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October 24, 2011

Gay Male Beaten, Burned And Left For Dead In Scotland

In Cumnock, Ayrshire Scotland - a rural town 40 miles southwest of Glasgow, Police are investigating a brutal murder and possible hate crime. The body of Stuart Walker, 28 was found tied to a lamp post in an industrial area, where investigators believe that he was burned alive.

The Daily Mail online reports:

A gay man who was killed and left at the side of the road with 'horrific' injuries could have been the victim of a homophobic attack, it has emerged.

It’s believed Stuart Walker, 28, was beaten and burned alive before he was tied to a lamppost and left there in the early hours of Saturday morning.

His charred remains were found by a member of the public at 5am on Saturday in Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

The popular former Cumnock Academy pupil was the subject of countless heartfelt tributes on a Facebook page set up in his honour.

One tribute left by Amanda Lindsay,  said: 'Poor Stuart can’t believe ur life ended in such a horrific way xx a young man who always had a smile on his face & put a smile on everybody elses face too xx I’m sure ur’s will be the brightest star in the sky xx R.I.P ma lovely.'

I will never understand how one human being can perpetrate such violence on another. When I read the story - it reminded me of Matthew Shephard. It's horrific and so sad.

RIP Stuart Walker.

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