October 25, 2011

New Hampshire Considers Repealing Marriage Equality - Taking Away Rights

The state legislature in New Hampshire passed a marriage equality bill in 2009. Republican Rep. David Bates (R-Windham) wants to repeal the law, because he thinks that the legislature at the time didn’t have the right to “redefine” marriage. The House Judiciary Committee is going to consider House Bill 437, and if they recommend that the bill should be passed, the full House will consider it in January. If the full House passes the measure, the bill will be sent to the state Senate for consideration.

Under the proposed law, those who are already married would remain so legally, but any future marriages for gays and lesbians would be prohibited, Spaine said. He said it would create a "weird" third class of relationship that mimics a civil union arrangement.

"We usually don't take rights away from people once they've been given to them," Splaine said. "That's not the American way."

Splaine said the proposed law would create a contractual agreement that would be inferior to a civil union.

I can only shake my head at the logic here. It’s insane.

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