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October 4, 2011

Politics: Governor Christie: I Will Fix A Broken State

Christie Says Now Is Not My Time

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made good on his promise to the residents of New Jersey, and officially ended any speculation about his entering the GOP race for President, when he announced that he will not seek the Republican nomination.

New Jersey is a largely Democratic state. In order to be elected Governor, you have to be able to work with Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature. There is no room for the tea party in New Jersey politics. Governor Christie has largely rejected the extremist views held by the tea party, and without any state organizers and volunteers in the key battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire, he would have faced an uphill battle.

The Governor held a press conference in Trenton today, where he said:

"I will not abandon my commitment to New Jersey. I will fix a broken New Jersey. I'm proud of the work we've done, but I know I'm not nearly done."

According to the Newark Star Ledger, the portly Governor addressed some of the late night comics, and critics, who have criticized his weight.

“He joked repeatedly with the New Jersey press corps, laughing about the attention reporters had received on national television talking about him and suggesting a columnist had been trying to get rid of him for a long time. He said he had taken the barrage of jokes about his weight by late-night comedians with a grain of salt.

He did have some critical words for the flurry of attention around him, calling commentators who suggested he was too fat to run the "most ignorant people."

"They further stigmatize people in a way that is really irrelevant to peoples ability to do a particular job," Christie said.”

Speculation began immediately after the press conference, that the New Jersey Governor would be at the top of any Republican candidate’s short-list for consideration as a candidate for Vice-President.

This governor would have never won any Miss Congeniality contests, that’s for sure. We’re probably better off that our eyes will be shielded from being forced to watch Chris Christie squeeze himself into an evening gown, with bangle beads for days, in the GOP beauty pageant. The Republicans are still missing a beauty queen that could actually go on to win a crown.

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