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September 18, 2011

Right-Wing Extremists Terrified of PayPal Suspension - Attribute Bad Behavior, Loss of Income, To LGBT Activists

Hate Watch: Bigots Not Fond Of 'The Check Is In The Mail'

Yesterday’s World Net Daily headline screamed “Online 'hate' campaign targets Christian sites” with a sub heading that said “Homosexual critics of biblical view of family trigger PayPal 'investigation'“ - which is eerily reminiscent of an August 30th 2011 headline that shouted “'Gay' activists kill cash sources for Christian charities” together with “ Internet-based campaigns scare away corporate donors with 'hate group' charge.”

The August 30th 2011 World Net Daily article was very complimentary of me, but they neglected to use my name or the name of my blog. Is that reporting? Is that how a "trusted" news outlet reports news - without checking or reporting all the facts?

The extremist right-wing organizations of haters are in a tizzy today, and they are alarmed that PayPal, and perhaps other financial institutions, and corporate America, are putting their activities under a microscope, and examining what it is that they do. They are finally getting it - and America is not happy with them, or their Republican pals.

The 2 protagonists in this saga, complete with crocodile tears and all, claim they are fearful that PayPal might not process donations/payments for them, as they have done in the past. They are:

1. Julio Severo who claims he is a Brazilian national and “Pro-family activist” who maintains a blog called Last Days Watchman. Under his photo, there is a “Support the ministry of Julio Severo as Last Days Watchman” and a paypal button. He alleges that he has family in Brazil, who he is forced to live away from because he had to flee the “homosexuals in Brazil.” He said:
“I use my resources to support my family. I receive no government money to write Christian texts. If they make a campaign to eliminate donations to me, I will not be able to support my family. Is this not scary?”
Interestingly, the blog that he claims as his own, has blog posts that start in December of 2003. The first 3 blog posts made under his name are reflective of ultra-conservative right-wing extremist organizations and their propaganda. There is a “letter” to the President of Brazil criticizing him for visiting Muslim countries on a middle east trip, a blog post about the sins of adultery, and another letter to the Brazilian President, where he implores him to “fight against evil......including the gay activism.”

Severo is also quoted in the World Net Daily article that he told PayPal:
"I want you to know that we Christians love homosexuals, but we disagree with their immoral lifestyles."
In one breath this man says gay activists are “evil,” and in the next breath he says “Christians love homosexuals” and that he disagrees with the gay “immoral lifestyles.” He asks "is it not scary" that Paypal might cut his online donations off? I wonder if Mr. Severo has any idea how scary it is for a teenager to be thrown out of their house, where they are left to fend for themselves, because a Christian parent(s) was taught that LGBT sons and daughters are "evil."

Is it not scary for kids to stumble upon a family Christian radio station, or television, and hear someone talking about LGBT people not being welcome in the church, and hear someone quote Leviticus out of context? The kid goes to school and is bullied and harassed, and on the evening news he hears a politician saying that being gay is "personal bondage." Is that not scary for a young kid? What affect do you think that has on our youth Mr. Severo?

I agree that we should all fight against evil, which is why I'm fighting you and your pals - I'm going to give you advice in the only language you and your cronies seem to understand. Read about false prophets Mr. Severo.

The other major player in this drama is "Porno Pete."

2. Peter LaBarbera, is the head of Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), an organization that is a hate group, in the same category as the Family Research Council (FRC), and American Family Association (AFA), and the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), as determined by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

AFTAH lost their non-profit tax-exempt status this past year, for not filing tax returns (Form 990) with the IRS for 3 years. LaBarbera issued this statement in response to media requests when it became public knowledge that they were not compliant with IRS regulations.
“Americans For Truth About Homosexuality is working to comply fully with IRS regulations, whether we end up as a 501(c)3, c-4, or LLC. As always, we will endeavor to report information on the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) movement that is ignored by the liberal, pro-homosexuality “mainstream” media. Currently, per notification by the IRS received by AFTAH June 10, 2011, donations to Americans For Truth are not tax-deductible.”
In the World Net Daily article, LaBarbera said:
“Right now we urgently need anyone who opposes the current homo-fascism to contact PayPal and urge them not to cave in to Gay Lobby pressure. Our very future as a free society depends on stopping this new, politically correct tyranny.”
The World Net Daily piece states that Lifesitenews.com created an online petition, for members of extremist right-wing organizations to join together to protest this investigation by PayPal.

These extremist groups know that if wall street and big businesses don’t assist them, by facilitating positive cash-flow, through processing credit card and banking transactions, that it will be extremely difficult for these groups to fulfill their stated mission. Julio Severo and Peter LaBarbera might have to get a job, which would necessitate a crash course in multiculturalism, and tolerance. Now that I'd like to see.

The World Net Daily news reports are suspect - as you can find more fiction, hyperbole and innuendo within their web site, than your local library. World Net Daily is still claiming that our President was born in a foreign country - as that is the online home of the “birthers.”

World Net Daily could always hire LaBarbera and Severo if they’re looking for work, especially since all 3 are involved in selling lies (better known as fiction) to the more gullible and vulnerable members of society. What a perfect fit!

In the interim - my campaign to promote civility and tolerance, and boycott of stores supporting hate groups continues.

What do you think? Is this right-wingers crying fire in a crowded theater? Or do you think they are legitimately concerned?

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