September 22, 2011

Comment of the Day: Bullying Is An Excuse To Promote Homosexuality In Schools

Bachmann Brief and Comment of the Day

Today’s “Comment of the Day” is actually an email I received on August 17, 2011 from an incensed Minnesota resident who apparently lives in Michele “Bozo” Bachmann’s congresional district, and the Anoka-Hennepin School Dristrict as well. I don’t know if the “author” is male or female, and I corrected grammatical errors - so that you could appreciate the full impact of this braintrust’s thought process.

“Connecting Michele Bachmann to suicide of school students is dishonest and political. Bullying is used as an excuse to promote homosexuality in state schools. Give me a break. The daily lynching by gay activists and the liberal media is the biggest bullying demonstration on the national level I have ever seen. Don't talk to me about being a responsible adults. Gay activists used orphans to justify marriage and suicides to justify indoctrination of kids. Shame on you.”

Shame on me. I made the mistake of suggesting that this person should be a responsible adult, and work hard to ensure that schools are a safe place for all kids to learn, free from taunts and threats of bullying. This genius didn’t agree with me.

Isn’t illogical thought fascinating?

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