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October 31, 2011

Politics: Michele "Bozo" Bachmann Is Making Shit Up Again

  • Politico.com is reporting that GOP Presidential candidate, and current front-runner Herman Cain, was accused by two women in the 1990’s of inappropriate sexually suggestive behavior, when Cain was a Washington lobbyist, and head of the National Restaurant Association.
  • It’s a bad day for Herman Cain all-around, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that a private Wisconsin company financed Cain’s early Presidential campaign, in violation of Federal Campaign Finance laws and tax laws.
  • Mitt Romney and Herman Cain are statistically tied in a Des Moines Register poll of likely Republican voters.
  • Texas Governor Rick “shoot ‘em up” Perry announced his support to repeal New Hampshire’s gay marriage law, and defunding Planned Parenthood’s health care and family planning services provided to low-income women, in a Friday speech to the conservative group Cornerstone Action.

LGBT History Month: Rep. Steve Gunderson and Rep. Tammy Baldwin

Steve Gunderson was elected to the US House of Representatives, from Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District, in the Reagan landslide of 1980. Gunderson served 8 terms in the House, and was the first openly gay Republican elected to the House. He is currently  the President and CEO of the Council on Foundations, a Washington, DC-based nonprofit membership association of approximately 2,100 grant making foundations and corporations. President Obama appointed him the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships

Tammy Baldwin was elected to the US House of Representatives, from Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional District, in 1998, and is serving her sixth term. She was the first out lesbian elected to the House, in either party, and she recently announced her intention to run for the US Senate in 2012, as Senator Herbert Kohl is retiring.

Gay H.S. Student Viciously Attacked While Classmates Watch

A male teenage bully attacks another male classmate

Columbus, Ohio: WSYX 6 news, an ABC affiliate in Ohio, is reporting that a 15 year old gay male student at Union-Scioto High School was viciously beaten in a classroom attack, on October 17th 2011.

Two days before the assault, the attacker posted anti-gay remarks on the victim’s Facebook page.

On the day of the assault, students watched the bully lie in wait for his victim, while another student filmed the attack, and posted the violent assault on youtube and Facebook.
“I covered myself and shielded my body, and he kept hitting,” the gay student, who did not want to be identified, told ABC’s affiliate WSYX in Ohio. “Nobody did anything.”
Now the boy’s mother, Rebecca Collins of Chillicothe, has said she would seek justice for the Oct. 17 beating. The Ross County Sheriff’s office said it is investigating the attack but so far has not made any arrests. James Osborne, principal at Union-Scioto High School, located about 50 miles south of Columbus, confirmed the “unfortunate” attack, and said “charges have been filed.”
“It turns my stomach,” Collins told ABC’s affiliate station. “It’s my son. I don’t care, and they did it just because he’s a homosexual.”
Other students watched as the attacker waited for his victim to arrive in the classroom. He then shoved his prey to the ground, and repeatedly punched him in the face.

Bullying Stops Here Stop Sign
There is an anti-bullying law currently pending in the Ohio state legislature. Only 14 states have enacted laws that protect LGBT students.
“We are deeply disturbed to learn of yet another horrifying bullying incident, this time at Union-Scioto High School,” said GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard in a prepared statement.
“On the tail end of National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, this brutal attack should be a call to action for everyone in Ohio to ensure that schools are safe for all students.”
School should be a safe place for all students, whether in Ohio or the other 49 states in this country of ours.

Schools must have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and violence, especially in high school. We have to continue to bring public attention to this problem, and combat unnecessary violence. My heart goes out to Rebecca Collins and her son.

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I've Been Hanging Out With OccupySF

San Francisco, California: I would like to say that I’ve been on a vacation, with tranquil views of turquoise water, plenty of sunshine and wide white sand beaches. Admittedly, San Francisco has lovely beaches, and we’ve been experiencing above-average temperatures with plenty of sunshine over the last few weeks. And you don’t have to travel far in our 49 square mile city by the bay for a glimpse of the Pacific, though our shark infested waters are considerably less inviting than Hapuna Beach, on the big island of Hawaiʻi - which is the place in paradise that calls my name.

I decided that I wanted to show my support for the Occupy Wall Street and OccupySF movement, and figured I could start by going down to visit their camp. After watching the Terrible Tuesday Attack on Occupy Oakland protesters - perpetrated by the Oakland Police Department the night before, where they used violence to attack unarmed non-violent protesters, I felt as though my visit was more than imperative, and that I'd better get down there before something similar happens in San Francisco.

