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September 1, 2011

Hate Watch: Southern Poverty Law Center Exposes Hypocrisy

FRC & FOF Hypocrisy Gives Me Motivation To Defeat Them In Their 'Culture War’
The Southern Poverty Law Center has a blog post, where they expose the hypocrisy on full display, with their campaign to discredit my call for a boycott of retail organizations that financially support groups that are anti-gay, and in the case of the Family Research Council (FRC) and American Family Association (AFA), are certified ‘hate’ groups.

They articulate why these groups are hypocritical, and also detail the heinous un-Christian views that resulted in these groups being branded as bullies and verbal terrorists.

Evelyn Schlatter wrote:

The response of anti-gay groups like FRC is to complain that LGBT groups are forcing companies to “discriminate” against Christians. FRC launched a “Resist Discrimination” campaign that demands that companies “resist pressure to discriminate against customers with a traditional, biblical view of marriage.”

The FRC’s Peter Sprigg later appeared on the American Family Association’s (AFA) American Family Radio to discuss the campaign against CGBG, where he lamented that people “are afraid of the homosexual activists.” (The SPLC also lists the AFA as an anti-gay hate group because of its denigration of LGBT people.) And in spite of Sprigg’s and the FRC’s continued demonization of LGBT people, Sprigg claimed on the show that “everything we do is motivated by love for the people who are hurt by this lifestyle.” FRC shows that “love” through boycotts, too — “discrimination,” as the group would have it, against Wal-Mart (pdf) andMcDonald’s, which have been too friendly to LGBT people for FRC’s taste.

People are afraid of ‘homosexual’ acitvists? Is that why Presidential candidate Bozo Bachmann hides in bathrooms when a gay constituent approaches her to have a conversation?

Is that why Presidential candidate Sicko Santorum describes gay sex as bestiality and incest? Because he is afraid of ‘homosexual’ activists?

SPLC also mentioned the paragon of virtue, and ‘good’ Catholic Bill Donohue.

Bill Donohue of the hard-line Catholic League has joined forces with FRC in decrying the CGBG boycott, claiming, “Radical proponents of gay marriage have taken the culture war to the marketplace.” Most astonishingly — and totally falsely — Donohue denied that religious-right groups lead similar pressure campaigns. Perhaps he forgot that he himself led the successful campaign against the Smithsonian to censor the museum’s exhibit of LGBT-themed art, or the league’s participation in campaigns against Disney, 20th Century Fox and CBS.

Does anyone who represents these erudite Christian organizations know how to tell the truth? Clearly Sprigg, Perkins, and Donohue are liars of the first order. As a Christian, I’m pretty certain that scripture is clear about what it says regarding liars and false prophets.

The FRC and FOF, in concert with the AFA, have begun a propaganda campaign in order to silence me, and our community, about the corporate financial support that these groups cannot get directly. It’s a shell game folks, and they figure that if they can create a revenue stream indirectly, that they can sell their lies to a wider audience. There is one problem in this equation, and that is the fact that they have encountered me, and I will not be coerced or intimidated by con-men and grifters.

I can’t help but revel in the heat being turned up, and directed, squarely at these demons and purveyors of lies.

Bozo Bachmann can travel the country and describe the “gay lifestyle” as bondage, all she wants. She can embrace Sprigg, Perkins and Donohue, and appear at their Values Voter Summit.

Misery loves company, and all the prayer in the world isn’t going to help these creatures when they reach where they are headed.

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