October 6, 2011

Android Market: Is My Son Gay? Hommes Gais Français!

CNET is reporting that Google pulled the Android App called “Is My Son Gay?”

Allout.org urged twitter users to urge Google to pull the app for being offensive.

The Android app was developed to promote a satiric book, by a gay French author, Christophe De Baran. According to queerty.com:

Openly gay app-trepeneur Christophe de Baran commissioned the program’s development. He developed the program in part to help promote an upcoming comedic novel, also titled “Is My Son Gay?” which treats “difficult moments for families to go through, such as coming out” with “fun and humor.”

I saw the women on ABC’s The View discuss the app, and they were offended. The app asked questions like “does he like football?” “Does he like team sports?”  “Does he spend a long time in the bathroom?” "Does he like musical comedies?"

Does anyone need an app to reinforce stereotypes that really apply to very few people in our community? NO!

The author has gotten some free publicity for his upcoming book - and I doubt that pulling the app will have any affect on book sales, and I know it's a book that I'll certainly avoid.

I love football - does that mean I’m straight? Straight as a 3 dollar bill most likely.

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