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October 9, 2011

Culture Wars: Redneck Values And Teabagger Voters Reject Mormons and Romney

More Controversy Erupts Over Mormon Faith

OK it’s true. I like to read Politico. I’m a political junkie - and I read it for my own erudition, and I read it for you.

They say that Mitt Romney’s Mormon issue is back, thanks to the Redneck Values and Teabagger Voters Summit. Did Romney’s “Mormon” issue really ever go away? Pundits have been saying for months that Republican evangelicals would never support Romney.

Growing up in the melting pot of the tri-state area, of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut - I was amazed how many religions and ethnicities live side by side largely without incident. The one religion that I never knew much about as a kid, was the church of Latter Day Saints. There wasn’t a Mormon community in my hometown, and it wasn’t until I was living in California, that I came to have friends, and had co-workers, who were Mormon.

Most of the individuals who I befriended that were Mormon, were actually ex-Mormons. They were either ex-communicated from their church for being gay, or voluntarily quit the church before they were kicked out. They quit to spare their family the humiliation of being ex-communicated.

At one time Mitt Romney supported a woman’s right to choose, and also favored legal recognition of LGBT relationships, and anti-discrimination legislation. He’s done a 360 degree turn, and has changed his mind.

So I have a problem with Mitt Romney too. It isn’t his being a Mormon per se, it’s the fact that he has changed political positions to appeal to the extreme right who vote in presidential primaries. I’m sure I’m not the only person who takes pleasure in right-wing extremists rejecting Mitt Romney.

I wonder how Jon Huntsman is doing? He’s looking smarter, and sweeter, every day.

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