September 21, 2011

Comment of the Day: Facebook - On Pimps, Homo's, Pedophiles & Sexual Depravity

Comment of the Day

Facebook can be a relatively friendly place to visit, as long as you stay within the confines of your own neighborhood. I’m going to restrain myself, and not write much about this comment. But I can’t restrain myself completely - because this comment illustrates the importance of education.

A Facebook user, William DrWill Small, was responding to a Facebook comment related to a question about “are we blind to homosexuality in the church.” To be fair, you can see the context of his entire statement below, though I still find it troubling no matter how you slice it. William DrWill Small said:

I have seen men from the 50s who were womanizers that had sons who became pimps. Their grandson became a homosexual and their great-grandson a pedophile. The old man gets angry with the grand and great-grandsons saying “In our family, the men deal with women not other men and children!!”

Is that so?

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