Last Wednesday I hopped on the subway for a three mile underground journey, to express my support in person for the OccupySF movement, and to see the encampment set up at the foot of Market Street, and meet some of the protesters. I’d walked through and around Harry Bridges Plaza countless times over the years, unaware that the space had a name. The 73,000 square foot space where the San Francisco Occupy Wall Street movement has set up camp, is named after labor leader Harry Bridges, who led the 83-day West Coast Waterfront and Longshoremen’s strike that paralyzed San Francisco’s maritime industry in 1934, and produced the first collective bargaining agreement with employers. The strike was marked by extreme violence, and included a general strike that completely shut down San Francisco for days.

My idea of “roughing it” is a reservation at a Holiday Inn Express, so seeing tents and tarps, and people camping and living outside in the concrete jungle, was initially unsettling. I walked the perimeter of the camp before crossing the street for a closer look.

Within 2 minutes of my arrival someone said hello, and welcomed me. The woman who greeted me had a huge warm smile, and a “Minnesota nice” friendliness that was so disarming, that any apprehension I had about visiting the camp quickly dissipated. In less than a minute she pried a donation from the cash hidden in my sock, explained the democratic process that governs the movement and life in the camp, and warned me that the San Francisco Police Department had given notice that those in the camp are “subject to arrest” because of health and safety code violations.

I told the charismatic woman that I was there to express my support, and she asked me if I wanted to camp, or join one of OccupySF’s committees. I politely declined and mentioned my strong aversion to camping. I did say if the movement set up camp in the grand ballroom of the nearby Hyatt, that I’d be there in a heartbeat. I’m sure she saw the terror in my eyes at the mere mention of camping, and she said that you didn’t have to sleep on the concrete, or even be at the waterfront camp every day, to be a committee member. I said I’d think about it - and boy was I relieved!

And then I suddenly wanted to escape! I had consciously “dressed down” when I set off to check out OccupySF, and during my chat with the welcome wagon woman, I was scanning the crowd of occupiers, and I realized that my idea of being “dressed down” wasn’t an idea shared or reflected in the clothing worn by those around me. It made me feel like I was wearing a tux and patent leather slides at a barefoot beach party. I was so self-conscious, and wanted to slink away, because my t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, jacket, sunglasses, back-pack, and smart-phone had visible labels that was more “Samantha Jones” than “Gloria Stivic.”

I volunteered to go out and get a case of bottled water for the thirsty protesters, and figured that i could buy and bring back the water, before hopping back on the subway to run home and change my clothes. I found a nearby store where I bought the water and carried it back to the camp. Lots of extremely nice people thanked me as I high-tailed it out of there, and headed toward Embarcadero Station, and a subway home.

A quick stop at Crossroads Trading Company and their hundreds of t-shirts solved my clothing crisis. Then I ran home to change. I didn’t want to wear the Crossroads shirt without throwing it in the wash first, so I threw on a white t-shirt first with the new purchase over it.

No matter how hard I tried - I couldn’t channel the L-Word’s Daniela See, or her Moira or Max! I knew I was being silly, and that what I was wearing was really “gift wrap”, and a “gay” guy’s uniform, and not an outfit that screamed conspicuous consumption. I still thought that appearance counts for something, especially when you’re protesting corporate excess, and Wall Street malfeasance, and I wanted to look the part, as well as fit in

And I was completely wrong - it was much ado about nothing.

It was when I went back to that waterfront camp with an expensive view, that I discovered “gift wrap” doesn’t matter, and this occupy movement comprised of hairdressers, retail clerks and lawyers, architects and receptionists, the employed, under-employed and unemployed, don’t give a shit about designer labels. What they do give a shit about is speaking up, speaking out and showing up. I did that and then some, and I’m proud to say I’m a part of the occupy movement, and I strongly support OccupySF. And I didn’t have to camp one night. Woohoo!

I’ll be writing about my observations and participation in the OccupySF protest movement this past week - throughout the week. Stay tuned!

October 26, 2011

Frightening Christian Cult Wants To Take Over Government

Protesters holding signs that support science and the separation of church and state. They're opposed to Reclaiming Texas For Christ.

The New Apostolic Reformation movement believes they will soon complete their unsuspecting dominion (takeover) over government, and the rest (business, family, religion, media, education and entertainment) will be easy.

Last Thursday 200 anti gay haters of Islam quietly gathered at a Baptist church in North Dallas to pray, testify, and discuss the moral decay in Texas, and the United States. Despite a handful of noisy protesters, hardly anyone noticed they were there.

