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October 31, 2011

Politics: Michele "Bozo" Bachmann Is Making Shit Up Again

  • Politico.com is reporting that GOP Presidential candidate, and current front-runner Herman Cain, was accused by two women in the 1990’s of inappropriate sexually suggestive behavior, when Cain was a Washington lobbyist, and head of the National Restaurant Association.
  • It’s a bad day for Herman Cain all-around, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that a private Wisconsin company financed Cain’s early Presidential campaign, in violation of Federal Campaign Finance laws and tax laws.
  • Mitt Romney and Herman Cain are statistically tied in a Des Moines Register poll of likely Republican voters.
  • Texas Governor Rick “shoot ‘em up” Perry announced his support to repeal New Hampshire’s gay marriage law, and defunding Planned Parenthood’s health care and family planning services provided to low-income women, in a Friday speech to the conservative group Cornerstone Action.

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