September 25, 2011

Politics: Herman Cain UPSETS Sharp-Shooting Perry in Florida Straw Poll!

Texas Governor Sharp-Shooter Perry was defeated in a Florida straw poll of Republican rank-and-file voters. The victor was businessman Herman Cain. Who? Herman Cain. Who?

Hell if I know - I think it’s the guy who sings?

This is a huge upset for Governor Perry, and a huge win for Herman Who?

Herman received 37% of the vote, while Perry received 15%, Romney 14% and Michele “Bozo” Bachmann received 1.5% of the vote.
Does that mean it’s the end of the road for Bozo?

I don’t know why - but these results just make me laugh. I won’t be laughing if any of them are elected President.

Senior citizen Henrietta Poopchute, 74, of Athens Georgia is devastated her “two Ricky’s” didn’t fare well in the straw poll. She said she wants to sing a duet with Herman, because she swears she remembers his time as a hermit?

The GOP clown college carnival continues in a city near you!

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