This group of white heterosexual Christians met at Lakewood Baptist Church to discuss how to reclaim Texas for Christ, which is part of a larger organization called Reclaiming America for Christ.

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement believes that it is their Christian duty to take dominion over the “7 mountains” of society; business, government, family, religion, media, education and entertainment. C. Peter Wagner advanced these principles, and named the movement New Apostolic Reformation.

The NAR apostles and follower’s believe that government “hand outs” and government mandated programs like Medicare and Social Security, is taking away from what’s always been the dominion of religion, their church, and their Christian faith. When they discuss hot button issues like when does life begin, or their animus for gay people and gay marriage, and that our cold-hearted government shouldn’t be assisting anyone because these programs are a communist plot, or socialist programs are expensively bad ideas, you can attribute that to NAR.

Kerby Anderson, Timothy Barton, Robert Jeffress, and Dan Panettii (pictured left to right) will speak at the Reclaiming Texas For Christ Conference in Lewisville, Texas

The press was not allowed to attend the Reclaiming Texas for Christ sessions, and I have only been able to find one article about the conference. Pamela Kimble, the chairman of Reclaiming Texas For Christ (RTFC) spoke with a lone reporter. [emphasis my own]
We believe that America is in crisis. Not just financially, morally or politically, but because our nation has not honored God in its successes or humbly called on Him in its struggles,” Kimble said. 
“The people at Lakeland Baptist Church were very generous and worked very well with us. The generosity of Lakeland Baptist was what brought us to Lewisville. It was an excellent location. We also want to say thanks to the Lewisville Police Department and the Denton County Constables office. Both were very helpful and provided security for the event.” 
“There was a huge amount of information presented by speakers this year. This was a conference of good news,” Kimble said. “We haven’t given up on Texas or the country. This is good news that people need to hear. While the majority of us believe that Jesus Christ is the answer, anyone of any faith is welcome to attend the event.” 
RTFC is a coordinated effort of Christian patriots to aid Texans in working together “to support the Biblical principles and moral values, which America was founded.” 
The group hopes to reincorporate Biblical principles and patriotic duty into American. It also believes “God’s moral laws” should be spotlighted in business.
RTFC is under the umbrella for Reclaiming America for Christ, which first formed in the 1990s. The group was dormant for a short time after it was formed, but recently, Pastor Paul Blair ignited a fire in the group and it has since grown. 
“Pastor Blair is part of the reason for our recent growth,” Kimble said. “He wants each state to set up its own group to reach people throughout the country. This group and the conferences are open to every denomination because that’s what our country is made of. We believe if people come here to live in America, there is a basic moral code that people of all faiths can abide by.”
Rachel Tabachnick of Talk2action, who has studied and written about this subversive group says, “Dominionism is simply that Christians of this belief system must take control over the various institutions of society and government. The anti-pluralistic and theocratic activities of the New Apostolic Reformation require more attention from those who care about the separation of church and state.”

They sound pretty benign at first - until you dig deeper and see their aims, and you see the names of their prominent devotees. While any Christian Faith is permitted to join them - they will tell you that it is their belief that they will be converting all the religions of the world to Christianity - and if you want to play their reindeer games, you have to ultimately sign on to living your life by their rules, their God, their apostles, and their Scripture.

When you see who’s associated with NAR, it’s a who’s who list of right-wing anti-gay extremists. Right now they can count at least 3 presidential candidates poised to work toward taking dominion over government. 

Current members of Congress affiliated with NAR are Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), and Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-MO), Congressman Scott Garrett (R-NJ), and Congressman Robert Aderholt (R-AL). Most of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, and many members of the Tea Party Caucus, the hate group American Family Association, the Wildmon Family, Bryan “Brown Shirt” Fischer, the hate group Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, Minister Lou Engle, and Scott Lively.  Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Gary Bauer, Wendy Wright, Richard Land, Andrea Lafferty, Kelly Shackelford, Ken Blackwell, Mat Staver, Rick Scarborough, Sally Kern, and NAR Apostles Cindy Jacobs, Judge Roy Moore, Harry Jackson and Samuel Rodriguez.

This movement is starting to create a schism on the right, because Christians and theologians recognize the false teachings, and they’ve been examining NAR and have correctly pointed out that NAR’s mission, and teachings, are inconsistent with the teachings of Christ.

