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September 17, 2011

Fox News' Megan Kelly Asks Dr. Keith Ablow: Isn't There Enough Hate?

Dr. Keith Ablow, an alleged psychiatrist and Fox News contributor, wrote an online editorial that blasted ABC for including Chaz Bono as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS), and claims that a child watching DWTS could be influenced by merely watching the television show. He falsely claims that children could decide that they are transgendered by merely viewing DWTS, and that the audience applause will encourage kids to follow Chaz Bono’s example.

Dr. Keith Ablow should lose his medical license to practice psychiatry in my opinion, and I sympathize with anyone who is currently being treated by this alleged physician.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly challenged Ablow’s assertions, and asked “Isn’t there enough hate?”

Megyn Kelly gets the truth fairy’s gold star for asking this question, and I applaud her for asking it. It’s a question I would like to ask of most of the on-air talent at Fox News.

Bravo Megyn! You get to stay on the island called tolerance, while Dr. Ablow has been voted off and exiled to obdurate island. Have fun Keith, see ya - wouldn’t wanna be ya.


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