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September 13, 2011

Bachmann Brief: Oops! Bozo Did It Again!

OOPS! She did it again! After the Tampa Tea Party Presidential debate televised on CNN, Teabagger and US Representative Michele “Bozo” Bachmann (R-MN), said that a crying woman approached her, and told her that after her daughter had the vaccine, that “she suffered from mental retardation thereafter.” She reiterated her “story” this morning on the Today show with Matt Lauer.

The HPV vaccine is not mandatory, but the medical community encourages the inoculation, because it prevents the sexually transmitted virus HPV, genital warts, and 7 out of 10 cases of cervical cancer. Extremist conservatives object to the vaccine because they feel it infringes upon parental rights, and that it encourages children to engage in sexual activity.

This is a life saving vaccine. There is no scientific medical evidence that the HPV vaccine causes “mental retardation.” There is no scientific medical evidence that supports any claim that the vaccine encourages sexual activity.

What I find most disturbing about Bozo Bachmann’s public statements surrounding the HPV vaccine, is the fact that if this was an HIV vaccine, she would have the same view. She has made it clear that she is not in support of vaccines that save lives. Especially vaccines that might have the whiff of "sex."

Everyone recognizes that her views are unsupported by facts, and that she's just trying to get attention for her floundering Presidential campaign. Any good parent that cares about their child will follow the sound medical advice of their family doctor. 

Considering that this woman raised so many kids, I would caution individuals who might entertain courting or marrying a Bachmann kid, and just like acquiring a dog, they should make sure that they examine the AKC registration and vaccination records. Bozo Bachmann often tells people she raised over 30 kids, and it would be terrible to find out that she was in fact running a puppy mill.

I think Michele "Bozo" Bachmann is screaming fire in a crowded theater. She's a liar too. And don't forget - - check those papers!

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