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September 19, 2011

Random Thoughts on Blogging, Life, Gay Kids, All Kids, Education, HIV, and the Future

I have been blogging for just about 3 ½ months, and it’s been a wild ride. As wild as it has been - I never dreamed my advocacy and activism work would result in being personally attacked by right-wing extremists, through every media outlet they have. I was criticized, and nasty things were said,  while they used television, print, radio, podcasts, and blogs to try to intimidate me in the media. It’s been exciting, and I’m certain it will start again, in earnest, as they’ve been quiet for a couple of weeks

Over the past week over 20 stores have left the Christian Values Network (CVN), or CGBG,  TJGN, UBuy2Give, or FFVN, Inc. or whatever they are calling themselves these days. I will update the retail list on the Boycott page 2 or 3 times a week, and I will post at least once every 7 to 10 days an update with more detailed information. At the same time, if anyone would like any information about the campaign for tolerance, feel free to contact me. I also have set up a private email newsletter related to my efforts surrounding the tolerance campaign and boycott,  that will go out weekly starting next week. If you would like to be be kept up to date with more detail about the tolerance campaign - feel free to email me and put “boycott newsletter” as the subject of the email. You must email me and ask to be added to the list.

I will be posting the 5 most popular monthly posts at the end of each month. and am aggregating the results on the tab “This Blog’s Best.”  It’s not what I consider to be my best writing or posts necessarily, but they are the blog posts that generated the most traffic, and “The Best of” was aesthetically more pleasing than “Popular Posts.” I’ve shared some family history, and personal information within these pages, and I am going to add those links to the “About Me” page.

I don’t like my “About Me” page - as it isn’t really compelling. I left much of the meat, potatoes, and the gravy out of my bio. When I first started blogging I intended to be anonymous. After a few weeks of trying, the challenges were huge. Keeping track of pronouns and identifying information became too much, and living life and blogging is about being proud and standing tall, and owning who you are.

I really think my best writing is when I write about true stories and personal experiences. I’m going to try to do more of that, because I really feel that my age group is responsible for educating the young people following in our foot steps. We have wisdom to impart about many things, related to school, academics, surviving bullying, college, friendships, romantic relationships, dating, careers, health, coming out, family issues, mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues, safe sex, issues of faith - and we are a resource not just for LGBT individuals, but for their parents as well.

Aside from the economic challenges our country faces right now, there is a bullying epidemic that is taking place within schools, communities and online, every day. There is a huge spike in HIV infections - young people and people of color are having unprotected sex. I believe that most kids are taught in public schools what safe sex is. The knowledge is there ( this is something that makes me apoplectic - it’s not the kids having unsafe sex that makes me mad as that makes me sad, it is the parents, the teachers, the religious leaders and politicians that don’t recognise all this homophobia on display in public and on TV contributes to higher rates of HIV infection, and depression, illness, etc. Grrrr ).

Why does anyone put themselves at risk and have unsafe sex? The answer is complex and goes beyond education, and socio-economic backgrounds. It has everything to do with having a loving and supportive parent and family structure who instills confidence and self worth in their child, regardless of whether they are gay or straight, rich or poor, with a college degree or a high school diploma.

It has to do with a society that is overtly bullying and homophobic. We need to say we honor and accept everyone, that we are tolerant of those who are different, and whether you want to be a beautician, investment banker, or a bank teller, you are fantastic.

When parents and teachers and politicians and adults wake up, and realize that our country could achieve greatness again if they would promote civility and tolerance to the marginalized and disaffected, that millions of people wouldn’t feel marginalised.  If LGBT parents, straight parents, and society would band together and put the education of our children as our number one priority. Before jobs, before cutting the deficit, or anything else, we would be investing in their future and our future.

While politicians have decimated education spending throughout the country - classes are bigger, books are older, schools are crumbling. The Republicans say we can’t spend money on education unless we cut something from somewhere else. How are we helping our children right now by cutting the deficit, and giving them a lesser education?

How are we helping our nation by not passing the biggest infrastructure jobs bill in our history? Build high speed rail from New York to San Francisco. Start tomorrow! Invest in our kids, our infrastructure and our future.

Before it’s too late. Does anyone agree with me?

I have written over 100 posts over the last 3 months, and these are the 15 that are most popular. (The Boycott page could be a site by itself and gets the most hits of any page - daily).

July 2011

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