Last May Marsha West a conservative Christian columnist sounded the alarm for other Christians, when she wrote about NAR.
This article will put to rest the notion that the NAR’s esoteric doctrines fall within the pale of orthodox Christianity. The hope of course is that the Religious or Christian Right will wake up and smell the coffee and sever all ties with these renegades. 
What’s astounding is that conservative Christian leaders, many of whom are biblically literate, fail to recognize blatant false teaching. For instance, some of them assume John Hagee, senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, is an orthodox preacher when Hagee promotes unbiblical word-faith teaching! 
But this is not about John Hagee’s promotion of the doctrine of positive confession. This is about the unorthodox teaching and the sinister plans of the NAR. The reason I’m sounding the alarm is that more and more Christians are getting caught up in this cult. 
There are elements who support Christian Reconstructionism, within NAR, who advocate enforcing a death penalty for anyone who doesn’t convert, the LGBT community, atheists, pagans, abortion Doctors, anyone who has had an abortion, anyone who knows of an abortion and did not report it, anyone who doesn’t help identify LGBT people, which is pretty scary and informs the Uganda “Kill the Gays” movement.

Knowledge is power, and it’s important that we tell our family and friends about this subversive movement. Read Marsha West’s excellent columns. Check out Right Wing Watch and Talk2action, as they have extensive documentation. The election is about a year away, and we have to insure we remove these heretics from their political positions of power.

I will continue to monitor these groups, and hope that you will too. This is a serious and credible threat to our democracy, that could damage our republic more that anything we’ve seen before in our secular country.

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Anti-Gay Bullying: Does Silence = Death?

By Dr. Charles C. Haynes
Director, Religious Freedom Education Project
First Amendment Center

Culture wars are returning to school this fall as conflicts over what to say — or not to say — about homosexuality escalate across the country.

After a spate of high-profile news stories about gay teen suicides (nationwide, six in September alone), school officials are caught in the crossfire in the fight over how to address the anti-gay bullying that has been implicated in some of the deaths.

Gay-rights advocates insist that anti-bullying policies must include positive treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people. Christian conservatives support anti-bullying efforts in general, but demand that public schools keep silent about sexual orientation.

As with other deeply divisive social conflicts in America today, winners and losers are often determined by the red-blue state divide. In blue-state California, for example, schools are now implementing a new law that requires inclusion of GLBT Americans in teaching social studies.

Meanwhile in red-state Tennessee, the State Senate passed and the House is considering a law that would bar teachers from discussing homosexuality with elementary and middle school students — dubbed the “don’t say gay” bill by opponents.

For a case study of how this fight plays out on the local level, consider the current debate in Anoka-Hennepin School District, Minnesota’s largest school system (which gets national media attention partly because much of it is in Michele Bachmann’s congressional district).

Although Anoka-Hennepin school officials claim to be taking measures to stop bullying, six students filed suit in July charging that the district has failed to address persistent and widespread harassment of GLBT students. The U.S. Department of Justice is also investigating complaints about anti-gay bullying that allegedly goes unchecked by district staff.

Eight students in the district have committed suicide in the past two years — at least four of them reportedly struggled with issues of sexual identity.

Advocates for gay students argue that district policy banning discussion of GLBT issues in the curriculum — and requiring staff to be “neutral on matters regarding sexual orientation” — marginalizes gay students and contributes to the hostile environment they experience each day.

The Minnesota Family Council and other conservative Christian groups defend the silent treatment, arguing that bullying can be adequately addressed without discussion of GLBT issues. In their view, inclusion of sexual orientation in anti-bullying policies will be used by gay activists as a gateway for promotion of homosexuality in schools.

But as Anoka-Hennepin schools are learning the hard way, silence doesn’t work. GLBT students aren’t going anywhere — and they are no longer content to be invisible or harassed. School districts that fail to take anti-gay bullying seriously can expect to be sued.

Finding common ground on this issue won’t be easy, although the fact that all sides want safe schools is a good starting point. Surely there must be ways for schools to uphold the worth and dignity of all students — including GLBT students — while simultaneously acknowledging that Americans are divided about homosexuality.

Consider, for example, that many high schools now have student-initiated Bible clubs as well as Gay-Straight Alliances.  The role of school officials is to let the voices be heard by ensuring a safe learning environment for members of both groups. By focusing on teaching students to address differences with civility and respect, schools can become places that are both safe and free.

A safe school is free of bullying and harassment. And a free school is safe for student speech even about issues that divide us.

Anoka-Hennepin school officials insist they are making changes to ensure that GLBT students are not bullied with impunity. But these changes, as welcome as they are, will come too late for the family of 15-year-old Justin Aaberg, a student at Anoka High School who committed suicide last year.

