September 27, 2011

The Christian Post: Edits Article To Reflect The Truth

I just had a telephone conversation with Nicola Menzie at the Christian Post. The Christian Post has not only amended the story to reflect exactly what I said, but they also apologized for the error.

After speaking with Nicola, I am confident that the Christian Post is committed to reporting the truth. Thank you Nicola!

I’m hoping that the nasty emails will stop flooding my inbox. To the alleged "Christians" informing me of my sinful life, and saying I am not a Christian, that I'm an Islamic terrorist, a deviant, and all the rest - I think you need to devote yourself to studying your scripture a little more closely. If you have trouble reading, there are night schools for adults in communities across our country. Most of them offer courses in remedial reading, and you might want to check that class out.

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