October 6, 2011

Technology Post Script: The World Lost A Giant - RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has a tremendous body of work that will be his legacy, and he left an impact that will likely be felt for generations. When I wrote about him yesterday, I wrote from the heart. I didn’t research anything - as I’m a gay geek. I love politics, and I love gadgets and technology with equal fervor.

There was one accomplishment that I overlooked, which makes him even a bigger giant. Steve Jobs bought Pixar Animation Studios, from George Lucas. The Emeryville based animation studio has yet to produce a film that hasn’t been a hit. I would argue with anyone that the Toy Story films, The Incredibles, Up and WALL•E, are among the best films ever made period.

I know that he could be hard on his employees, as a boss and manager, and know that perfectionists can be tough task-masters. Regardless - what he accomplished in his short life is absolutely incredible.

The world was a better place with Steve Jobs in it. Man will he be missed.

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