Justin, his family would later learn, had been taunted and harassed because of his sexual orientation. Justin’s mother believes that the district’s refusal to address GLBT issues helped create a hostile school climate for her son and others — and she now campaigns to break the silence in the schools.

When the culture war prevents inclusion of sexual orientation in anti-bullying policies, silence can equal death.

We Are Married And Lydia Is A Stranger To Her Own Kids By Law

"We are legally married and Lydia is a stranger to her own kids by law."

Naz and Lydia are legally married in California and have three young children.

Lydia isn’t recognized as their legal parent, and isn’t listed on their birth certificates.

Because the federal government does not recognize same sex marriage, LGBT families with children pay higher taxes, have unequal access to health care benefits and many government safety net programs, and as a result are more likely to grow up in poverty. The children could also be denied legal ties to one of their parents.

Movement Advancement Project, Family Equality Council and Center for American Progress sponsored a study called  “All Children Matter: How Legal and Social Inequalities Hurt LGBT Families."

"The reality is if you look at today's modern families, they come in all shapes and sizes," said Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of Family Equality Council.

The laws and policies we have in place haven't kept pace with that changing reality," she said.

An estimated two million children are being raised in such households, the report said. They live in 96 percent of U.S. counties in racially and ethnically diverse families, it said.

Their children are as happy, healthy and well-adjusted as their peers raised by heterosexual parents, it said.

But such families are more likely to live in poverty than married heterosexual households, the report said.

In 31 states, it is very challenging for same-sex parents to establish legal ties for their children to both parents, Chrisler said. Thus a child could be left vulnerable if a parent dies or the relationship dissolves.

The report detailed more than 100 state and federal policy recommendations, including ensuring access to health insurance and care, educating doctors and schools about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender families and revising medical decision-making laws.

It also highlighted legalization and federal recognition of same-sex marriage as an important step to protecting children raised in those homes.

Maggie Gallagher, a co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage, which opposes legalization of same-sex marriage, said a change in the federal marriage law would not better protect children.

Marriage between a man and woman best protects children by having a mother and father in the same family, she said.

But there are no studies to support having a mother and father, in the guise of a man and a woman, is superior or more effective. With all the money that those people spend on legal fees in court, and on photoshopping pictures, you would think they would find a better use for their money.

LGBT History Month: Gertrude Stein, Aaron Copland, Victoria Kolakowski

New Hampshire Judiciary Committee Votes To Take Away Marriage Rights

Concord, New Hamphire: The House Judiciary Committee passed HB437, to repeal gay marriage, by a vote of 11-6. The bill allows marriages that have already occurred to remain, and creates a new civil union law for same sex couples. The legislation also suspends any legal protections or anti-discrimination laws that exist for same sex couples, so that businesses, churches, and schools, and institutions, can refuse to recognize a gay marriage or civil union, and anyone who is being discriminated against has no legal recourse or remedy.

Rep. Lucy Weber, D-Walpole, said the bill makes a mess of inheritance and probate laws, and insults not only the gay population, but anyone who falls outside a narrow range of marital behavior.

“This is the most mean-minded piece of legislation to come before me since I have been sitting in this House,” she said, describing it as a “masterpiece of muddled drafting.”

The bill is written to allow anyone, including brothers and sisters, to enter into civil unions. Critics said that seems to violate state incest laws, but Bates said they are wrong. The bill does not negate other existing laws, he said, adding, “there is no reason for us to speculate on the sexual nature of that relationship.”

The important point, he said, is that the bill restores marriage in its traditional form and provides an option to those who do not want to marry or cannot under the law.

This is one cruel piece of legislation, and at odds with protecting a minority against the tyranny of a majority.

The Senate will consider the bill in January 2012.

Governor John Lynch is a Democrat, who will hopefully veto this legislation.

South Carolina Governor's Anti-Bullying Tour - LGBT Kids Left Out

Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) visited Indian Land Middle School in Indian Land, South Carolina on Monday - as part of South Carolina’s Bully Prevention Month. I’m guessing that the state of South Carolina opted out of recognizing October as LGBT History month, and embraced October as "Bully Prevention Month."

I applaud the efforts of politicians who are sincere about putting a stop to bullying. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed an "anti-bullying bill of rights." I was happy to see the Governor of South Carolina bringing attention to bullying in her state.

The South Carolina Governor told her young audience “cool kids don’t bully.” I’m curious about what her message was for kids who don’t consider themselves to be cool - what did the governor tell them? Or was her speech just directed at the “cool” kids.

