “It Gets Better.” They are aimed at persuading kids that although they’ll face struggles and perhaps bullying for “coming out” as homosexual (or transgendered or some other perversion), life will get better......
Can you imagine George Washington, Ronald Reagan, or any other president telling school children that it’s okay to be immoral and that they’ll eventually feel better about it?

It’s disgusting. And it’s part of a concerted effort to persuade kids that homosexuality is okay and actually to recruit them into that “lifestyle.”

Mr. Perkins wrote in the Washington Post that LGBT kids kill themselves because they know they are “abnormal.” Who’s abnormal here?

As a reasonably intelligent adult I can read between the lines. Mr. Perkins is suggesting that because these kids are disgusting and immoral in his eyes, why is anyone bothering? Mr. Perkins thinks that being LGBT is immoral, and yet he cannot understand why his organization is considered a hate group.

You can have your letter writing campaigns to Walgreens, Netflix, and Petco and you are going to lose. I've spoken to them personally and they have made commitments to tolerance. FRC is going to lose, and Linkshare is going to lose. Many of these retail organizations wanted out permanently, and when they figure out that Linkshare put them back into a marketing arrangement that they rejected, I doubt they will be happy with Linkshare.

These lies, and hateful comments that Mr. Perkins utters are what keeps me going. I will not rest until your company is fully exposed and shut down. It’s deceptive, and It’s a big shell game - and no one wants to play.

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