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October 19, 2011

Baptist Bigot Pastor Jeffress "Reclaiming Texas For Christ"

Dallas, Texas: Christian evangelicals, and prominent right-wing extremists, will be meeting in a North Dallas suburb Thursday, to attend a conference billed as “Reclaiming Texas For Christ.” According to the organization’s website, this warm and welcoming group is devoted to re-establishing Texas, and the United States, as the Christian nation that we are.

Reclaiming Texas for Christ is a coordinated effort of Christian patriots to aid Texans in working together to support the Biblical principles and moral values upon which America was founded; and in doing, to awaken our Biblical call to be Salt and Light to those in our community, our state, and our country with the sole purpose of proclaiming Texas and our nation for Jesus Christ.

The 2nd Annual “Reclaiming Texas For Christ” Conference’s keynote speaker is the famous Baptist bigot, Senior Pastor Robert Jeffress, of the First Baptist Church in Dallas. He will be speaking about “How Christians can be salt and light.”

I’m sure that he’ll repeat his Mormons aren’t Christians, and they’re “in a cult" crap. He can be so tiresome and repetitive, so he might repeat what he said about Roman Catholics too - and say that it’s a “counterfeit religion” and the “genius of satan.” And there’s the Muslim flap, and the fact that he thinks they’re all pedophiles. He insists on telling Mormons, Muslims, Jews and Gays that they are going to hell, when we've heard it all before. In this quote he was able to almost reach his goal to offend all of the major religions of the world, but he forgot one - and left Catholics alone that day.

“Homosexuality is an abomination to God. ...Islam is wrong, it is a heresy from the pit of hell; Mormonism is wrong, it is a heresy from the pit of hell; Judaism, you can’t be saved being a Jew. You know who said that, by the way. All three of the greatest Jews in the New Testament: Peter, Paul and Jesus. They all said, Judaism won’t do. It’s faith in Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Jeffress is so smart, and is the perfect choice to lead this Christian movement. His inspirational sermons and speeches inspire many Texans - and they follow him around just like the rats follow the Pied Piper of Hamlin. When he was at the Redneck Voters and Teabagger Summit in Washington, and became famous over night, I went to youtube and heard him say that “70% of the gay population has AIDS.” I’m so glad that he told people that, because how else would we know?

Timothy Barton, who is David’s brother, from Wall Builders - is going to make a speech about the Christian founders of our Christian country. I’m sorry I’m missing that speech - did J.K. Rowling write about that? I’ll wait for the movie to come out.

A guy named Dan Panetti is going to speak about the times we live in. He’s worked on “issues such as the regulation of sexually oriented business, filtering Internet access in public libraries and schools,” and he’s worked hard to make sure homosexuals can’t get married.  He sounds like a pretty dirty guy when you consider that he works at a school, and studies the laws and regulations related to sex businesses. I wonder if he’s paid hourly?

A man named Kerby is going to be the host, and I thought Kerby was a lady’s name. My friend Parker used to have a mare called Kerby, and she had a filly called Shelby, and on weekends Parker liked to dress like Sally Field, and we called him M’Lynn.

Our meeting “host” Kerby is a Minister at the Probe. I spent many Sundays at the Probe - so I’m surprised I don’t know Kerby Anderson. Regardless, he sure knows a lot about homosexuals.

Permitting and promoting homosexual activity through on-campus programs and clubs will certainly increase homosexual behavior among students.

For some reason he thinks that if you’re gay and you go to school, that you should magically transform yourself into a non-homo, so that you don’t encourage homosexual behavior. Does homosexual behavior involve lipstick and NFL Sundays?

All of the Christian supremacists attending the conference are Republicans, and yet the website says that:

This is not a political event and is not supported by any one church or denomination.  Our committee of volunteers are conservative patriots who want to see our great nation return to the heritage from which she was founded. We believe America is great because our Great God formed and blesses her.

The “Reclaiming Texas for Christ” group is affiliated with the national organization “Reclaiming America for Christ” (RAFC). RAFC was originally started by the late D. James Kennedy, Ph D of Coral Ridge Ministries. After Kennedy died in 2007, the “Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ” movement was given permission to use the “Reclaiming America for Christ” name.

We began working to “Reclaim Oklahoma for Christ” and now have an effective working relationship with over 100 pastors from across our state. Our goal is to connect with, encourage, and if needed, assist pastors all over the nation in reclaiming their own states for Christ and the Christian liberty upon which our founding fathers built this great country.

Although we are not affiliated or connected with Coral Ridge Ministries or its former initiative, the Center for Reclaiming America, we have been granted permission by those entities to use the name “Reclaiming America for Christ” as we expand this vision across America. We hope to honor the name and legacy of Dr. Kennedy as we strive for another Great Awakening in this nation.

Wow - they’re going to become a nation-wide organization and movement. They’re going to wake us up for the “Great Awakening,” by ringing that Liberty Bell for Christian Liberty, to make sure we wake up and don't miss anything.

I’m awake - - - are you?

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