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September 22, 2011

Commentary: Troy Davis Executed - Criminal Justice System Bankrupt in Georgia

Troy Davis was executed by the state of Georgia last night. Isn't that state sanctioned murder? When 7 out of 9 witnesses recant their testimony, and no one can be certain that Troy Davis was even at the scene of the crime - it’s a miscarriage of justice, and state sanctioned murder. This action, together with the execution that took place in Texas, doesn’t engender faith in our leaders in state government, the judiciary, or the death penalty. It’s un-American and not supported by scripture either. This is one of our country’s embarassing moments, that’s for sure.

We have a large group of Republican wannabes running for President. Each one of them are in favor of the death penalty, and claim they are pro-lfe, many of them with ignorant supporters who cheer death. How pathetic. Being pro-life means all life - not just the lives that one picks and chooses. Where were the anti-abortionists last night - they weren’t a part of the vigil for Troy Davis.

Each of these Republican candidates call the health care mandate passed by Congress “Obamacare”  - like it’s a dirty word. I don’t understand why it’s Obamacare, and I don’t understand why Bozo goes around saying that it’s a government take over of health care, when it’s going to be administered by the states. It’s not a government takeover of health care, and we all have to put these clown candidates on notice that by lying to the American people - they lose our respect and we aren’t going to vote for them.

Every candidate is entitled to an opinion. While they criticize “Obamacare” - which hasn’t even gone into effect yet - not one of them has offered an affordable alternative that would extend health insurance coverage to everyone. They just want to get rid of Obamacare and go back to the status quo. That is NOT acceptable.

I know I just wrote this is another blog post - and I think it bears repeating. We have a House of Representatives who are obstructionists. And Republican. They refuse to get off of their asses and legislate, or compromise, and work with their colleagues across the aisle. That is their job - and that’s why they were sent to Washington. They collect their $170K salary regardless of how effective they are, and it will be our job to send them home packing.

If John Boehnor makes another boner by suggesting that we have to cut the deficit without raising taxes, I’m going to scream. It is important for everyone to let their representative know that jobs and education are no brainers - and that we must invest in our future.

Executing innocent men is not investing in our future. Godspeed Troy Davis. You and your family are in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I know that I will continue to oppose the death penalty - and while your death was senseless, I hope that many of us can turn your valiant plight into positive action. God bless.

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