September 20, 2011

Comment of the Day: Says Deny Ignorance - I Like That

I devour information, and some of it’s useful, though much of it is useless. I like to follow links online, and sometimes stumble on new websites that I feel are worth a bookmark. I try to limit my bookmarks, because I have enough that I can barely keep up with. Not long ago I stumbled on (ATS). This site is worth a bookmark. Their motto is “deny ignorance” and I think that reason alone makes the site worth a bookmark.

If only all of their members ascribed to their motto, as that’s where today’s comment of the day comes from. A user who goes by the name “Haxsaw” made a comment in response to a story about the Christian Values Network/Charity Give Back Group/Jewish Giving Network, entitled “The big companies and anti-gay support: Oversensitive or hidden agendas?”
Haxsaw wrote:

“More political correctness gone mad, these perverted homosexuals will get what they deserve in the end.”

The user “spav5” responded with a better reply that I would have come up with, as I usually prefer to step down into the gutter and respond with an answer that I feel is on their ignorant level. Spav5’s response:

“Yes I too hope that they finally get what they deserve..equality.

Bravo to spav5 and I’ll be checking ATS out to see if they practice what they preach.

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