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October 24, 2011

Bachmann Ignored During Visit To San Francisco - She Didn't Wear Flowers In Her Hair

Last Thursday Michele “Bozo” Bachmann came to San Francisco to speak to the Commonwealth Club. The San Francisco Police Department took security precautions normally reserved for a visit by a head of state, and I hope the Bachmann campaign picked up the tab for extra security.

Bozo’s extremist views were on full display, and many of the audience members had purchased tickets to see the clown college graduate perform her dog and pony show up close and personal.

As a fringe candidate with no local appeal, I think any protester’s would have given her campaign more legitimacy than she deserves. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Joe Garofoli reported:

Despite an unusually high amount of security during the Minnesota representative's Commonwealth Club speech, there was nary a protester - even though she spoke just blocks away from the local version of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations she has lambasted, and minutes away from the Castro district, the nation's gay mecca.  

In the Los Angeles Times, they spoke with San Francisco blogger and twitter maestro Patrick Connors:

Bachmann's talk drew a mixture of Republican admirers, Democratic detractors and curiosity-seekers. Among the guests were Democrat Patrick Connors, 45, and his husband, Robert DeKoch, a 45-year-old Web developer, who paid extra to sit together in one of the front rows.

The couple said they had closely followed the reporting on Bachmann's views on gay marriage and the services offered by her husband's Christian counseling clinic, which offers "reparative therapy" to gay clients.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Bozo’s entire New Hampshire staff quit the campaign last Friday. They managed to tell the press, but failed to notify the candidate.

Bozo is putting all of her eggs in one basket, by focusing on Iowa. With money running out, will she make it until January?

On Capital Hill when the House is in session, the 3 Stooges spend a lot of time together. Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) are inseparable - and word has it that Governor Perry was wooing Steve King - in order to wrest him away from the Bachmann camp. WIll he abandon one of his stooges before the Iowa caucuses? How upset will Bozo be when her "Washington" husband defects to Rick Perry?

Stay tuned!

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