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October 24, 2011

UC Berkeley Scientists Confirm - Global Warming Is Real

The most comprehensive independent review of our planet’s historical temperatures to date, has been completed. Scientific researchers at the University of California, Berkeley - compiled more than 200 billion temperature records in the 19th and 20th centuries, and after analyzing data gathered from 15 sources around the world, concluded that global warming is occuring.

In The State Column,  

By producing the largest open database of temperature records, the researchers hoped to reveal the significance of global warming and cool the debate over its existence.

Global warming skeptics criticized the poor quality of temperature stations data collection methods and potential tweaking of data by hand to create the official global warming figures. Regardless of these factors, researchers still came to the same conclusions.

In rebuttal to criticism about poor quality data measurements, the researchers found that even if the stations collected less accurate data, the average warming trends appeared similar.

“So Bozo! It looks like Dinosaurs really did exist! How do you like that.”

Bozo Bachmann looked down and found the biggest and most disingenuous smile she could muster and snapped ”That’s a theory that exists only in YOUR head. A theory is a theory - not a fact.”

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