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October 13, 2011

Capitol Resource Institute’s Anti-Gay Effort Comes Up Short

Sacramento, California: The Capitol Resource Institue, a conservative organization based in Sacramento, came up short in their bid to gather 505,000 signatures, to place SB48 on the ballot before California voters. SB48 is the legislation authored by San Francisco’s State Senator Mark Leno, that mandates public schools to teach students about the historical contributions of LGBT people, and people with disabilities. The San Francisco Chronicle spoke with Senator Leno:

"I'm glad to learn my early suspicions have been validated and from all indications it appears they failed by a wide margin," Leno said. He said the law taking effect in January will make it even harder for any future initiative campaign to succeed as parents and the public will be able to see exactly what is taught in classrooms.

"Time is our friend because it will dispel the hyperbolic fear that these folks had been selling," Leno said.

Stop SB48, as the campaign is known, claimed that 90 days was not enough time to gather the necessary signatures.

The Los Angeles Times spoke with Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute. He said:

“Legislators who voted for the new law will feel the heat in next year’s elections.

The legislators will pay a price for the disrespect and intolerance of parents’ viewpoints. Parents across the state were outraged that the state is promoting indoctrination of viewpoints that many parents disagree with."

With large numbers of LGBT citizens in California, it appears that these organizations would prefer to pretend that we don’t exist. I have some good friends who are teachers in our public school system here in California. They are all dedicated to their jobs, and are damn good teachers, who love their job and their students. It would be nice if parents would let our teachers, who are constantly under fire because of budget cuts and lay offs, do their jobs .

When teachers are at their best, the students are too. The only indoctrination program present  in California classrooms today, is the widely accepted doctrine that a good education is necessary if you want your child to find success in his or her life. Who can argue with that?

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