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September 16, 2011

Comment of the Day: Taking Care Of Business

Comment of the Day

I was looking at laptop stands online, and this comment stood out and I felt I had to share it, primarily because it cracked me up. A woman in Richlands North Carolina, identified as “diamndndaruf”,  bought a laptop podium and left a review.

Seeing that my husbands office is located in our BATHROOM. I thought it might be best to buy him this laptop stand instead of him using my laundry hamper.. Worked out perfectly. Freed up my hamper and let him work comfortably on h is thrown.. Great present idea for the man whos office is in the bathroom..

In the age of smartphones, ipads, and tablets, why anyone requires a toilet and computer at the same time is puzzling to me. Do you really need to do "business" while taking care of "business"?

If you know of anyone looking for a laptop stand that’s functional in the loo, for those days when you need to reign over your subjects while on the throne, this is the laptop stand for you. You can find it at


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