Admittedly I don’t live in South Carolina, and don’t know a lot about Governor Haley. I know that she’s a Republican, a woman, a teabagger, and conservative. I know that Michelle “Bozo” Bachmann stays at the Governor’s mansion when she’s in South Carolina, which I thought was interesting.

Governor Haley made some remarks that caught my attention while on her anti-bullying tour.

Haley said she's focusing on middle schools because that's "where they really start to notice what they look like, what they act like, how they treat others."

It's more difficult to address problem behaviors once students are in high school, she said.

Haley has been touring the state promoting her legislative agenda for next year. When asked if her agenda would include anything related to helping schools get resources to deal with bullying, she said the problem is "cultural," and a solution can't be "mandated" through legislative action.

How to address it is "something that must be taught."

Teaching children respect toward one another is key, she said.

Problem behaviors are harder to address in high school, so she’s skipping high schools. In South Carolina if you’re being bullied in high school, I guess you’re just shit out of luck?

Bullying is cultural? A solution can’t be mandated through legislation? That’s nuts.

In the 2009-2010 legislative session in South Carolina, Governor Haley voted for H.3543, which was a bill that would require the State Department of Education to develop a “model”  policy and teaching materials related to domestic/dating violence, to supply to local school systems, to educate students, and to provide for a domestic/dating violence reporting mechanism for students and school administrators. In South Carolina you can’t file a complaint, or ask for a restraining order, if you're a minor or dating the person who commits the violence. Because someone you're dating would never commit an act of violence. Right.

The state legislature introduced a bill to catch up with the rest of the country, and a homophobic legislator amended the bill to say that a "date" is a defined as ““a person involved in a heterosexual dating relationship with another” and LGBT students and dates were specifically forbidden.

Governor Haley voted yes to the definition to exclude LGBT students, and she voted yes to pass the discriminatory bill. Ultimately the bill stalled in the Senate and wasn’t enacted.
I have found no evidence that the Governor makes any mention of LGBT students on her anti-bully mission, and couldn't find one mention of the LGBT community at all in her campaign for governor.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was born Nimrata Randhawa. She acquired the nickname Nikki earlier in life, and married Michael Haley in 1996. Her parents are Sikh, and immigrants, who were born in India. I mention this because I didn’t know that, and she mentioned it in her bullying remarks.

In her speech before the kids at Indian Land Middle School she said:

"I was bullied because they wanted to know whether I was black or I was white," she said.

Playing kickball one day, Haley asked the others, "'Are y'all ready to play?' And they said, 'We are, but you're not.'"

The children wouldn't let her play until she told them whether she was black or white, she said.

"And I didn't know. I was brown," she said, recalling how it made her feel. "I didn't know what that made me."

She had a message for bullied children, too: "You need to fight back, not fight back with your fists, but you fight back by telling someone and saying you are not going to take it anymore."

The Governor was bullied, and probably faced even more mean people in her life, as a person of color. What’s preventing her from doing something for all the kids in South Carolina? Why doesn’t she acknowledge LGBT students? Is this a case of - if I can get through this you can too?

Prior to her election as governor, a racist state Senator called her a raghead repeatedly on television, so she knows what it feels like to be bullied and picked on as an adult.

Equality South Carolina published a study that indicated that nearly 50% of all LGBT students experienced bullying, harassment or discrimination in South Carolina’s public education system. Fifty-nine percent of respondents also indicated they’ve been verbally harassed and 30 percent say they’ve experienced discrimination in employment.
Isn’t this a no-brainer whether you’re a Republican or Democrat? Discrimination of any form is not acceptable? It’s no wonder that nearly half of the LGBT students in South Carolina are bullied.

Her misguided notion that legislation can’t do anything to change or address the culture of discrimination, and bullying, is preposterous. If we used that logic, we wouldn't have laws addressing discrimination or assault, domestic violence, and many other human "behaviors."

Anyone in South Carolina who is unhappy with Governor Haley needs to tell her that you’re unhappy and you’re not going to take it anymore, just like she suggested. I don't live in South Carolina and I'm going to tell her.

The irony to this story is that in 2001 when she registered to vote, she listed her race as “white.” That’s pretty sad if you ask me.

The Republican Governor says that you should fight back - when you can see by her own example - when faced with adversity, her desire to fit in with the “white” Republicans was far greater than owning who she is and telling the truth.

That’s sad for her, and incredibly sad for the people who have to suffer as a result of South Carolina’s discriminatory laws, and narrow minded Governor.

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