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September 26, 2011

We Should All Work Together To Put Kids First - And End Corporate Financial Support For Hate Speech & Hate Groups

The New York Times published a story today about the ongoing campaign to promote civility and tolerance, and to pressure retailers through a boycott, to not participate in funding anti-gay, and anti-women groups, as well as hate groups that are in the same category as the Klu Klux Klan, and Aryan Nation.

To say that I’m disappointed in many of these retail organizations and travel companies, would be an understatement. How can a company state that they support equality, and promote tolerance, and also hold that they are not anti-gay - and yet fund organizations like the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family.

Not only are many of these organizations anti-gay, but they also believe that a woman’s body and her reproductive organs, should be controlled by the government, and Federal Courts.

Nearly a year ago - Tyler Clementi took his own life after being humiliated and bullied by a roommate. Just last week Jame Rodemayer, a 14 year old in Buffalo, New York committed suicide. The Justice Department announced a rise in LGBT student bullying, while there were 8 student suicides in the Anoka-Henepin School District over the last 2 years. That’s right - the very school system that is Michele ‘Bozo’ Bachmann’s alma mater.

This issue is not about a “biblical view” of marriage, and this is not about gay rights. This is about promoting tolerance, and honoring the kids who might be gay, or are perceived to be gay,  in school systems across this country. This is about civility, embracing diversity, and creating a climate in our cities, states and towns - that is welcoming to all.

Most of the retail stores who have been willing to speak with me, understand my point of view - because it’s a point of view shared by most Americans. The retailers also recognize that by funding anti-gay, and anti-women groups, that they are contributing to vitriolic rhetoric that these organizations promote on a daily basis.

This is not OK, and this just strengthens my resolve, that I will not rest until this “shopping network” lacks any retailers to offer shoppers. When will we put our kids first?  When are we going to say as a society that we’ve had enough of this bullshit?

Google facilitates the funding of these “hate” groups through Doubleclick. Linkshare and Rakuten with Buy.com funds these hate groups, and ValueClick with Commission Junction, and Publicis Groupe facilitate funding these groups. It’s not just limited to the retailers, and many of these companies are publicly traded companies. I am going to continue to go after them too.

This culture war has just begun.

I’ve had nasty phone calls, threatening phone calls, hate email, death threats - and none of it scares me. I will not give up. I was bullied like a lot of these kids - and I will not rest until this climate of bullying changes. It is not OK to justify hateful rhetoric because you say you’re a Christian. It is not OK to justify hateful speech because you’re a politician.

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  1. Look like the Times like religious right. No equal time in this article. Didja piss the writer offl?

    Tyson Chin