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November 4, 2011

Cain's Campaign Taking A Nosedive - 3rd Victim Claiming Misconduct

Evidence of Payouts To Settle Two Sexual Misconduct Claims

I know that we sometimes lament the very long Presidential primary season, and individual state debates, and the endless parade of candidates, who we’re stuck listening to on the news night after night, for nearly 2 years of campaigning. I think now’s a good time to remind ourselves of why the process is long and drawn out.

We don’t have any formal procedure or process to properly “vet,” or check out, the candidates who are running for President. The caucuses, primaries and convention plays a large role in the vetting process, but the bulk of the investigative journalism and background checks are performed by the press.

When Politico did their homework, and discovered Cain’s gaggle of scorned women, they were doing their job. Reporters are supposed to find out that sort of information. Just ask John Edwards, Gary Hart, or South Carolina’s former two timing Governor Sanford, or Louisiana’s David Vitter (R-LA). As long as men remain pigs - they’re going to let their penis be their guide to any port in a storm.

One of Cain’s alleged victims broke her silence through her attorney today. She related that:

“She made a complaint in good faith about a series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances from the CEO,” said Joel Bennett, the attorney, at a news conference outside his Washington, D.C. law office.

Reading a statement he said he wrote jointly with his client, Bennett noted that she resolved the complaints through a financial settlement with the National Restaurant Association. He declined to say for how much, but POLITICO has reported it was approximately $45,000.

Bennett indicated that the woman, now a federal employee, enjoys her current post and doesn’t want to publicly recount her experience with Cain.

Herman Cain’s canoodling is the number one story this week in politics. has been out front on this story, and offered Cain an opportunity to address the allegations before they published their story. He opted to say he didn’t sexually harass anyone, chose to say he was a persecuted politician, and denied the allegations and chose not to grant Politico an interview.That was a big mistake, because he lost an opportunity to manage the spin on this whole mess.

Herman Cain flatly denies the most serious allegation facing him – that he made an unwanted sexual advance toward a female employee at a work event – but POLITICO has learned new details making clear there were urgent discussions of the woman’s accusations at top levels of the National Restaurant Association within hours of when the incident was alleged to have occurred.

The new details—which come from multiple sources independently familiar with the incident at a hotel during a restaurant association event in the late 1990s—put the woman’s account even more sharply at odds with Cain’s emphatic insistence in news media interviews this week that nothing inappropriate happened between the two.
Herman Cain will not be nominated with skeletons like this in his closet. While he was riding high in the polls., someone gave him bad advice to duck and cover. He could stick the race out until the Iowa caucuses, but would risk a dismal performance which would damage any future prospects doing any job. So he should seriously consider doing some smart damage control, go on the late night shows, and make sure that his campaign has no debts and withdraw immediately from the race.

MSNBC’s powerwall says this about Cain:

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has been trying to shut down the unsavory story line that he sexually harassed at least two female co-workers while heading the National Restaurant Association from 1993 to 1996, by proclaiming that he was “falsely accused” and suggesting that he's the victim of a witch hunt, a liberal—or perhaps Republican—conspiracy, or some other kind of evil voodoo.

What he has not done is make any evident attempt to consistently telegraph trustworthy, innocent, presidential or future-well-paid-pundit as cameras scrutinize his every glance and gesture.

A small north Alabama town newspaper called the Anniston Star, played host to Herman Cain juggernaut just a week ago, and they don’t get many Presidential candidates in their vicinity.

So, to recap, since Cain became an Anniston rarity — a visiting presidential candidate — he and his handlers have been on 24-hour-a-day survival mode. He’s told everyone with a microphone that he sexually harassed no one. Critics say his story has changed: Was there a settlement? Was there an agreement? Which woman received how much money? Was it hush money or a year’s salary? Thinking like a football coach, he’s gone on the offensive, claiming an operative in the camp of GOP rival Rick Perry has embarked on a smear campaign designed to knock the Georgia businessman down a notch or two in the polls.

Herman Cain isn’t perfect. Surprise! We can say with a great deal of certainty that Herman Cain isn’t perfect and he will not be the Republican nominee for President.

I never thought that Herman Cain would be the GOP choice, because I remember watching him in an interview answer a foreign policy question that made him sound like an arrogant know-it all, when he just looked stupid. Do you remember this great answer of his, that the whole world spoke about?

I’m ready for the ‘gotcha’ questions and they’re already starting to come. And when they ask me who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan I’m going to say, 'You know, I don’t know. Do you know?'

Well Herman, you just might have some time on your hands. Have a nice trip to Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan. You’re going to need to get away.

See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

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