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October 14, 2011

Politics: Get Out Your Violins - Anita Says Rick Perry Is Bullied For Being Christian

Anita Perry Has Personality - While Texas Governor Induces Snores

We don’t hear much about the GOP Presidential candidates partners, with the exception of Michele “Bozo” Bachmann, and her husband Mary. I have no idea who Herman “Pizzaman” Cain is, aside from his love for pizza, and the number 9. Mitt Romney is married to Ann, and I know that Governor Rick “Shoot ‘em up” Perry is married to Anita.

Bozo Bachmann keeps her husband under lock and key. She doesn’t allow Mary to speak with the press, and once she reads the writing on the wall, that she will not be the GOP candidate for President - her husband Mary can go back to being a “job creator” full-time.

I like Anita Perry, despite the fact that I don’t like her or her husband’s political beliefs. Anita Perry has gotten more press than her husband over the past couple weeks. When she was in Iowa, flying solo and campaigning on behalf of her husband, she spoke about her husband’s poor debate performance. The Des Moines Register said:

She repeatedly turned her comments to a defense of her husband’s groggy debate performance last week, saying, “He’s never had a debate class or a debate coach in his life. … He’s going to be better prepared next time.”

Perry said she thought her husband did “great” in his first GOP debate, became a target in the second debate and then fell under serious attack in the third as his rivals tried to “throw him off message because he was leading in the polls.”

“Honestly, I’m going to speak frankly from my heart — I think he takes arrows because they want to knock him out from that position,” she said. “I think that’s why he’s the target.”

The Texas governor wasn’t better prepared at the next debate in New Hampshire, and was a non-entity with little to contribute, from what I saw on television.

In a campaign appearance in South Carolina, the Texas First Lady claimed that the abysmal Perry poll numbers, and his poor debate performances, were due to the fact that her husband is openly Christian. She pulled the “Christian” card. Michael Scherer of Time Magazine writes about her appearance, and the article is entitled Anita Perry Gets Candid, Claims Christian Victimhood.

In South Carolina today, Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s wife, Anita, committed a cardinal campaign sin: Candor. In an address that was sometimes teary, she offered a window into how the family has been dealing with this first two months of the campaign, and admitted to drawing a surprising conclusion: Rick Perry is being attacked by the other Republican candidates because he is a Christian.

“He truly felt like he was called to do this,” she says at one point. “We still feel called to do this. We are being brutalized by our opponents and by our party. So much of that is I think they look at him because of his faith. He is the only true conservative. Well, there are some other conservatives, and they are there for good reasons. And they may feel like God called them too. But I truly feel that we are here for that purpose.”

Anita said when she hears Herman Cain and his love for 9 9 9, that she wants to call 911! Now that's funny.

Anita Thigpen Perry didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck, and her husband has been running for public office since 1984. The press tends to assail her for opening up and being truthful. I like her candor, her honesty, and her courage to go out on the campaign trail alone - without her husband. If she was the candidate, people would probably rally around her, for the reasons why I like her. But alas, she’s not the candidate, and Perry is losing support - with only an outside chance of being the nominee.

It’s a funny thing that I’ve always liked the wives of Texas politicians, more than their famous husbands. With her husband’s star fading, I don’t think Anita Thigpen Perry will be around long enough for us to really get to know her.

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